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===''[[Final Fantasy IV]]''===
===''[[Final Fantasy IV]]''===
*Because characters frequently leave and join the party, it's suggested that these characters be unequipped shortly before certain story events are triggered, otherwise they may run off with rare items never to be seen again.
*Because characters frequently leave and join the party, it's suggested that these characters be unequipped shortly before certain story events are triggered; otherwise, they may run off with rare items never to be seen again.
*Treasure chests found in the [[Tower of Zot]], the [[Tower of Babil]] (both visits), and [[Giant of Babil]] can be missed, as these areas can't be revisited later on. [[Bestiary (Final Fantasy IV)|Bestiary]] entries from these locations are also missable.
*Treasure chests found in the [[Tower of Zot]], the [[Tower of Babil]] (both visits), and [[Giant of Babil]] can be missed, as these areas can't be revisited later on. [[Bestiary (Final Fantasy IV)|Bestiary]] entries from these locations are also missable.
*The Illusion item can be stolen only from [[Evil Doll (Final Fantasy IV)|Evil Dolls]], which can be encountered only in the lower floors of the Tower of Babil. The tower becomes inaccessible after the party completes the Sealed Cave.
*The Illusion item can be stolen only from [[Evil Doll (Final Fantasy IV)|Evil Dolls]], which can be encountered only in the lower floors of the Tower of Babil. The tower becomes inaccessible after the party completes the Sealed Cave.
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Demon's EyeFFV

Catoblepas, the missable summon from Final Fantasy V.

Permanently Missable Content means that an item, character, sidequest, ability, or spell, can be obtained at one point of the game, but can be missed permanently if the player does not acquire it before reaching a certain part of the game or before its location becomes unrevisitable.


Final Fantasy

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  • Although nothing in the game ever becomes inaccessible, it's worth noting that the limited inventory system featured in the NES version requires the player to discard or sell some rare equipment along the way. Alternatively, the player can knowingly leave certain treasure chests unopened so that all unique items remain available.

Final Fantasy II

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  • Any treasure chests found inside the Dreadnought. After exiting the Dreadnought, the party will never be able to enter it again.
  • Any treasure chests found inside the Cyclone. Again, the dungeon becomes inaccessible after completing it and advancing the story.
  • Some bosses have a random chance of dropping rare equipment of which there is a limited quantity available, such as the White Robe (dropped by Astaroth).
  • The Blood Sword from Paul's house can be permanently missed if the player doesn't go there after learning the key term 'Cyclone' from Princess Hilda.
  • In the Dawn of Souls release, Minwu, Gordon, Josef and Ricard retain whatever spells and equipment they possessed when they left the party in the Soul of Rebirth mode. Some items and spells cannot be found by any means during this mode, meaning that, unless given these items and spells before they leave the party, they are inaccessible in Soul of Rebirth.

Final Fantasy III

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Final Fantasy IV

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  • Because characters frequently leave and join the party, it's suggested that these characters be unequipped shortly before certain story events are triggered; otherwise, they may run off with rare items never to be seen again.
  • Treasure chests found in the Tower of Zot, the Tower of Babil (both visits), and Giant of Babil can be missed, as these areas can't be revisited later on. Bestiary entries from these locations are also missable.
  • The Illusion item can be stolen only from Evil Dolls, which can be encountered only in the lower floors of the Tower of Babil. The tower becomes inaccessible after the party completes the Sealed Cave.
  • The Alert item can be stolen from Security Eyes, which stop appearing after the Giant of Babil sequence. There is no other way to get this item, so it's suggested that players stock up on them while they're available. The item is useful to start otherwise extremely-rare battles with Flan Princesses in the Lunar Subterrane, which can drop the rare Pink Tail item.
  • Sheila's sidequest must be completed before the party travels to the moon for the first time, otherwise the party will never receive the Kitchen Knife.
  • There are several bugged treasures hidden in completely mundane places. Whether or not collecting these items is considered necessary for 100% completion is debatable, but some of these treasures are hidden in areas that can't be revisited later in the game.
  • Barnabas-Z's Bestiary entry can be missed by defeating Dr. Lugae before defeating Barnabas.
  • Calcabrina's Bestiary entry can be missed by defeating all 3 Calcas and Brenas before they use Combine
  • The following Augments*(3D version only) are missable:
    • Bluff - The player must have given either one Augment Ability to Palom or two to Porom before they leave the party.
    • Cry - The player must have given either one Augment Ability to Porom or two to Palom before they leave the party.
    • Dualcast - The player must have given three total Augments to Palom and Porom before they leave the party.
    • Salve - Edward must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party.
    • Hide - Edward must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party.
    • Recall - If the player doesn't pick it up before leaving the Tower of Zot, it will be missed.
    • Last Stand - Tellah must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party. If the player doesn't pick it up before leaving the Tower of Zot, it will be missed.
    • Fast Talker - Tellah must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party. If the player doesn't pick it up before leaving the Tower of Zot, it will be missed.
    • Upgrade - Cid must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party.
    • Adrenaline - Cid must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party.
    • Darkness - Can be stolen from the boss Odin.
    • Kick - Yang must have been given one Augment before leaving the party in the Underworld.
    • Brace - Yang must have been given two Augments before leaving the party in the Underworld.
    • Omnicasting - Fusoya must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party.
    • Phoenix - Fusoya must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party.
    • Treasure Hunter - Automatically received after gaining 100% completion of every map in the game. But if the player doesn't complete the maps for the Tower of Zot, the Tower of Babil, and the Giant of Babil this Augment will be missed due to these areas cannot be revisited.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-

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  • If the player does not pick up both Twin Stars inside the Cave of Eblan during Edge's portion of the story, a location only visited by Edge, they will completely be missed.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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  • The Kingsword can be permanently missed if its not unequipped from Cecil during the invasion of Baron (Ceodore's Tale).
  • If the player fails on Izayoi, Zangetsu, Tsukinowa or Gekkou's missions in Edge's Tale, they will die, making them inaccessible in The Crystals. Bands with any of them are also permanently missable because of this. This can also happen if Gekkou decides to fight the Mysterious Girl.
  • In the flashback sequence of Golbez, if the player does not unequip the Ebony Blade during the Lunarian's Tale, it will be missed.
  • The Eidolon Chocobo can be missed if the player does not pick it up inside the Chocobo Forest during the Gathering's Tale: The Moon's Gravity. It is located on the island in the middle of the ocean between the Troia and Kaipo.
  • Near the end of the game, Golbez can be permanently recruited or missed depending on the player's action. If the player brings Golbez, Cecil, Ceodore, and Rosa in their party when they fighting against the Dark Knight, then Golbez will be playable permanently. Otherwise, he'll be removed from the party permanently.
  • Many Eidolons can be permanently missed if killed during battle.
  • If Rydia has recovered Leviathan and Asura as summons, Bahamut will turn on the Mysterious Girl and destroy her before returning to Rydia, but if not, Bahamut must be slain and will not be available to be summoned.
  • Several items are only obtainable in Challenge Dungeons; once the final section of the game is started, anything that isn't imported from those is permanently lost.

Final Fantasy V

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  • The Iron Shield and Kenpo-Gi that can be bought on Bartz's World can be lost if the player does not buy them before moving onto Galuf's World.
  • The ice summon Shiva must be fought and defeated on Bartz's World, or she becomes unavailable in the Merged World.
  • The song Romeo's Ballad and Alluring Air can be learned in Istory and Lix on Bartz's World only.
  • The Genji Equipment set can be stolen from Gilgamesh each time the players encounter him; if they fail to do this by the final encounter, the set will be missed.
  • The random boss Catoblepas must be fought and defeated on Galuf's World to become usable as a summon, or it becomes unavailable by the Merged World.
  • The Power Staff can be earned from the Black Warlock, which can only be encountered in Castle Exdeath on Galuf's World. Beyond that point, only a single chest in the Pyramid in the Merged World has a 50% chance of spawning a Black Warlock as a monster-in-a-box.
  • The Spear can only be stolen from Shell Bear in Castle Exdeath before it permanently transforms.
  • The summon Carbuncle must be fought and defeated on Galuf's World to become usable, or it becomes unavailable by the Merged World.
  • The Excalipoor sword will be missed if the players ignores its treasure chest in Castle Exdeath or kills Gilgamesh before he transforms into his final form.
  • The song Mana's Paean must be learned from the Library of the Ancients's terrace in the Merged World before obtaining the first tablet within the Pyramid.
  • The Thief's Gloves can be found in Fire-Powered Ship (which is always available), but extra copies of this item can only be stolen from Sekhmet in the Pyramid of Moore or Necrophobe in the Interdimensional Rift. Necrophobe can only be fought once, while Sekhmet can be encountered multiple times but will never appear again if the players kill him instead of running away or catching him.
  • The Brave Blade or Chicken Knife are mutually exclusive; by choosing to receive one, the other is permanently lost.
  • The accessory Kornago Gourd is a reward for the sidequest in Quelb (which is always available and completable), but the second copy can only be stolen from Omniscient in the Fork Tower, which can only be fought once.
  • The Titan's Gloves can only be stolen from Azulmagia in the Interdimensional Rift.
  • The Tinklebell can only be obtained as a rare drop from the normal form of Twintania in the Castle in the Interdimensional Rift. If defeated without this item drop, it cannot be obtained. Additionally, a second copy of the Titan's Axe (the first can always be found in Istory Falls) can only be obtained as a steal from Twintania's charging form.
  • Some Bestiary entries can be missed: The entries for the enemies in Karnak Castle after fighting Liquid Flame; when exiting the castle, if one defeats the Sergeant first in battle then it will not transform into the Iron Claw; the flying Ronka Ruins are the last place on Bartz's World where one could miss enemies and not find them later; in Galuf's World one can miss encounters on the Big Bridge if one walks in a straight line; in the Barrier Tower some enemies are missable. Some World Map encounters are also missable.

Final Fantasy VI

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  • The Bandana equipment can be bought in various towns of the World of Balance. It also can be stolen from Zaghrems, which are only available in the World of Balance. Bandana is only missable in the North American and European versions, because the Japanese version has Setzer joining the party with a Bandana equipped.
  • The esper Ifrit can be missed if the player doesn't pick up its magicite after the battle with him and Shiva. If missed, the player cannot learn Drain, as he is the only esper to teach it.
  • The Ultima Weapon can be found in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. It will become missable after the Floating Continent appears (SNES only). Ultima Weapon can be stolen from Rest and can be permanently kept after the completion of the game (GBA and mobile only).
  • If the player doesn't wait for Shadow at the end of the Floating Continent, he'll die and cannot be recruited in the World of Ruin.
  • If the player doesn't save Cid, there's no way to make the fish reset because Cid needs to be talked to to do that. So the player will not be able to collect all four fish under the Rare Items inside the Items menu.
  • Either Ragnarok (sword) and Ragnarok (esper) is missed by choosing the other choice when the old man in Narshe offers them to the player. The sword Lightbringer will be missed if the player chooses the esper Ragnarok (SNES only). Ragnarok (sword) can be stolen from Lady and can be permanently kept after the completion of the game (GBA and mobile only).
  • The Water Harmony dance is permanently missable. Prior to the Game Boy Advance version, it must be obtained by fighting in the Serpent Trench in the World of Balance, and once the story proceeds to the World of Ruin, it is lost forever. In the GBA and mobile versions, an optional underwater battle with Leviathan in the World of Ruin was added, giving the player one more chance to learn the dance; if not done so after this fight, it is lost.
  • Doberman, Valeor, Wild Rat, Darkside, Specter, Eukaryote, and Intangir are easily missable rages. Once the player reaches the World of Ruin, they can never be fought again. Grenade falls into this category, but only on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the magicite Bahamut is not missable. In versions older than the GBA release, defeating Deathgaze with the combination of the Vanish and Banish spells will yield no rewards, but it will also keep the game from marking Deathgaze as defeated, meaning he will continue to appear and will eventually drop the magicite when beaten by other means.
  • The Lore ForceField can only be learned from Fiend, and if Strago Magus does not go on the path that has Fiend in Kefka's Tower, the Lore will be permanently missed.

Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VIII

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  • Mugging an item from an enemy prevents it from dropping an item after battle, thus something is always missed in battles that do not recur, namely the boss battles. The player must decide which item they want, the drop item or the mug item. Furthermore, in the game data, every enemy has four item "slots" that contain all the possible steal and item drop combinations, meaning it may be impossible to ever get all drop/mug items a boss has to offer, as the results can be random. However, there are no unique items from bosses that can never be obtained some other route, although the alternative methods may be cumbersome.
  • Only two Pet Nametags are available in the game, from D-District Prison and from a person in Timber (only if the player encourages the man outside Timber Maniacs building). If these two chances are missed, Pet Nametag cannot be obtained.
  • The Battle Meter that keeps track of the number of battles the player has fought is missed if the player does not talk to Cid right after graduating into a SeeD. The Character Report, which keeps track of characters' individual battle statistics, is missed if the player does not have Battle Meter first, and if they miss it in D-District Prison. Lastly, the GF Report is missed if the player missed out on the Battle Meter, and fails to obtain it from CC Joker in Balamb Garden training center before disc 3 end.
  • The Occult Fan volumes III and IV never appear in shops even late in game, so if the player misses the chances of getting them, they will be missed forever.
  • Balamb Town has two Timber Maniacs issues, but only one of then can be picked up, as the other vanishes once one of them has been taken. One magazine is found in Balamb hotel, and another at the train station. If the player picks up the magazine at the hotel before the first Laguna Loire dream sequence, the event is altered and Laguna will fall asleep in Julia's room.
  • There is a missable FMV that shows a Lunar Base camera drone destroyed by a monster during the beginning stages of the Lunar Cry. To view it the player must follow Ellone into the lift room that leads to the escape pods, and then return to the Lunar Base control room, go to the control panel and press Template:PS X symbol.
  • The items available in Lunatic Pandora in disc 3 depend on the actions the player took as Laguna in Centra Excavation Site. If the player fails to trigger all the events in Centra Excavation Site some of the items and draw points will not appear later.
  • If the player has the Chocobo World minigame, no items are technically missable, as any items can be obtained from the Chocobo World, even items that are normally one-time-only items, like the Magical Lamp. Some items are Chocobo World exclusive, namely the Chocobo's Tag, Friendship, Ribbon and Mog's Amulet.
  • The Gilgamesh Guardian Force is missable if the player has not obtained Odin by the final boss battle against Seifer at the end of disc 3.
  • In the original Japanese versions Guardian Forces drawable from bosses and Cerberus could be missed permanently. Thus Doomtrain was also missable, if the player failed to draw Alexander from Edea in Galbadia Garden, as its Med Level Plus ability is needed to make the items for obtaining Doomtrain. In subsequent releases missed Guardian Forces can be drawn from the bosses in Ultimecia Castle.
  • Towns become permanently inaccessible in disc 4, and thus many side quests must be completed on disc 3 or before to not miss them. Even if Obel Lake is on the world map, the shadow that commissions it does not appear in disc 4.
  • PuPu card is the only permanently missable Triple Triad card in the game. The player must give PuPu five Elixirs to obtain it.
    • Many Triple Triad cards that may seem missable, actually aren't. If the player loses a rare card in Galbadia Garden during the visit there on the first disc, Martine will have them and he can be played in Fishermans Horizon. If the player lets the boy in a blue shirt be killed by a T-Rexaur during the Garden Riot without having won the MiniMog card off him, a little girl in a red shirt will inherit the boy's deck and play it instead. The cards requested by Queen of Cards, and thus lost to her, can be won back from the boy in the artist's house in Dollet. Any rare cards lost in Lunar Base are played by Piet in the secret escape pod crash site. All LV9 or LV10 cards, even modified cards, can be won back from Card Club members and Queen of Cards on disc 4.

Final Fantasy IX

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  • Both the key items Autograph and Moogle Suit can be missed. These key items cannot be found after leaving Lindblum for the first time.
  • The Namingway card can be missed. The first is in Treno, during the card tournament. When the player is in control of Vivi, they are given the option of "going home," or staying in Treno. Choosing the latter will give Zidane a different opponent in the card tournament's second round, who holds the Namingway card. The other can be picked up in Kuja's sanctum in the Desert Palace (near the teleporter, only after Eiko has been kidnapped).
  • Leaving Treno during the card tournament and traveling to Dali is the only time the player can get the Mayor's Key, the Burman Coffee and the Mini-Brahne items. Completing the Morrid's Coffee sidequest lets the player get the mini Prima Vista in the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum, which can likewise be missed if the player fails to get all the different coffee beans.
  • Hippaul can be raced in Alexandria at the beginning of disc 3 for a rather short time only; after the player agrees to see Ruby's play the chance to play the racing minigame ends, meaning the player misses out on the Athlete Queen Key Item.
  • The Rune Blade can only be bought at Daguerreo in Disc 3. If the weapon is not purchased before the player goes to Terra, it cannot be acquired and Steiner can never learn Iai Strike. Similarly, the Hamelin for Eiko can be bought in both Daguerreo or Esto Gaza on Disc 3 only; if the player has not bought it before going to Terra, Eiko will never be able to learn Jewel.
  • Scissor Fangs and Obelisk are two other weapons that can be permanently missed during Disc 3 if the player leaves for Terra before buying them.
  • Zorlin Shape becomes missable on disc 4 and is last obtainable from the mog shop at Bran Bal, making it impossible to synthesize Masamune (though it may still be stolen from Maliris).
  • The Lost Family Sidequest can be permanently missed by advancing in Memoria without continuing the sidequest enough times, which means the player will miss the reward of a Protect Ring.
  • Excalibur II, Steiner's ultimate weapon, can only be obtained if the player reaches an area in Memoria in under 12 hours playtime. This item is usually always missed, unless the player specifically attempts a speed playthrough of the game. Since the PAL version runs slightly slower than the NTSC version, it is even harder to get. It is also harder on the PSN version, as the player cannot skip cutscenes by opening the disc tray. However, despite these handicaps, it is not impossible to get in any version of the game with enough skilled playing and luck manipulation. The player has more than one opportunity if they let the game clock overflow. However, this requires over two years of game time.
  • Some items may look missable but are not. If the player finds cards from the world map treasure chests with Choco while their card quota is full, the cards are discarded. However, these cards can still be obtained from Fat Chocobo in Chocobo's Paradise at the end of the quest.

Final Fantasy X

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  • The player can donate gil to O'aka only before the Operation Mi'ihen event.
  • The pieces of equipment with abilities that cannot be found on (or customized to) equipment of that type are:
    • Magic Counter armor for Tidus: Rin appears on his hovercraft during the player's first visit to the Calm Lands. He sells a special Buckler for Tidus that has Magic Counter—an ability otherwise exclusive to weapons. Rin will leave the area after the party moves on, making the Buckler unobtainable after that.
    • No Encounters weapon: Geosgaeno has a 50% chance to drop a weapon with the No Encounters ability, which is otherwise exclusive to armor. It may be two or three slots.
    • Weapon with +10% Critical Bonus (International, PAL and HD Remaster versions only): In addition to Break Damage Limit, weapons dropped by Penance have a bonus chance to critically hit. This ability cannot be found on or customized to any equipment. As with Geosgaeno, Penance is a one-time-only boss who has a 50% chance to drop the weapon.
  • Other unique weapons:
    • 0-slotted Longsword for Tidus: It is the only weapon with no slots and can be purchased at Lake Macalania Travel Agency for a short period of time. It becomes lost after visiting Macalania Temple.
    • Snakehead for Kimahri is unique as it lacks the Piercing property, where his normal weapons always have Piercing. It can be purchased of O'aka at Moonflow for a short period of time.
    • 2 and 1-slotted weapon for Kimahri and Auron: Bat Eye in the Via Purifico drops weapons for the duo without Piercing, whereas their normal weapons always have Piercing.
  • There are some permanently missable Al Bhed Primers in Home, and before the Cloister of Trials in Bevelle. If these are not picked up while in these one time only zones, they cannot be obtained without using a Compilation Sphere.
  • The appearance of Wantz on Mt. Gagazet is missable, and if the player does not speak to him on their first visit, he will not appear in Macalania Woods to sell the four-slotted equipment.
  • Durren is the only missable blitzball player: selecting the "Sin" option on Fahrenheit menu for first time causes him to disappear. His tech Anti-Drain may be missable, so the only way to learn it is to release him and let the A.I teach him automatically.

Final Fantasy X-2

  • Not all movie spheres, accessories and scenes can be obtained in one playthrough of the game. In New Game Plus the player can try other options to get different results. Not all areas are mandatory visits during a chapter, and if the player progresses to the next chapter without having done all the missions and quests in every area, these are missed until New Game Plus.
  • In the beginning of the game, the player can miss finding a costumed Yuna hiding at the harbor. Not talking to her loses some % from the game completion.
  • If the player doesn't visit every area in Chapter 3, Shinra won't install CommSpheres to these places, resulting in missed scenes.
  • At the end of Chapter 3 Yuna falls into the Farplane, where the player can miss pressing Template:PS X symbol to whistle, meaning the player will miss out on an ending scene.
  • In Chapter 4 the player can view scenes via the CommSphere system, but many of the scenes can be missed if the player leaves too early, or doesn't choose to view all the scenes. Viewing many of the scenes is required for 100% game completion.
  • During Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery sidequest, the only way to get Gippal's Sphere is to pin Rin as the culprit. However, this won't give Episode Complete for the area.
  • If the player fails to get Episode Complete in every area in Chapter 5, they miss out on the Mascot dressphere.
  • In the International and HD Remaster versions, if Tidus is released from the player's Creature Creator roster, he can never be reobtained. Also, once Omega Weapon has been released, he can never be reobtained. However, this is required to unlock many features, including Almighty Shinra, and Paragon can be recruited as a substitute for Omega Weapon.
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Final Fantasy XI

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  • Once a player levels all 22 jobs above level 5, the quest The Gustaberg Tour can never be completed and is forever stuck in the player's current quest log.
  • Once the Frontier Stations are constructed on a particular server, players can no longer accept or complete the Provide series of Coalition Assignments. If the player currently has one accepted, he or she must cancel it with the Courier Coalition's Task Delegator.
  • Certain content is available only for a limited time, although it is usually just "vanity" items with minimum stats, and most seasonal content is made available again in the future.

Final Fantasy XII

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  • Vaan's and Basch's starting weapons, Mythril Sword and Mythril Blade, are not available in any shops. The Mythril Sword is re-obtainable as a rare drop from Omega Mark XII, but is otherwise gone forever. There is no second copy of the Mythril Blade.
  • When the player sets out to hunt Rogue Tomato, there is a bangaa in Southern Plaza of Rabanastre who will ask Vaan to deliver something to his friend outside East Gate. If the player agrees help they get a Small Package, which can be either sold for 150 gil, or be taken to the bangaa's friend for no reward. The player can never get another Small Package if sold or given away.
  • The July sidequest at Nalbina Fortress is missable. It becomes available after obtaining the Dawn Shard and the player should complete the first events in Nalbina before reaching Mosphoran Highwaste. If the player doesn't complete the first events in Nalbina, quest is lost after the party defeat the boss of Mt Bur-Omisace.
  • The Genji Equipment from the elite mark Gilgamesh can be missed if the player did not steal them during both battles with him.
  • The Zodiac Spear in the Necrohol of Nabudis will disappear if the player opens any of the forbidden treasure chests in the game, or opens the chest that holds the Zodiac Spear while equipped with the Diamond Armlet. Another chest in the Henne Mines has a chance of holding the item, but it is extremely rare (0.1% chance per visit) so is extremely unlikely without RNG manipulation.
  • Certain treasures never respawn, and thus their contents can be permanently lost, such as the ultimate light armor hat, Dueling Mask, and the ultimate mystic armor hat, Circlet.
  • If the player fails to pick up Omega Badge loot from Omega Mark XII they can never get another one. If the player didn't get the Omega Badge they can't get the Wyrmhero Blade.
  • If the player sells the Centurio Hero's Badge they can never get another one.
  • The Royal Palace of Rabanastre is an unrevisitable location, so any unclaimed treasures cannot be come back for (although one of them is a forbidden chest that must be left unclaimed to get the Zodiac Spear from Necrohol of Nabudis). If the player doesn't take the urn for the area map, the map of the palace can be purchased from Old Archades.
  • Although not entirely missable, the obtaining of Slime Oil was made more difficult than intended, likely due to a programming oversight. Infinite copies may only be obtained through stealing from the Elite Mark Orthros; once defeated, the only remaining Slime Oil is a single copy from the footrace minigame in Balfonheim Port.

Final Fantasy XIII

FFXIII wiki icon

  • Spark Rings can be found in Chapters 3 and 4, but can be missed due to the storyline advancing once the player defeats Odin, as trying to backtrack initiates the end of Chapter 4.
  • One Doctor's Code can be missed in the Sunleth Waterscape in Chapter 6.
  • One Elixir can be missed by not backtracking after the second preliminary boss fight of Orphan's Cradle in Chapter 13.
  • The upgraded versions of many accessories are permanently missable if the player sells the base versions. For example, there are a limited number of Clay Rings in the game; if the player sells them all, the Siltstone Ring and Gaian Ring can never be obtained.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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  • There is a bug concerning the Live Trigger events in the Archylte Steppe in the Year Unknown. If the player doesn't select the comedic responses for both Live Trigger scenes in their first playthrough, the Dragon Hide Backpack adornment cannot be obtained, even if the player repeats the events at the Archylte Steppe through Gate Seal mechanism. Although there were emails to Square Enix regarding it, the bug was not fixed.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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  • Every quest and its prizes can be permanently lost if the player does not achieve them in time. Furthermore some like Free Will or Buried Passion require more than a day for them to be completed, which can be permanently lost if the player does not have enough time to spare.
  • The secret fourteenth day and the Ultimate Lair are lost if the player does not complete enough quests to unlock them.
  • Player can either complete the quest Avid Reader or To Save the Sinless, but cannot do both. To Save the Sinless has a better reward.
  • The Elixir can only be received if the player collects 100 soul seeds in the first playthrough. In New Game+ it is not possible to gain this item, except using Outworld Services.

Final Fantasy Tactics

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  • Ladd and Boco are semi-unique characters who are lost forever if they're allowed to crystallize or be dismissed from the character roster. Ladd is one of the default characters present in Ramza's party after progressing to a certain chapter, and Boco is a chocobo who can be rescued during a mission. Although Boco doesn't have any special abilities, he produces a unique dialog when examined in the menu screen.
  • If the player refused the unique characters when they're asking to join the party, they'll be missed.
  • Dismissed characters will be permanently lost as well.
  • Characters that became a crystal in battle will be gone forever.
  • Cloud and Worker 8 can be missed if the player doesn't have Mustadio in his/her party (Including the case that Mustadio has been dismissed or became a crystal in battle before getting both characters).
  • If the player doesn't purchase a flower from Aerith in Sal Ghidos, Cloud will be missed as well.
  • The Ultima ability can be missed if Ramza, Alma, and Luso didn't learned it from Celia, Lettie, or Ultima Demons in specific battles.
  • The summon Zodiark can be missed if the player doesn't learn it from Elidibus before killing him.

Final Fantasy Type-0

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  • If the player completes Carla, Mutsuki, Quon, and Ryid's sidequests to recruit them into Class Zero, they will no longer be present during the Final Chapter, where cutscenes involving them can be viewed. Because this sidequest completion is carried over into New Game Plus playthroughs, these cutscenes can become permanently missable unless the player does not take on the quests in their first playthrough, for the cutscenes can only be viewed when their respective characters remain unrecruited. In the HD version, these scenes are no longer missable.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

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Final Fantasy Adventure

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  • If the player completes the Dime Tower, all items, weapons, and armor up to this point will become missable. The second Point of No Return makes all the items and armor inside the Temple of Mana missable when the player completes the temple.

The Final Fantasy Legend

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  • During the jailbreak sequence in World of Sky, the Revenge sword can be found by searching behind the bars of one of the empty cells. The sword can't be found nor purchased anywhere else, and this area becomes inaccessible once the party leaves.
  • Before completing the Atomic Power Plant in World of Ruins, So-Cho will give the party a Band helmet, but this item can be missed if the player doesn't manually speak to him before leaving the area. This is a unique piece of armor that can't be found nor purchased anywhere else, so it shouldn't be sold.

Final Fantasy Legend II

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  • Due to the way the Dragon Race segment is coded, the dragon you ride changes the MAGI you receive. The player is guaranteed to receive 1 FFLII MAGI IconDefense, FFLII MAGI IconSpeed and FFLII MAGI IconMana, and will receive 1 additional FFLII MAGI IconDefense with the fastest and slowest dragons, 1 additional FFLII MAGI IconSpeed with the second-fastest, and 1 additional FFLII MAGI IconMana with the second-slowest. The "alternate" MAGI are lost.

Final Fantasy Legend III

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  • If the Flushex and Berth units are not picked up before going to Pureland, they will be permanently missed.
  • The SandMan helmet is among the treasures found in one of the shipwrecks on the seafloor. It can't be purchased anywhere, and the player can't return to this area after going to Pureland.
  • Most low-level spells cannot be purchased after going to Pureland. Magic shops found in later areas sell only higher-level spells, such as Cure3. If the player didn't stock each character's inventories with low level spells such as Cure1 and Fire1 when they had the chance, they'll never have access to them again.
  • There's a few elemental stones that can be found within the Shipwrecks that can be permanently missed before the player warps to Pureland. These stones are needed in creating Lost Magic, missing these stones will mean to the player having a couple of missing Lost Magic spells. The number of magic stones is also finite, and so must be spent carefully, especially Fire stones, as there is only just enough Fire stones (5) to create all the Lost spells that require them.

Vagrant Story

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  • The leather Jerkin armor and the Rood Necklace that Ashley begins the game with can't be recovered if they're discarded. Even if the player begins a New Game+ playthrough later on, the items won't reappear on Ashley's body. Nothing else is missable since any other item in the game can be created through the combination system; and any Grimoires that teach Ashley rare spells can be dropped by random encounters.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2

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  • Many level 1 and 2 enemies won't always appear during the early dungeon floors, and the player can't return to these floors later in the story. This may cause the player to miss some of the enemy statues found in the laboratory basement. Technically, any of these enemies can be encountered by kicking Polish and Rust cards at enemies found later in the game, but this process can be quite grueling.
  • Oddly, there will always be an empty statue basin in the last room of the basement. This is commonly believed to be reserved for a dummied Phoenix statue that never appears since there's no feather corresponding to the Phoenix summon.
  • The game keeps track of how many times Chocobo has died, how much the player has stolen, and various other statistics. It's never necessary to die, so some players may consider this a negative mark on their save file.
  • Contrary to misconception, it is not necessary for Chocobo to die at least once in order to get the Sylph feather from the beach. After finishing the main quest, Chocobo can venture into an optional dungeon; completing it rewards him with a completely random feather. Sylph — or any other summon, for that matter — can be obtained this way.
  • If the player wants to obtain all the statues in the laboratory basement, it is necessary to steal at least once in order to prompt the Doom Keeper / Life Keeper to appear and attack Chocobo. The bosses have ridiculously high HP, but they can be defeated with any claw that bears the Blood Suck ability, which reduces any enemy to 1 HP.

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