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Peiste is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

In the days before the Great War, this species of lizard could be found inhabiting wetlands across the continent of Quon, subsisting primarily on insects and other small animals. The Peiste's deadly arsenal of eight auburn-toned spikes, used for both intimidation displays as well as to dispatch their prey, were known to contain a potent and lethal poison. They met their demise at the hands of the beastmen hordes, whose careless overhunting led to the eventual extinction of the species.

That is the case in Vana'diel, at least. In Abyssea, Peistes like Kukulkan and Gukumatz terrorize, ravage, and slaughter anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Peiste
  • Maritime Peiste
  • Virulent Peiste

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Gi'Ghi's Peiste
  • Groot Slang
  • Gukumatz
  • Kinepikwa
  • Kukulkan
  • Poison Peiste
  • Sugaar

Special attacks[]

  • Aqua Fortis: AoE Water damage, Knockback, and Poison.
  • Delta Thrust: Single target threefold attack. May inflict Plague.
  • Calcifying Mist: AoE damage and Gradual Petrification. Counter of 20. (Only used by Notorious Monsters)
  • Grim Glower: Passive Gaze Attack. As long as the Peiste's eye are glowing red, anyone facing it will be Petrified.
  • Regurgitation: Single target damage and Knockback. May inflict Bind.
  • Torpefying Charge: Cone Attack Gaze Attack Paralyze.