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Perpetouss Keep is an imperial base southwest of the Cauthess Rest Area in Duscae in Final Fantasy XV. It was initially unvisitable and is quite small, though there are some items outside it. The location may be related Omega, as the author of the Ω-Files appears to be someone from a unit called "Perpetouss Troop" who works as a researcher for Niflheim.

The player can visit the base in the Adventurer from Another World collaboration quest to discover the base abandoned and taken over by mysterious beings from another world. The quest sheds light to Perpetouss Keep as a place where the empire researched various magical phenomena, such as the Emissary of the Winds, teleportation and autonomous magitek armor technology. Large Meteorshards are discovered at the center of the base.

There are various cats and frogs inside the keep. The frogs are a color not seen elsewhere in Lucis. According to famed biologist Sania Yeagre, frogs have been mutating especially rapidly lately.


Electrolytic Condenser location.

  • Insulated Inners (atop the containers on the northwest corner outside the keep; need chocobo with boosted jump or warp up the curved part of the pipe to the north, then warp over)
  • Electrolytic Condenser (southwestern corner outside the base)
  • The Ω-Files entry M.E. 755-VI-23rd (watchtower in the northeastern corner).

The mineral deposit north from the base yields shard-tier minerals.

The player can find various items inside the keep during the Adventurer from Another World quest and use Y'jhimei's trading post to trade for good weapons at the end of the quest.

See Adventurer from Another World


The Pen is Mightier than the Sword[]

This quest for Vyv Dorden becomes available after completing "A Place to Call Home". Vyv wants three photos of imperial bases in Lucis: Formouth Garrison (Leide), Tollhends Stronghold in Cleigne (north of Old Lestallum), and Perpetouss Keep in Duscae. Each picture is part of a subquest that needs to be selected manually in the main menu to activate its waypoint. The player may have to engage imperial troops in each area. Completing the quest yields 4,000 EXP and 20,000 gil.

Adventurer from Another World[]

Adventurer from Another World is a collaboration quest with Final Fantasy XIV added in patch 1.27. Prince Noctis and his retinue team up with Y'jhimei, an interdimensional traveler, to resolve the mystery of Perpetouss Keep.


During the Adventurer from Another World quest, the player can read various written records left behind at the abandoned base that has been taken over by Ixal beastmen from Eorzea.

Oversize Refuse Collection Request in FFXV.png

Oversize Refuse Collection Request
We have reached our storage limit for unnecessary specimens. Please send over a dropship to dispose of these materials within the next month before our hoarder of a captain can collect any more junk of little value like that abhorrent bird statue he brought back the other day.

Note on a bin

Proposal Combat Training Node location from FFXV.png

Proposal: Combat Training Node
Looking toward the next quarter, we would like to refocus our efforts on the development of combat training nodes. These systems will use DNA samples and battle records to replicate previously encountered combatants that our infantry can use for applied practice. This type of biological reproduction can only be completed after gaining control over a given research subject.

Note in a control room

Regarding Subject Omega location from FFXV.png

CONFIDENTIAL: Regarding Subject Ω
For Security Clearance Level 4
In accordance with the recent evacuation order, seal off Sector Ω completely. After disposing of all related documents so they cannot be traced, initiate Magitek Protocol 24 and eliminate all related officials.

Note under a rain cover next to communications equipment

Warning: Enhanced Security Area
This area is protected by autonomous magitek armor. Keep out, or risk being targeted.

Sign on the door of a warehouse

Writing in Magitek Prototypes location from FFXV.png

Researcher's Writing on Magitek Prototypes
The large-scale magitek armor seem to require too much stamina for their pilots to operate easily. Unless we can rectify this problem, the development of any further applications is simply out of the question. Perhaps the time has come for us to devise a new approach—like installing an automated piloting circuit.

Note on a drum inside the warehouse in the west corner of the Keep

Perptouss Keep Withdrawal Order location from FFXV.png

Order to Withdraw from Perpetouss Keep
All Personnel to Evacuate Immediately
In light of Chief Besithia's current condition, military officials have ordered a complete and immediate evacuation of the base. All garrisoned units and subordinate troops stationed in the surrounding area should begin withdrawal at once. Officers are asked to obey proper procedure and maintain strict secrecy about these orders.

Withdrawal order found in a control room