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Demon's EyeFFV

Catoblepas, the missable summon from Final Fantasy V.

Permanently missable content refers to an item, character, sidequest, ability, or spell, that can be obtained at one point of the game, but can be missed permanently if the player does not acquire it before reaching a certain part, or before its location becomes unrevisitable.

Rare items are often harder to obtain once the game is played past a particular point. In some cases missable content is also rare to begin with, but rarity in itself has no bearing on whether an item can be missed.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

Although nothing in the game ever becomes inaccessible, the limited inventory system in the NES version requires the player to discard or sell some rare equipment along the way. The player can knowingly leave certain treasure chests unopened so that all unique items remain available.

Final Fantasy II Edit

  • Several key terms can be missed if not learned during the available window, preventing additional key terms from being learned in the bonus dungeons, and thus locking the player out from obtaining ultimate weapons.
  • Once the player obtains the Ultima Tome, many monsters will disappear from the world and prevent completion of bestiary.
  • Any treasure chests found inside the Dreadnought and Cyclone are missable, as after exiting them the party cannot enter them again.
  • Some bosses have a random chance of dropping rare equipment of which there is a limited quantity available, such as the White Robe (dropped by Astaroth).
  • Paul's stash in his house in Fynn, including the unique Blood Sword, can be permanently missed if the player doesn't go there after learning the key term "Cyclone" from Princess Hilda.
  • In the Dawn of Souls and subsequent releases, Minwu, Josef, and Ricard retain whatever spells and equipment they possessed when they left the party in the Soul of Rebirth mode. Some items and spells cannot be found by any means during this mode, meaning that, unless given these items and spells before they leave the party, they are inaccessible in Soul of Rebirth.

Final Fantasy III Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit

  • Because characters frequently leave and join the party, it's suggested that these characters be unequipped shortly before certain story events are triggered; otherwise, they may run off with rare items never to be seen again.
  • General's Bestiary entry can be missed in the Kaipo inn by defeating the three Baron Soldiers he appears with first, triggering his retreat.
  • Captain's Bestiary entry is likewise missable in Fabul if the accompanying soldiers are defeated first.
  • Treasure chests in the Tower of Zot, the Tower of Babil (both visits), and Giant of Babil can be missed, as these areas can't be revisited. Bestiary entries from these locations are also missable if not playing the Advance or The Complete Collection versions, as in those some of these enemies appear in the Lunar Ruins, while others are missable on all versions.
  • The Illusion item can be stolen only from Evil Dolls, which can be encountered only in the lower floors of the Tower of Babil. The tower becomes inaccessible after the party completes the Sealed Cave.
  • The Siren item can be stolen from Security Eyes, which stop appearing after the Giant of Babil sequence. As there is no other way to get this item, it's suggested that players stock up while they're available. The item is useful to start otherwise extremely rare battles with Flan Princesses in the Lunar Subterrane, which can drop the rare Pink Tail item. In the 3D remakes, it can be bought for 3,000 gil at the Namingway Abode, making it no longer missable.
  • Sheila's sidequest must be completed before the party travels to the moon for the first time, otherwise the party will never receive the Kitchen Knife. The player also cannot get the Sylph summon.
  • There are several bugged treasures hidden in mundane places, some in areas that can't be revisited.
  • Barnabas-Z's Bestiary entry can be missed by defeating Dr. Lugae before defeating Barnabas.
  • Calcabrina's Bestiary entry can be missed by defeating all three Calcas and Brinas before they use Combine.
  • The following Augments*(3D versions only) are missable:
    • Bluff - The player must have given either one Augment Ability to Palom or two to Porom before they leave the party.
    • Cry - The player must have given either one Augment Ability to Porom or two to Palom before they leave the party.
    • Dualcast - The player must have given three total Augments to Palom and Porom before they leave the party.
    • Salve - Edward must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party.
    • Hide - Edward must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party.
    • Recall - If the player doesn't pick it up before leaving the Tower of Zot, it will be missed.
    • Last Stand - Tellah must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party. If the player doesn't pick it up before leaving the Tower of Zot, it will be missed.
    • Fast Talker - Tellah must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party. If the player doesn't pick it up before leaving the Tower of Zot, it will be missed.
    • Upgrade - Cid must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party.
    • Adrenaline - Cid must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party.
    • Darkness - Can be stolen from the boss Odin.
    • Kick - Yang must have been given one Augment before leaving the party in the Underworld.
    • Brace - Yang must have been given two Augments before leaving the party in the Underworld.
    • Omnicasting - Fusoya must have been given at least one Augment before leaving the party.
    • Phoenix - Fusoya must have been given at least two Augments before leaving the party.
    • Treasure Hunter - Automatically received after gaining 100% completion of every map. If the player doesn't complete the maps for the Tower of Zot, the Tower of Babil, and the Giant of Babil, this Augment will be missed as these areas cannot be revisited.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

  • If the player does not pick up both Twin Stars inside the Cave of Eblan during Edge's portion of the story, a location only visited by Edge, they will be missed.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

  • The Kingsword can be permanently missed if its not unequipped from Cecil during the invasion of Baron (Ceodore's Tale).
  • If the player completes Rydia's tale without obtaining the Mythril Spring, Mythril Nut and Mythril Bolt first, and imports that save into the final tale, Calca and Brina will be missed. If the player gets those items after completing the tale, they need to replay the ending in order to ensure Calca and Brina are not missed.
  • If the player fails on Izayoi, Zangetsu, Tsukinowa or Gekkou's missions in Edge's Tale, they will die, making them inaccessible in The Crystals. Thus, Bands with any of them are also permanently missable. This can also happen if Gekkou decides to fight the Mysterious Girl.
  • In the flashback sequence of Golbez, if the player does not unequip the Ebony Blade during the Lunarian's Tale, it will be missed.
  • The Eidolon Chocobo can be missed if the player does not pick it up inside the Chocobo Forest during the Gathering's Tale: The Moon's Gravity. It is located on the island in the middle of the ocean between the Troia and Kaipo.
  • Near the end of the game, Golbez can be permanently recruited or missed. If the player brings Golbez, Cecil, Ceodore, and Rosa in their party when they fight the Dark Knight, Golbez will be playable permanently. Otherwise, he'll be removed from the party.
  • Many Eidolons can be permanently missed if killed during battle.
  • If Rydia has recovered Leviathan and Asura as summons, Bahamut will turn on the Mysterious Girl and destroy her before returning to Rydia, but if not, Bahamut must be slain and will not be available to be summoned.
  • Several items are only obtainable in Challenge Dungeons; once the final section of the game is started, anything that isn't imported from those is permanently lost.
  • If the player does not import data from the preceding tales into the final tale, certain characters will not join (Rydia - Calca and Brina; Yang - Ursula; Palom - Leonora; Edge - The Eblan Four; Edward - Harley)
  • A lot of missables are no longer so in iOs/Android/Steam versions (Calca and Brina always join, the Eblan Four cannot die, Challenge Dungeon items can be bought before the final dungeon, etc...)

Final Fantasy V Edit

FFV Romeo's Ballad

Romeo's Ballad (GBA).

  • The songs Romeo's Ballad and Alluring Air can be learned in Istory and Lix in Bartz's World only.
  • The Genji equipment set can be stolen from Gilgamesh each time he is encountered; if the party fails to do this by the final encounter, the set will be missed.
  • The random boss Catoblepas must be fought and defeated on Galuf's World to become usable as a summon, or it becomes unavailable by the Merged World. If the player discards the item won after the battle, the summon is also lost forever.
  • If the player discards the item won after winning against Ramuh, the summon is lost forever.
  • The Power Staff can be earned from the Black Warlock, which can only be encountered in Castle Exdeath on Galuf's World. Beyond that point, only a single chest in the Pyramid of Moore in the Merged World has a 50% chance of spawning a Black Warlock as a monster-in-a-box.
  • The Spear can only be stolen from Shell Bear in Castle Exdeath before it permanently transforms.
Carbuncle FFV

The party fights Carbuncle.

  • The summon Carbuncle must be fought and defeated in Galuf's World to become usable, or it becomes unavailable by the Merged World.
  • The Excalipoor sword will be missed if the players ignores its treasure chest in Castle Exdeath, or kills Gilgamesh before he transforms into his final form. In the Finest Fantasy for Advance and later versions, Gilgamesh will not appear again if the treasure chest in Castle Exdeath is ignored.
  • The song Mana's Paean must be learned from the Library of the Ancients's terrace in the Merged World before obtaining the first tablet within the Pyramid.
  • The Thief's Gloves can be found in Fire-Powered Ship (which is always available), but extra copies can only be stolen from Sekhmet in the Pyramid of Moore or Necrophobe in the Interdimensional Rift. Necrophobe can only be fought once, while Sekhmet can be encountered multiple times but will never reappear if the player kills him instead of running away or catching him.
  • The Brave Blade and Chicken Knife are mutually exclusive; by choosing one, the other is permanently lost.
  • The accessory Kornago Gourd is a reward for the sidequest in Quelb (which is always available and completable), but the second copy can only be stolen from Omniscient in the Fork Tower, who can only be fought once.
  • The Blitz Whip can be obtained in Jachol Cave only if Lone Wolf the Pickpocket isn't released. Extra copies can be stolen from Flaremancers in the Fork Tower, before its destruction, or in the Sealed Temple in the Advance version and further remakes.
  • The Titan's Gloves can only be stolen from the Azulmagia boss in the Interdimensional Rift.
  • The Tinklebell can only be obtained as a rare drop from the normal form of Twintania in the castle in the Interdimensional Rift. If defeated without this item drop, it cannot be obtained. Additionally, a second copy of the Titan's Axe (the first can always be found in Istory Falls) can only be obtained as a steal from Twintania's charging form.
  • A scene with Gilgamesh will occur if Necrophobe has less than 10,000 HP left. This scene doesn't play if the player kills Necrophobe very quickly.
  • Some bestiary entries can be missed: The entries for the enemies in Karnak Castle after fighting Liquid Flame; when exiting the castle, if one defeats the Sergeant first in battle, it will not transform into the Iron Claw; if the Sergeant is not defeated in a random battle, the entry will not appear. The flying Ronka Ruins are the last place on Bartz's World where one can miss enemies and not find them later. In Galuf's World one can miss encounters on the Big Bridge if one walks in a straight line. In the Barrier Tower some enemies are missable. Also, the entry for the Abductor that Bartz fights alone is missable if Bartz dies at the battle. Some world map encounters are also missable.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

  • The scene with Locke and Edgar freaking out over Terra casting magic is missable. The player must use magic in battle as Terra before entering Mt. Kolts.
  • The Bandana equipment can be bought in various towns of the World of Balance. It also can be stolen from Zaghrems, which are only available in the World of Balance. Bandana is only missable in the North American and European SNES/PS1 versions, because the Japanese version has Setzer joining the party with a Bandana equipped and Zaghrems appear in the Soul Shrine.
  • The esper Ifrit can be missed if the player doesn't pick up its magicite after the battle with him and Shiva. If missed, the player cannot learn Drain, as he is the only esper to teach it.
  • The Ultima Weapon can be found in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. It will become missable after the Floating Continent appears (SNES only). Ultima Weapon can be stolen from Rest and can be permanently kept after the completion of the game (GBA, mobile and Steam versions).
FFVI PC Shadow's Return

The player waits for Shadow.

  • If the player doesn't wait for Shadow at the end of the Floating Continent, he cannot be recruited in the World of Ruin. Also, if the player sells or throws the Ichigeki, and chooses the Ragnarok weapon instead of the esper, they also cannot recruit Shadow.
    • As a result of that in the mobile/Steam versions the player can permanently miss an album entry dedicated to Shadow's retrieval.
  • If the player doesn't save Cid on the Solitary Island, there's no way to make the fish reset because Cid needs to be talked to to do that. Thus, the player will not be able to collect all four fish under the Rare Items in the Items menu.
  • Either Ragnarok (sword) or Ragnarok (esper) is missed by choosing the other when the old man in Narshe offers them to the party. The sword Lightbringer will be missed if the party chooses the esper Ragnarok (SNES only). Ragnarok (sword) can be stolen from Lady and can be permanently kept after the completion of the game (GBA and subsequent releases).
  • If the player turns Odin into Raiden by examining the petrified Queen of the Ancient Castle, the player will lose Odin's magicite, which is the only magicite in the SNES/PS1 version that has Speed +1 bonus. This should not be an issue in the GBA and later versions, since Cactuar magicite gives Speed +2 bonus.
FFVI Dance El Nino

Mog's Water Harmony Dance.

  • The Water Harmony dance is permanently missable. Prior to the Game Boy Advance version, it must be obtained by fighting in the Serpent Trench or Lethe River in the World of Balance with Mog in the party, and once the story proceeds to the World of Ruin, it is lost forever. In the GBA/mobile/Steam versions, an optional underwater battle with Leviathan in the World of Ruin is added, giving the party one more chance to learn the dance; if not done so, it is lost.
  • Doberman, Valeor, Wild Rat, Darkside, Specter, and Eukaryote are easily missable rages. Once the player reaches the World of Ruin, they can never be fought again. Grenade, Satellite and Intangir fall into this category, but only on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions. In the case of Satellite, its monster-in-a-box must be opened before leaving the Imperial Camp.
  • The Imperial Elite is also a missable enemy/rage. They are encountered during the banquet in the Imperial Palace, in the World of Balance.
  • Rafflesia can only be fought at Owzer's Mansion during the cursed painting quest. If the player defeats the mansion's boss without fighting Rafflesia, it will not appear on the Veldt and Gau cannot learn its Rage.
  • Contrary to common belief, the magicite Bahamut is not missable. In versions older than the GBA release, defeating Deathgaze with the combination of the Vanish and Banish spells will yield no rewards (the Vanish-Doom bug), but it will also keep the game from marking Deathgaze as defeated, meaning he will continue to appear and will eventually drop the magicite when beaten by other means.
  • The Lore ForceField can only be learned from Fiend, and if Strago does not go on the path that has Fiend in Kefka's Tower, the Lore will be permanently missed (SNES/PS only).

Final Fantasy VII Edit

  • The items obtained as part of Cloud's crossdressing sidequest will be missed if the player does not obtain them during the quest. As there are different versions of each piece of apparel, and the player can only get one, all items can never be retrieved in a single playthrough. The Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, Sexy Cologne, and Diamond Tiara is the best combination, and therefore seen as the required combination for a perfect game. The optional Lingerie and Bikini Brief items obtained from the Honey Bee Inn are missed if the player didn't acquire either of them.
  • The achievements pertaining to Aeris in the re-releases of Final Fantasy VII are missable if not obtained before she leaves the party at the end of the Temple of the Ancients.
  • The Turtle Paradise flier in Shinra Headquarters can be missed as the player can't return there after certain story events have transpired. If missed, the player will no longer be able to obtain one of each Source from the pub in Wutai Village (Sources can be obtained in unlimited supply by morphing enemies in the Gelnika, however). The final flier in Yuffie's house is also missed if the player misses their chance on doing the "lost Materia" sidequest (see below).
  • There is a woman standing next to the long stairs in the Battle Square on the player's return there. After talking to her, if one chooses "That's the idea", and wins a round of eight consecutive battles in Battle Square, she'll give the Sprint Shoes accessory and will stay there. If one chooses "Not interested", even after winning eight consecutive battles, she'll disappear, and the player won't get the accessory. There are other ways to obtain Sprint Shoes however.
  • Some items can only be obtained from one enemy, and once that enemy becomes unavailable to fight, the items can never be retrieved. The Ghost Hand is obtained only from the Ghosts in Train Graveyard. The Vagyrisk Claw can only be stolen from the Bagrisk, but due to how the game's steal mechanics work, it will eventually become impossible to steal the Vagyrisk Claw if the player advances too far in character levels. The Earth Mallet can be missed, as the only opponent holding it is the Gigas in the Whirlwind Maze. The Gigas appears later in the Battle Square, but items cannot be won from monsters there. The complete list of missable items is: Ghost Hand, Vagyrisk Claw, Graviball, 8-inch Cannon, and Earth Mallet.
  • Some weapons can be missed. The Enhance Sword and Javelin can only be found in Gaea's Cliff, which is an unrevisitable location. The Yoshiyuki can only be obtained before Shinra No. 26 takes off in Rocket Town. The Pile Banger, the HP Shout, Master Fist, Grow Lance and Behemoth Horn can only be found in the Shinra Headquarters during the Raid on Midgar. The Max Ray and Missing Score can only be found in Midgar in Part 2 (Missing Score only when Barret is in the party). The Umbrella can only be obtained from the Speed Square in Gold Saucer before the party gains the Highwind. The Princess Guard can only be found in the Temple of the Ancients. The Rising Sun can only be stolen from the Diamond Weapon. The Battle Trumpet and Scimitar can only be found in the Junon Underwater Reactor submarine docks. The Starlight M-Phone can only be found in Midgar Underground. The complete list of weapons is: Yoshiyuki, Princess Guard, Javelin, Battle Trumpet, Scimitar, Rising Sun, Starlight M-Phone, Max Ray, Grow Lance, HP Shout, Missing Score, Umbrella, Shotgun, Oritsuru, Behemoth Horn, Pile Banger, Master Fist, Mythril Clip and God's Hand.
  • Some armor can only be obtained one way, and if missed, can never be obtained after. The Aegis Armlet can only be obtained from the Midgar Underground in Part 2. The Iron Bangle can only be bought in Sector 7. The Shinra Alpha and Shinra Beta can only be stolen from certain Shinra troops that are not recurring random encounters. The Warrior Bangle can only be stolen from Eagle Gun. The Ziedrich can only be stolen from Turks:Rude. The complete list of armor is: Aegis Armlet, Warrior Bangle, Shinra Alpha, Shinra Beta, Ziedrich, Iron Bangle, Four Slots, Minerva Band, Imperial Guard, Gigas Armlet and Mystile.
  • Some accessories only be obtained one way, and if missed, can never be obtained after. The complete list of accessories is: Poison Ring, Curse Ring, Tough Ring, and Reflect Ring.
  • Some Materia only be obtained one way, and if missed, can never be obtained after. The complete list of missable Materia is: Comet, Ultima, Morph, Enemy Skill Materia (Shinra HQ), Trine (Enemy Skill), Pandora's Box (Enemy Skill), Added Effect, MP Turbo, Steal as Well, MP Absorb, Elemental, Final Attack, Ifrit, Ramuh, Kujata, Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Luck Plus. Phoenix can be dug up in Bone Village if missed, and Bahamut ZERO can be dug up if the blue Huge Materia was missed (cannot be dug up at Bone Village if Bahamut ZERO is missed because the player didn't get the other Bahamut Materias).
    • If the player's Materia inventory is full when obtaining Kujata and Final Attack, they will be lost forever. Usually if a player attempts to pick up a Materia when the inventory is full the game will notify the player and ask them to remove Materia first. Due to poor programming this never happens with Kujata; the player receives the message that they have acquired the Materia, but upon entering the Materia inventory the Materia is not there, as there was no room to place it in.
    • With Final Attack the game checks whether the player's Materia inventory is full, and if it is the game skips the receipt line and the player receives no prize at all, or any indication they were supposed to receive one besides the obtain Materia sound effect. Following successes in the Special Battle yield prizes, but only on the first win will the player receive the Final Attack Materia.
FFVII Sea God Scales

Leviathan Scales used.

  • The Battery is not missable, however the player can choose to keep a Battery in their inventory rather than spend it on an Ether. Similarly the three coupons (A, B, and C) in the Shinra Building can be optionally obtained, however completing their related sidequest removes them from the inventory and offers no unique rewards.
  • The Huge Materia can be missed if the player fails the quests on which to retrieve them. Although in the final quest the player can obtain a missed Huge Materia, but in doing so can never obtain the fourth one.
    • If the player fails to catch up with the train at Mt. Corel or it crashes into North Corel, they lose Huge Materia #1. If the player fails to catch up with the train they lose Ultima, however if the train crashes into North Corel it will be available albeit for a price.
    • If the player loses the Fort Condor quest for Huge Materia by losing the boss fight, they lose both Huge Materia #2 and the Phoenix Materia, although Phoenix can be dug up from Bone Village.
    • If the player fails to destroy the red submarine during the submarine minigame, Huge Materia #3 is lost. Also the Leviathan Scales can be obtained during the mission, and if they are missed, it is impossible to obtain the Oritsuru weapon and Steal as Well Materia from Da-chao Statue.
    • The Materia earned from solving the password in the Shinra No. 26 rocket will give the player the lowest numbered missed Huge Materia. If the player did not miss any Huge Materia then they will obtain Huge Materia #4. Therefore missing any Huge Materia will mean Huge Materia #4 is permanently missed.
    • With Huge Materia #4, Bahamut, and Neo Bahamut in the inventory, Bahamut ZERO can be obtained from Bugenhagen's observatory. If Huge Materia #4 is missed, it can still be obtained by digging at Bone Village. If Huge Materia #4 is obtained, but either of Bahamut or Neo Bahamut is missed, Bahamut ZERO is permanently lost.
  • The "lost Materia" sidequest in Wutai is missed if left too late; after returning to Midgar at the end of Part 2, the quest is no longer triggered when the player visits the island, but they can still do the Pagoda quest with Yuffie and thus obtain Leviathan. The player misses out on HP Absorb and MP Absorb Materia, as the former is in a house where the cats never move aside unless the player does the quest, and the latter in a treasure chest blocked by an NPC. The player also cannot complete the Turtle's Paradise quest as they can't read the final flier in Yuffie's house, which can never be visited.
  • The battle against Turks:Rude and Turks:Reno only occurs in the Gelnika right after the player obtains the submarine.
  • The event with Aeris's ghost at the Sector 5 Church can never occur if the player talks to the Innkeeper during the Kalm flashback and selects the option "Let me know the situation of the town." after talking to him a second time. It is unknown why this stops the event from occurring since it is unrelated to Aeris and the church. That the event can be prevented by talking to the Innkeeper is likely a programming error.
  • There are four date scenes at the Gold Saucer, but the player can only get one date per playthrough.
    • There exists an exploit where the player can raise Barret's affection value at Cosmo Canyon infinitely. However, the Bromance trophy for dating Barret only triggers if his affection value is within certain bounds. Using the glitch can thus make his affection value exceed the cap and thus lock the player out of the trophy even if they get Barret as the date.
  • The weapon and armor Aeris had equipped when she left the party are lost.

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

  • Mugging an item from an enemy prevents it from dropping an item after battle, thus something is always missed in battles that do not recur, namely the boss battles. The player must decide which item they want, the drop item or the mug item. Furthermore, in the game data, every enemy has four item "slots" that contain all the possible steal and item drop combinations, meaning it may be impossible to ever get all drop/mug items a boss has to offer, as the results can be random. However, there are no unique items from bosses that can never be obtained some other route, although the alternative methods may be cumbersome.
  • Only two Pet Nametags are available, from D-District Prison and from a person in Timber (only if the player encourages the man outside Timber Maniacs building). If these two chances are missed, Pet Nametag cannot be obtained.

The Batter Meter upgraded in D-District Prison.

  • The Battle Meter that keeps track of the number of battles the player has fought is missed if the player does not talk to Cid right after graduating into a SeeD. The Character Report, which keeps track of characters' individual battle statistics, is missed if the player does not have Battle Meter first, and if they miss it in D-District Prison by talking to the inmate in floor 10. Lastly, the GF Report is missed if the player missed out on the Battle Meter, and fails to obtain it from CC Joker in Balamb Garden training center before the point of no return to the endgame.
  • The Occult Fan volumes III and IV never appear in shops even late in game, so if the player misses the chances of getting them, they will be missed forever.
  • Balamb Town has two Timber Maniacs issues, but only one of them can be picked up, as the other vanishes once one has been taken. One magazine is found in Balamb hotel, and another at the train station. If the player picks up the magazine at the hotel before the first Laguna Loire dream sequence, the event is altered and Laguna will fall asleep in Julia's room. Picking up the train station issue yields a unique entry to Selphie's Sir Laguna's Page.
  • The White SeeD Ship disappears from the world map after the player progresses to the next story scene, so its events, draw point and Timber Maniacs issue are missed if not obtained during this window. If the player misses the Timber Maniacs issue here, they also miss on the achievement obtained for getting all Timber Maniacs issues in the versions that support achievements.
  • There is a missable FMV that shows a Lunar Base camera drone destroyed by a monster during the beginning stages of the Lunar Cry. To view it the player must follow Ellone into the lift room that leads to the escape pods, and then return to the Lunar Base control room, go to the control panel and press X.
  • If the player fails to board the Lunatic Pandora as Zell by missing the contact points within Esthar City, the player misses the chance to visit the Pandora with Zell as party leader and misses out on the scene where Zell's party is ejected by Mobile Type 8. The player won't miss out on items however, as the same present-day Lunatic Pandora is later visited as Squall as party leader.
  • The items available in Lunatic Pandora as Zell/Squall as party leader depend on the actions the player took as Laguna in Centra Excavation Site. If the player fails to trigger all the events in Centra Excavation Site, some of the items and draw points will not appear later.
FFVIII Choco Bocle

Chocobocle is only available if the player can play Chocobo World.

FFVIII Time Compression City

An inaccessible town.

  • Towns become permanently inaccessible in endgame, and thus many sidequests must be completed before fighting Seifer at Lunatic Pandora to not miss them. Even if Obel Lake is on the world map, the shadow that commissions it does not appear in endgame. Thus, the achievement/trophy tied to the Obel Lake sidequest is also missable.
  • PuPu card is the only permanently missable Triple Triad card. The player must give PuPu five Elixirs to obtain it.
    • Many Triple Triad cards that may seem missable, actually aren't. If the player loses a rare card in Galbadia Garden during the first visit there, Martine will have them and he can be played in Fishermans Horizon. If the player lets the boy in a blue shirt be killed by a T-Rexaur during the Garden Riot without having won the MiniMog card off him, a little girl in a red shirt will inherit the boy's deck and play it instead. The cards requested by Queen of Cards, and thus lost to her, can be won back from the boy in the artist's house in Dollet. Any rare cards lost in Lunar Base are played by Piet in the secret escape pod crash site. All LV9 or LV10 cards, even modified cards, can be won back from Card Club members and Queen of Cards during endgame if the player finds the Ragnarok from the world map.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

Gilgamesh in alexandria

Alleyway Jack in the tavern.

  • At the beginning of the game, the player can hear rumors of an "Alleyway Jack" who knows a lot about Tetra Master. The player can meet him in the alley west of the town square, but if the player lets Alleyway Jack walk across the screen and leave the area, they miss the chance of talking to him. After meeting him, the player can talk to him in the tavern, and he will explain the rules of Tetra Master.
  • Almost all Mognet letters are missable. Not delivering the letters does not lock the player out of the Mognet Central sidequest, however.
  • The key items Autograph and Moogle Suit can be missed. When the player is in Lindblum for the first time, before leaving the city they should go to the theater at the theater district to initiate a scene, and then to artist Michael's atelier where they can get autograph from Lowell Bridges and search the room for the Moogle Suit.
  • The treasure chest on the Dali field can only be opened when in control of Dagger on her and Steiner's way from South Gate to Treno.
  • There are a total of four monsters in Treno's weapon shop that change at various times. If the player fails to defeat a monster before the next one appears, the old one can't be fought.
  • Fighting the Tantarian optional boss is missable. It can be found in Alexandria Castle's library, but there are only two chances to fight it: during the time the party is rescuing Garnet who is being held in the castle basement, and later when the party arrives to save Garnet and Eiko during the Battle of Alexandria. If the player misses out on these two opportunities, Tantarian cannot be encountered.

Namingway card.

  • The Namingway card can be missed. The first is in Treno, during the Tetra Master tournament. During an ATE with Vivi the player is given the option of "pass by home," or staying in Treno. Choosing the latter will give Zidane a different opponent in the card tournament's second round, who holds the Namingway card. The other can be picked up in Kuja's sanctum in the Desert Palace (near the teleporter, only after Eiko has been kidnapped). If the player doesn't send Vivi home however, they miss out on an optional scene where they meet Vivi at Quan's Dwelling.
  • Leaving Treno during the card tournament and traveling to Dali is the only time the player can get the Mayor's Key, the Burman Coffee and the Mini-Brahne items. Completing the Morrid's Coffee sidequest lets the player get the mini Prima Vista in the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum, which can likewise be missed if the player fails to get all the different coffee beans. Additionally, as the Observatory Mountain is sealed in endgame, the player can no longer turn in the coffee items to Morrid.

Racing Hippaul.

  • Hippaul can be raced in Alexandria after the party returns from the Outer Continent for a short time only; after the player agrees to see Ruby's play the chance to play the racing minigame ends, meaning the player misses out on the Athlete Queen key item.
  • The Nero Brothers briefly host a gambling minigame in Alexandria's weapon shop when the party returns to Alexandria from the Outer Continent. The minigame is only available when the player controls Zidane.
  • When Vivi reunites with Zidane in Alexandria after the party has returned from the Outer Continent, the player can leave Alexandria and see it from the world map, before it is destroyed. This is the only time in the game the player can do this.
  • The friendly monsters quest becomes impossible to finish if the player uses up all of their limited jewels prior to giving them to the monsters (Emerald, Moonstone, and Diamond).
  • Stiltzkin offers to sell item sets in certain locations for a limited time; after he moves on he will never offer that set again. It is not mandatory to buy the items to keep meeting Stiltzkin. Stiltzkin will give the party a Ribbon if the player purchases all of his items and in the latest releases, buying all of his items yields the Driving the Hard Bargain achievement/trophy.
  • Certain equipment is only found in shops in limited. If not purchased during this window, the equipment cannot be obtained.
    • The Rune Blade can only be bought at Daguerreo for a limited time. If the weapon is not purchased before the player enters the Shimmering Island portal, it cannot be acquired and Steiner can never learn Iai Strike.
    • Hamelin for Eiko can be bought in both Daguerreo or Esto Gaza for a limited time; if the player has not bought it before entering the Shimmering Island portal, Eiko will never learn Jewel.
    • Octagon Rod is purchasable from Daguerreo and Esto Gaza before entering the Shimmering Island portal, only. If the player misses this weapon, Vivi can never learn Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga spells.
    • Scissor Fangs and Obelisk are two other weapons that can be permanently missed if the player enters the Shimmering Island portal before buying them.
    • Zorlin Shape becomes missable and is last obtainable from the mog shop at Bran Bal, making it impossible to synthesize Masamune (though it may still be stolen from Maliris).
  • ATEs are optional to trigger, and if the player does not watch them when they are available, they cannot be viewed again. Several ATEs are missable, as in, the player doesn't even get the prompt to view it.
    • In Cleyra the ATE with Vivi being chased into the inn by Dan is missable by not returning to same area north of the water mill immediately after selecting the first ATE, and vice versa with other one.
    • If the player did not recruit Quina, they can't get the ATEs with him/her at Cleyra.
    • If the player won't investigate Lindblum during the second story-related visit there, they will miss "the Third Jewel" ATE.
    • Treno's "Crime and Punishment" is missable if the player descends the hatch to Gargan Roo without leaving the tower.
    • "Home Sweet Home" is missable if the player goes to see Quan's Dwelling before the card tournament.
    • "Lessons of Life" only appears if the player asked Amarant about his past during "Good Old Days".
    • "Hippo's Prize" ATE is only available if the player has chosen for Vivi to stay in Treno during "How He Ended Up Here" ATE.
    • "Give Me My Money" ATE during the third story-related visit to Lindblum is only activated if Zidane does not have enough money (50 gil) to pay off Quina's debt.
  • The lost family sidequest can be permanently missed by advancing in Memoria without continuing the sidequest enough times, which means the player will miss the reward of a Protect Ring (although Protect Rings can be acquired in other ways).

Excalibur II found.

  • Excalibur II, Steiner's ultimate weapon, is obtained if the player reaches an area in Memoria in under 12 hours playtime. This item is usually missed, unless the player specifically attempts a speed playthrough. Since the PAL version runs slightly slower than the NTSC version, it is even harder to get. It is also harder on the PSN version, as the player cannot skip cutscenes by opening the disc tray. However, despite these handicaps, it is not impossible to get in any version of the game with enough skilled playing.
    • The item is not actually permanently missable, though intended to be that way, as the player has more than one opportunity to get it if they let the game clock overflow. However, this requires over two years of game time.
  • Throughout the game, several locations become unrevisitable. While some NPCs will move to other locations, any treasures available in the unrevisitable areas are lost, which may pose a difficulty to the player if they are attempting to earn the highest Treasure Hunter Rank, but have missed those treasures (thus making Rank S Medal a missable item as well). Locations on Cleyra and Terra become unrevisitable, as do some locations in Lindblum and Alexandria and all of Alexandria Castle. The roots of the Iifa Tree seal off a number of locations in endgame. Any treasures found in those locations are no longer available, nor most NPCs that the player might wish to talk to or play Tetra Master with. These locations are the North and South Gates, Observatory Mountain, Ice Cavern, Pinnacle Rocks, Fossil Roo, Conde Petie, Conde Petie Mountain Path, the Desert Palace, Oeilvert, and Esto Gaza. In the Steam version, this also means that the achievement The One Ring can be missed, as it requires the player obtain a Madain's Ring item via mining.

Rainbow over North Gate.

  • A rainbow can be seen as a one-time event at the Burmecian Arch (North Gate) at any point between obtaining the Blue Narciss and going through the Shimmering Island.
  • Some items may look missable but are not. If the player finds cards from the world map treasure chests with Choco while their card quota is full, the cards are discarded. However, these cards can still be obtained from Fat Chocobo in Chocobo's Paradise at the end of the quest.

Final Fantasy X Edit

  • The player can donate gil to O'aka only before the Operation Mi'ihen event.
  • The pieces of equipment with abilities that cannot be found on (or customized to) equipment of that type are:
    • Magic Counter armor for Tidus: A man appears on his hover during the player's first visit to the Calm Lands. He sells a special Buckler for Tidus that has Magic Counter—an ability otherwise exclusive to weapons. He will leave the area after the party moves on, making the Buckler unobtainable after that.
    • No Encounters weapon: Geosgaeno has a 50% chance to drop a weapon with the No Encounters ability, which is otherwise exclusive to armor. It may be two or three slots.
    • Weapon with +10% Critical Bonus (International, PAL and HD Remaster versions only): In addition to Break Damage Limit, weapons dropped by Penance have a hidden bonus chance to critically hit. This ability cannot be found on or customized to any equipment. As with Geosgaeno, Penance is a one-time-only boss who has a 50% chance to drop the weapon.
  • Other unique weapons
    • Halberd for Kimahri is a 2-slotted weapon equipped with Magic +20%, but no Piercing. It is found after completing the Djose Temple Cloister of Trials, given by an NPC on the bridge outside of the temple. It must be collected before entering the Moonflow.
    • Snakehead for Kimahri is equipped with Magic +5% and Poisontouch, but no Piercing. It can be purchased off O'aka at Moonflow for a short period of time.
    • 0-slotted Longsword for Tidus and starting weapon. Unless sold prior, it can be repurchased Lake Macalania travel agency for a short period of time. It is lost after visiting Macalania Temple.
    • Knight Lance for Kimahri: An all-strength weapon with no Piercing is found in the Cloister of Trials in Bevelle.
    • 2- and 1-slotted weapon for Kimahri and Auron: Bat Eye in the Via Purifico drops weapons for the duo without Piercing.
  • There are some permanently missable Al Bhed Primers in Home, and before the Cloister of Trials in Bevelle. If these are not picked up while in these one-time-only zones, they cannot be obtained without using a Compilation Sphere.
  • The appearance of Wantz on Mt. Gagazet is missable, and if the player does not speak to him on their first visit, he will not appear in Macalania Woods to sell the four-slotted equipment.
  • Durren is the only missable blitzball player: selecting the "Sin" option on Fahrenheit menu for first time causes him to disappear. His tech Anti-Drain may be missable, so the only way to learn it is to release him and let the A.I teach him automatically.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

  • Not all movie spheres, accessories, and scenes can be obtained in one playthrough. In New Game Plus the player can try other options to get different results. Not all areas are mandatory visits during a chapter, and if the player progresses to the next chapter without having done all the missions and quests in every area, these are missed until New Game Plus.
  • In the beginning of the game, the player can miss finding a costumed Yuna hiding at the harbor. Not talking to her loses some % from the game completion.
  • The Heady Perfume accessory obtained from the Leblanc massage minigame is unique. The player must complete the Duty Calls minigame on second attempt.
  • If the player doesn't visit every area in Chapter 3, Shinra won't install CommSpheres to these places, resulting in missed scenes.
  • At the end of Chapter 3 Yuna falls into the Farplane where the player can miss pressing X to whistle, meaning the player will miss out on an ending scene.
  • In Chapter 4 the player can view scenes via the CommSphere system, but many of the scenes can be missed if the player leaves too early, or doesn't choose to view all the scenes. Viewing many of the scenes is required for 100% game completion.
Rin is the highroad mystery culprit

Rin named as the culprit.

  • During Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery sidequest, the only way to get Gippal's Sphere is to pin Rin as the culprit. However, this won't give Episode Complete for the area.
  • If the player fails to get Episode Complete in every area in Chapter 5, they miss out on the Mascot dressphere. It is also possible to miss it via the Episode Complete bug. However, in the International and HD Remaster versions, it can still be obtained via the Youth League Tournament in the Fiend Arena.
  • In the International and HD Remaster versions, if Tidus is released from the player's Creature Creator roster, he can never be reobtained. Also, once Omega Weapon has been released, he can never be reobtained. However, this is required to unlock many features, including Almighty Shinra, and Paragon can be recruited as a substitute for Omega Weapon.
  • Some creatures capturable through Creature Creator also become unobtainable after the player progresses through certain points in the game:
  • Several of the Crimson Sphere items required to unlock the Den of Woe are missable if not obtained before specific story events.
    • Crimson Sphere 1 is missable if not found before completing the hotspot in Djose Temple in Chapter 3.
    • Not attending to Leblanc in the Engine Room of the Celsius at the end of Chapter 4 results in the loss of Crimson Sphere 5.
    • Crimson Sphere 7 is missed if the player doesn't visit the Den of Woe seal in Chapter 2.
    • Crimson Sphere 9 is missed if the player doesn't visit the Den of Woe seal in Chapter 1.
  • As a general rule, content missed in an initial playthrough can be obtained on a New Game Plus. However, a New Game Plus will reset most key items among other things, meaning that in the case of things like Crimson Spheres, the player must obtain them all within a single playthrough for them to achieve their intended purpose. Things such as % completion however, carry through to the next playthrough, and combined with scene skipping, can be a fast way to access things such as the Perfect Ending, providing the player otherwise meets the particular requirements within a specific playthrough.
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Final Fantasy XI Edit

  • The player can only finish either The Rivalry or The Competition, not both. Same with Elder Memories and The Old Lady.
  • Once "A Pose by Any Other Name" is completed successfully there is no way to repeat the quest for the title "Lower than the Lowest Tunnel Worm", earned during the quest by arriving too late or refusing to model.
  • The mission "Her Memories" diverges into one of three quests depending on nation you chose to join at the start. You can't complete the other two.
  • The quest "Synergistic Pursuits", which served as an introduction to the Synergy crafting system, was later made inaccessible when they overhauled the system. It's still in the game and players that flagged it before are still able to finish it.
  • Once the Frontier Stations are constructed on a particular server, players can no longer accept or complete the "Provide" series of Coalition Assignments. If the player currently has one accepted, he or she must cancel it with the Courier Coalition's Task Delegator.
    • Because of how low colonization rates remove outposts over time, it's possible that the Frontier Station might also be removed eventually. However, numerous factors mean that players will never abandon Seekers of Adoulin long enough to find out.
  • Certain content is available only for a limited time, although it is usually just "vanity" items with minimum stats, and most seasonal content is made available again in the future.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

All versionsEdit

  • Vaan's and Basch's starting weapons, Mythril Sword and Mythril Blade, are not available in shops.
  • When the player sets out to hunt Rogue Tomato, there is a bangaa in Southern Plaza of Rabanastre who will ask Vaan to deliver something to his friend outside East Gate. If the player agrees to help, they get a Small Package, which can be either sold for 150 gil, or be taken to the bangaa's friend for no reward. The player can never get another Small Package if sold or given away.

July in Nalbina Fortress.

  • The July sidequest at Nalbina Fortress is missable. It becomes available after obtaining the Dawn Shard, and the player should complete the first events in Nalbina before reaching Mosphoran Highwaste. If the player doesn't complete the first events in Nalbina, the quest is lost after the party defeats the boss of Mt Bur-Omisace.
  • The Genji equipment from the elite mark Gilgamesh is missed if the player doesn't steal them during the battles with him.
  • If the player fails to pick up Omega Badge loot from Omega Mark XII they can never get another one. If the player didn't get the Omega Badge they can't get the Wyrmhero Blade outside of stealing it from Stage 50 of Trial Mode (Zodiac versions).
  • If the player sells the Centurio Hero's Badge they can never get another one.
  • The Royal Palace of Rabanastre is an unrevisitable location, so any unclaimed treasures cannot be come back for (although one of them is a forbidden chest that must be left unclaimed to get the Zodiac Spear from Necrohol of Nabudis in the original version). If the player doesn't take the urn for the area map, it can be purchased from Old Archades.

Original versionEdit

Zodiac versions (PS2, PS4 and Steam)Edit

The Zodiac versions introduce various changes, although many of the original missables remain, apart from the Zodiac Spear when it comes to "forbidden chests" and many missable treasures. The player can re-roll jobs in the Xbox One and Switch versions, and thus these missables no longer apply in these versions.

  • In the PS2, PS4 and Steam versions, players cannot change jobs once they have selected their characters' License Boards, and thus any jobs that are not chosen are permanently missed for the playthrough.
  • Since many licenses are inaccessible unless the player unlocks specific Espers to specific boards, the player is forced to make choices that permanently lock certain licenses, rendering the corresponding equipment, abilities, or stats unusable.
  • Many licenses are locked behind Quickening licenses, but the player cannot activate all four on a board, meaning that the player's decisions make certain equipment, abilities, and/or stats unusable. One notable example is that if the three lower-cost Quickening squares on the Shikari board are unlocked, the player can never use ultimate ninja swords, Yagyu Darkblade or Mesa, which are locked behind the highest-cost Quickening square.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Edit

The "Mission 53: The Trodden Past", "Mission 55: Rally to the Cause", and "Mission 59: That Left Behind" cannot be played after Chapter 6-5 is cleared. If the player misses them, they cannot get 100% completion and unlock the secret ending.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit

  • Spark Rings can be found in Chapters 3 and 4, but can be missed due to the storyline advancing once the player defeats Odin, as trying to backtrack initiates the end of Chapter 4.
  • One Doctor's Code can be missed in the Sunleth Waterscape in Chapter 6.
  • One Elixir can be missed by not backtracking after the second preliminary boss fight of Orphan's Cradle in Chapter 13.
  • The upgraded versions of many accessories are permanently missable if the player sells the base versions. For example, there are a limited number of Clay Rings in the game; if the player sells them, the Siltstone Ring and Gaian Ring can never be obtained.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

  • There is a Live Trigger bug concerning the Live Trigger events in the Archylte Steppe in the Year Unknown. If the player doesn't select the comedic responses for both Live Trigger scenes in their first playthrough, the Dragon Hide Backpack adornment cannot be obtained, even if the player repeats the events at the Archylte Steppe through Gate Seal mechanism.
  • Some Paradigm Pack monsters are one-of-a-kind. If the player releases them or infuses them into another monster, the player will be unable to obtain another unless they have downloaded Snow's DLC episode, in which a Level 99 Valfodr can drop them.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit


Day 14.

  • Every quest and its prizes can be permanently lost if the player does not achieve them in time. Furthermore some, like "Free Will" or "Buried Passion", require more than a day for them to be completed, which can be permanently lost if the player does not have enough time to spare.
  • The secret fourteenth day and the Ultimate Lair are lost if the player does not complete enough quests to unlock them.
  • The player can either complete the quest "Avid Reader" or "To Save the Sinless", but cannot do both. "To Save the Sinless" has a better reward.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

  • Most minions are available through the Mog Station cash shop after their event ends; however, preorder bonuses and minions packaged with tangible products, such as soundtracks and artbooks, have never been made available again.
    • Permanently missed minions from promotions at this point in time: Peridot Carbuncle, Helidor Carbuncle, Wind-up Relm, Wind-up Dalamud, Wind-up Bahamut, Namingway, Wind-up Nidhogg, Model Enterprise, The Primogs, Spoony Bard, Wind-up Delivery Moogle, Cait Sith Doll, Chocobo Chick Courier, Wind-up Red Mage
    • Minions from in-game events that may be permanently missed if not made available again: Wind-up Shantotto, Wind-up Brickman, all 13 Yokai minions (Jibanyan, Komasan, USApyon, Whisper, Shogunyan, Hovernyan, Komajiro, Noko, Venoct, Kyubi, Robanyan F-Type, Blizzaria, Manjimutt)

Final Fantasy XV Edit

  • Engine Blade and other upgradable weapons were made sellable in patch 1.03. If the player sells them they cannot be upgraded, permanently missing out on the upgraded versions until New Game Plus (or chapter select).
  • The quest "Photo Op: Disc" can never again be triggered if it isn't accepted before the portion of the Titan quest that requires the party to visit the Disc of Cauthess.
  • The quest "The Pilgrimage" cannot be completed if it isn't completed before the story moves to the Disc of Cauthess for the Titan fight. If it is active but incomplete, it will disappear from the player's quest log.

Missable cutscene.

  • In Chapter 4, when Ardyn Izunia joins, the party will rest at an outpost. Listening to the NPCs here will trigger a missable cutscene of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's work as the Oracle.
  • Certain camping scenes are only available with certain party setups. If the player camps with Iris in the party, or as only Noctis in Chapter 14, they can get unique campsite scenes.
  • The only photo op with Aranea the player can do is at the Vesperpool in Chapter 7.
  • If the player doesn't talk to Cor Leonis before boarding the royal vessel at the end of Chapter 8, they miss out on a Magic Flask.
  • The locations in Chapters 10–14 cannot be returned to, so any missed items, bestiary entries, quests and dialogue cannot be revisited. The player can explore Insomnia in Chapter 14 to their heart's content, but the areas before that cannot be revisited.
    • In the Windows and Royal Edition datalog entries from chapters 10–13 can be missed if not found until progressing onward.
  • It is not possible to complete the bestiary in a single fresh playthrough.
    • The low level Magitek Bannermen only appear in the early chapters. If the player doesn't fight one before progressing too far in the story they must use New Game Plus or chapter select to fill their spots in the bestiary.
    • There are three Cup Noodle quest enemies and the player can only fight one of them and the quest is not repeatable. The player will need to use New Game Plus or chapter select to redo the quest.
  • Tours are not repeatable (apart from the "Liege of the Lake" which can be done until the player catches the fish), and thus if the player wants the "success" version of a tour they must manage to wingman for Prompto, pose for his photos, cook with Ignis and beat Gladiolus in a race the first time they do it. Prompto's tours are the ones the player can more easily mess up. The player still gets the AP, and only the scene at the end of the tour changes where the tour partner is either impressed with Noctis or not.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Edit

  • The first Niflheim facility cannot be returned to once left, so the items and photo ops there are missed until a replay if the player doesn't find them.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Edit

  • If the player chooses Biggs or Wedge to be the outpost leader at Meldacio Hunter HQ, the player permanently misses out on a trading post. The player must select Devon Elkton as the leader to access the exclusive trading post.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Edit

If the player does not land on Floor 50 of the Infinity Spire exactly (the number of floors the player advances depends on the number of days passed), they will miss the chance to battle Omega and obtain the Omega Symbol accessory. The same is true for the Wyrm on floor 99, which drops the sword Ragnarok Prime, although the latter is much less likely to happen.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

  • Ladd and Boco are semi-unique characters who are lost forever if they're allowed to crystallize or be dismissed from the character roster. Ladd is one of the default characters present in Ramza's party after progressing to a certain chapter, and Boco is a chocobo who can be rescued during a mission. Although Boco doesn't have any special abilities, he produces a unique dialog when examined in the menu screen.
  • If the player refuses the unique characters when they ask to join the party, they'll be missed, as well as all scenes associated with them.
  • Dismissed characters will be permanently lost.
  • Characters that became a crystal in battle will be gone forever.
    • This means the player will also miss out on any optional scenes with these characters.
    • Cloud and Worker 8 can be missed if the player doesn't have Mustadio in the party (including the case that Mustadio has been dismissed or became a crystal in battle before getting both characters).
  • If the player doesn't purchase a flower from Aerith in Sal Ghidos, Cloud will be missed.
  • In the War of the Lions version, if the player keeps Agrias Oaks, Alicia, Lavian and Mustadio in the party, and the party reaches a city or a town (but not a castle town) on the 1st of Cancer in the final chapter, Mustadio buys Agrias the Tynar Rouge lip rouge for her birthday. It costs 50,000 gil, but the party must have at least 500,000 gil to activate this quest. If the player doesn't fulfill these requirements the scene will be missed.
  • The Ultima ability can be missed if Ramza, Alma, and Luso didn't learned it from Celia, Lettie, or Ultima Demons in specific battles.
  • The summon Zodiark can be missed if the player doesn't learn it from Elidibus before killing him. In the PSP remake, the summon can later be obtained in multiplayer battles.
  • The Escutcheon (II) is the second-most powerful shield obtained as a treasure in Nelveska Temple, and if missed, can never be obtained again. It requires a character with Treasure Hunter and a low Bravery to obtain it and not the regular Escutcheon, and also requires a character that can be used as a footstool to get to the spot it is at, as well as a job or accessory that increases the Jump stat.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Vagrant Story Edit

  • The leather Jerkin armor and the Rood Necklace that Ashley begins the game with can't be recovered if they're discarded. Even if the player begins a New Game+ playthrough the items won't reappear on Ashley's body. Nothing else is missable since any other item can be created through the combination system, and any Grimoires that teach Ashley rare spells can be dropped by random encounters.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Edit

  • If the player completes Carla, Mutsuki, Quon, and Ryid's sidequests to recruit them into Class Zero, they will no longer be present during the final chapter where cutscenes involving them can be viewed. Because this sidequest completion is carried over into New Game Plus playthroughs, these cutscenes can become permanently missable unless the player does not take on the quests in their first playthrough, for the cutscenes can only be viewed when their respective characters remain unrecruited. In the HD version, these scenes are available regardless of their respective characters' recruitment status on the first playthrough only. If they are not watched by then, they can be missed permanently.
  • The Expert Trials and the tasks given by the denizens of Akademeia are available for a limited time; if the player doesn't do them while they are available, they must wait until New Game Plus. Free Time Events change every chapter, so if the player doesn't do all of them they will be missed. There are not enough hours available for the player to do everything in their first playthrough.
  • The "Machina Stands Alone" scene (named in the Rubicus) in the Chapter 4 is missable as the player needs to go back to a previous area to trigger it.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Edit

Anything for sale after the encounter with Rolan inside Rolan's Soul remains available for purchase. Except for the items found inside Pirate's Hideout, chests will not change their contents. Multiplayer Shop's items never change. However, the following items have a small window of opportunity to obtain them. There is an achievement related to possessing all items, and if those below are not obtained, this achievement is missed.

  • The Inherited Ring from Kuore in Horne.
  • Apollo's Talisman from Apollo in Liberte.
  • Mythril Hammer from the Weapon Shop vendor in Invidia.
  • Elementalist Robe bought before defeating Rolan in Invidia or Spelvia.
  • Ranger Outfit bought before defeating Rolan in Invidia or Spelvia.
  • Traveler's Garb bought before defeating Rolan in Horne or Guera.
  • Black Ring bought before defeating Rolan in Spelvia.
  • Silence Cape bought before defeating Rolan in Arbor.
  • Flame Dagger bought before defeating Rolan in Liberte or Invidia.
  • Earth Sword dropped from Sand Devil.
  • Lightbringer either stolen from Rolan or Lucifer.
  • Claustrum stolen from Mammon.
  • Darkbringer stolen from both versions of Satan.
  • Adventure's Garb either dropped or stolen from Adventurer.

Bravely Second: End Layer Edit

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Edit

Final Fantasy Adventure Edit

  • If the player completes the Dime Tower, all items, weapons, and armor up to this point will become missable. The second point of no return makes all the items and armor inside the Temple of Mana missable when the player completes the temple.

The Final Fantasy Legend Edit

  • During the jailbreak sequence in World of Sky, the Revenge sword can be found by searching behind the bars of one of the empty cells. The sword can't be found nor purchased anywhere else, and this area becomes inaccessible once the party leaves.
  • Before completing the Atomic Power Plant in World of Ruins, So-Cho will give the party a Band helmet, but this item can be missed if the player doesn't manually speak to him before leaving the area. This is a unique piece of armor that can't be found nor purchased anywhere else.

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

  • Due to the way the Dragon Race segment is coded, the dragon the player rides changes the MAGI they receive. The player is guaranteed to receive 1 FFLII MAGI IconDefense, FFLII MAGI IconSpeed and FFLII MAGI IconMana, and will receive 1 additional FFLII MAGI IconDefense with the fastest and slowest dragons, 1 additional FFLII MAGI IconSpeed with the second-fastest, and 1 additional FFLII MAGI IconMana with the second-slowest. The "alternate" MAGI are lost.

Final Fantasy Legend III Edit

  • If the Flushex and Berth units are not picked up before going to Pureland, they will be permanently missed.
  • The SandMan helmet is among the treasures found in one of the shipwrecks on the seafloor. It can't be purchased anywhere, and the player can't return to this area after going to Pureland.
  • Most low-level spells cannot be purchased after going to Pureland. Magic shops found in later areas sell only higher-level spells, such as Cure3. If the player didn't stock each character's inventories with low level spells, such as Cure1 and Fire1, when they had the chance, they'll never have access to them again.
  • There's a few elemental stones that can be found within the Shipwrecks that can be permanently missed before the player warps to Pureland. These stones are needed in creating Lost Magic; missing these stones will mean to the player having a couple of missing Lost Magic spells. The number of magic stones is also finite, and so must be spent carefully, especially Fire stones, as there is only just enough Fire stones (5) to create all the Lost spells that require them.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

  • When in the last part of Chapter 4 (World of Nil/The Void), the party must fight a boss to restore Castle Burtgang. When coming back from the boss, the party must talk to the ghost of the King of Burtgang sitting in the throne room twice to activate the cutscene that will convert Galantine to Excalibur. If the party leaves the room without doing this, the castle's ghosts disappear and the party can never get Excalibur.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

  • The Thief, Slender Man, Sharp-eyed Man, Madam Edel, and Asura Clan Youngling enemies are only encountered in one-time-only main story events that cannot be repeated, so if the player does not use Libra or an equivalent ability on them in those battles, their full bestiary entires are permanently missed.
  • Many characters, items, and bestiary entries are tied to limited-time events that may or may not be repeated in the future.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Edit

  • Many level 1 and 2 enemies won't always appear during the early dungeon floors, and the player can't return to these floors later. This may cause the player to miss some of the enemy statues found in the laboratory basement. Technically, any of these enemies can be encountered by kicking Polish and Rust cards at enemies found later in the game, but this process can be grueling.
  • The game keeps track of how many times Chocobo has died, how much the player has stolen, and various other statistics. It's never necessary to die, so some players may consider this a negative mark on their save file. Allowing Chocobo to be KO'd while in possession of the Phoenix Feather will not increase the player's KO count, as this action is necessary to obtain the Phoenix statue in the laboratory basement.
  • Contrary to misconception, it is not necessary for Chocobo to die at least once to get the Sylph feather from the beach. After finishing the main quest, Chocobo can venture into an optional dungeon; completing it rewards him with a random feather. Sylph—or any other summon, for that matter—can be obtained this way.
  • If the player wants to obtain all the statues in the laboratory basement, it is necessary to steal at least once to prompt the Doom Keeper / Life Keeper to appear and attack Chocobo. The bosses have ridiculously high HP, but they can be defeated with any claw that bears the Blood Suck ability, which reduces any enemy to 1 HP.

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