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I'm Paul, greatest thief in all the world! They've yet to invent the loot I can't burgle or steal!


Paul, also known as Pavel, is a thief loyal to Fynn from Final Fantasy II. Better at working alone than with others, he is encountered many times, where he helps the party.



Paul's appearance has changed. Originally, Paul looked like a ninja wearing black robes that obscured his face. However, his appearances from Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls onwards is more in-line with the original design created by Yoshitaka Amano.


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Firion and his allies first meet Paul in Altair, where he tells them he will not steal from them. Paul is a member of the Wild Rose Rebellion, and makes his living by stealing from the Palamecian Empire.

During the party's search for Mythril, they find Paul as a prisoner at the Semitt Falls. Paul too searched for Mythril, but was captured while he attempted to free the enslaved inhabitants from Salamand. Paul escorts the prisoners to Salamand while Firion and his friends continue their search for Mythril.

When Firion and his allies are captured in the Coliseum during their rescue mission for Princess Hilda, Paul repays his debt by freeing them. Later, after the Liberation of Fynn, Paul provides information about the secret passage at Fynn Castle when the party is looking for the White Mask.

When Firion and company inform Paul of their intent to infiltrate the Cyclone with the Wyvern, Paul gives the party his secret stash of treasure, including a Blood Sword. After they vanquish the Emperor and the Cyclone, Paul provides information on how to get into Palamecia. Later, when the group tells him about their plans to go into Hell to face the revived Emperor one last time, Paul exclaims that the lot of them are bonkers, but wishes them well and tells them to come home safely afterward.

At the ending, Paul proclaims that he is now no longer serving Fynn and is now stealing from everyone regardless of their role in the war, including his former allies, and warns them jokingly to watch their backs from now on.

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Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Paul TCG

Paul appears with a wind-elemental card.


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