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I didn't need to see the future to know that I would be able to form this wonderful relationship with you.

Trust Mastery

Paus is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a spirit who protects the Sanctuary of Light. She is created by the Will of Light and uses the power of foresight and teleportation. She appears in Season 3.


As a creation by the Will of Light, Paus was chosen a keeper of the Sanctuary of Light, and has protected it from evil for centuries.

When Fina and her party first met Paus, she introduced herself and was willing to help them to the sanctuary. While guiding them, she started to attack Fina and refused to explain why, only left to the sanctuary. When the party met her again at the Lightshower Forest, Paus looked sorrowful and refused to permit anyone from entering the sanctuary. Fina refused to fight her but had no other option. After she being defeated, Paus explained she had seen a future where the world was consumed by the Hollow and she attempted to attack the party but was wounded.

Fina healed her and Paus questioned why Fina would heal an enemy, and if she could stop the Hollow with a naive heart. The party entered the sanctuary. Paus believed in an immutable future for a world consumed by the Hollow. She had no other option to stop Fina and her party even it was meaningless to keep the light of the sanctuary safe. When the party attempted to enter the sanctuary, Paus summoned light elementals to prevent them from entering. After the light elementals were slain, she stopped attacking and Fina posited that the future could be better than it was before. When Paus led them to the sanctuary to stop the Will of Oblivion and save the future, the Will of Light blessed the party who departed for the final battle. Paus saw a world no longer consumed by the Hollow.

When Rain and Lasswell were dealing with Keeper Spada, the knights used their blood awakening and defeated the keeper. The keeper begged the two to spare his life due to his suffering. Paus appeared to deliver the finishing blow to protect the two. She told them that it was unwise to let any foe to have room to attack despite them being down. She introduced herself and told the two that she had learned of them from the Will of Light. Paus informed the two that Fina and her party had received the blessing of light and had departed to fight the Will of Oblivion, and said that Rain and Lasswell must obtain the blessing of light similar to how Fina and her party got from the sanctuary. She blessed the knights with light and begged them to help Fina fight the Hollow.

After Fina disappeared from transforming her own body into light, Paus helped bring Rain and Lasswell to figure out a way out to bring Fina back to life. She told Rain that the light crystal he held had the glow of Fina's life and Paus and the two knights departed to the Sanctuary of Light. She explained that there was a place that had a light that was pure and radiant like no other: the Lightspring.



Paus is a beautiful woman with light skin, very long light blue hair with darker blue tips, and black eyes. She wears a black robe with a hood and long snow white dress with a laced trim, sleeves with her shoulders exposed, and walks barefoot. Her outfit is called the Lucidus Robe, which is her trust master reward.


Paus is a kind individual who seeks for a beautiful and idealistic future. When she meets Fina and her group, she initially was going to help them to the Sanctuary of Light, but she saw the world consumed the Hollow and attacked Fina and become hostile towards the group. She does not believe in a fixed future, and after Fina explains that she believes that the future will be idealistic, Paus starts becoming friends with her. Paus loves playing games to distract herself from her immortal life. Paus often feels lonely due to living at the Sanctuary of Light for many years, but journeying with the others helps her learn about the wider world.


Paus is fought as a boss in the main story at the Lightshower Forest.