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Perseria is a location in Final Fantasy II exclusive to the Anniversary edition. It is Deumion's homeland and is only visitable via the Arcane Labyrinth, by using the Key Terms "Oblivion" and "Guardian".


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Perseria existed ages before the events of the story. During Deumion's childhood, Perseria's nation was constantly at war due to every human being able to wield magic. Eventually the ultimate magic, Destroy, was created, but the leaders of the world had finally come to a truce, part of which was to seal the world's strongest magics away so only a chosen few may wield it.

Thus, a powerful guardian was needed to seal away Destroy. One of the king's counselors suggested the recruit of a child whose magical abilities were extraordinary, and could even summon holy beasts. This child was Deumion, and soldiers were sent to find him in Perseria. Deumion was then sealed in the Arcane Sanctuary for eternity, to watch over the spell of mass destruction.

On the "Guardian" floor, depending on the path the player takes through town, they can find Deumion before the guards and speak to him before he is taken away, receiving the Key Item Light of Hope.

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Musical themes[]

"The Imperial Army"

The theme in Perseria is "The Imperial Army".