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Pastor Roche (ローチェ神父, Rōche-shinpu?) is a character from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. He is the priest of the church on the east side of Lostime. If there are any cursed items in Chocobo's inventory, the player can talk to him and the curses will be removed. He supports Chocobo wholeheartedly on giving the townsfolk their memories back and once ran for mayor, but lost.

Chocobo can first talk to him after Freja asks him to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the church to put on Zeke's Grave. After giving Roche the bouquet, he starts to talk about a special ability, but the Oblivion Bell rings and he forgets. In his memories, the player can find the 'White Mage's Memory' before getting to his own memory.

This is one of the Memory Dungeons that Raffaello will not be in, and it is the first 'Special Dungeon' where the player can't bring in any items and Chocobo now Level One. Roche's memories talk about his mission in life, which is to help adventurers use 'Job Change'. At the beginning of each dungeon, the player can change Chocobo's Job Class at the crystal in the middle of the room.

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