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Paus (ポース) is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a spirit who protects the Sanctuary of Light. She is created by the Will of Light.



Paus is a beautiful woman with light skin, very long light blue hair with darker blue tips, and black eyes. She wears a dark blue hood, a long white dress, and walks barefoot.


Paus is a pure-hearted spirit who is willing to stop evil in the world. While her duty as the keeper of the Sanctuary of Light, she prevents anyone who would bring harm to the light of the sanctuary. She is kind towards humanity and wishes for a future with an idealistic and beautiful world.


As a keeper of the Sanctuary of Light, Paus has protected it from evil for centuries. When Fina and her party approach Paus at the Lightshower Forest, she refuses to permit anyone from entering the sanctuary. She sees a future where the world is consumed by the Hollow. After she is defeated, the party enters the sanctuary. However, Paus summons light elementals to prevent the party from entering. After the light elementals are slain, she stops attacking the party and bestows Fina and her party with the blessing of light. Paus leads them to the sanctuary to stop the Will of Oblivion and save the future.


Paus is fought as a boss in the main story at the Lightshower Forest.