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The Pelupelu are a recurring race in the Final Fantasy series, introduced in Final Fantasy X. They are identified by their short stature and beak-like masks.


Final Fantasy X and X-2[]

They appear to be as tall as a human child. They speak very fast and wear a bird-like mask.

Tobli is the most notable Pelupelu in the Final Fantasy X series as he appears in Final Fantasy X-2, playing a small role in the Moonflow area. Several other Pelupelu make minor appearances as NPCs across the two games.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

A Pelupelu in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Pelupelu are a people who live in Urqopacha on the continent of Tural. They are a diminutive race rarely seen without their birdlike masks. The Pelupelu are entrepreneurs who ride alpacas across the continent to do business, and are known for their tea, coffee, and mezcal.

Pelupelu were introduced in the Dawntrail expansion.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF Peruperu FFX

The Pelupelu: FFX card grants the support ability "Yup yup!" which adds Boost (increases Break Power) and Haste (increases actions per turn) when used in battle. It also draws 5 element orbs when used.

Behind the scenes[]

The Pelupelu race is never identified by name in the Final Fantasy X series. Their Japanese name first appeared in Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega, and the English spelling wasn't revealed until their Mobius Final Fantasy card in 2018. It wouldn't be until Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail that the word Pelupelu actually appeared in the text of a mainline Final Fantasy game.