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The Personal Guard is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The enemy notes refer to them as "Patron's Personal Guard", while the Slaughterhouse version is called "Evil Guardsman" and is initially listed as "Royal Brigade" on the Battle Schedule. Its monster notes can be found at the Cactuar Statue in Yusnaan.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

After completing the main quests in Yusnaan, Personal Guards in the field remain neutral until deliberately provoked. When staggered, they enemies become confused and use Delirious Healing to rejuvenate their opponents, which can be an effective early alternative to healing.

Strategy Edit

When they are accompanied by Flanitor, one can easily eliminate the entire enemy party by using area-of-effect abilities, such as Blitz. The Flanitor should be eliminated first, as it uses Rescue to heal the Personal Guard.

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