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Pass Through the Maintenance Facility, All Aboard for the Graveyard, Shadow in the Control Room, Crane Game, and Head for the Exit are quests in Chapter 11, "Haunted", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The quests take place in the Train Graveyard. While traveling through the graveyard, Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart find a maintenance facility, providing a path inside.


As the quest begins, equip the Fire Materia Fire Materia, walk inside, and run after Aerith. After a short cutscene, a battle commences against a ghost. These enemies are weak to Fire Fire, and should be staggered with abilities and fire spells. After defeating it, run back, and Aerith will call out to another ghost. Turn around and approach her for another cutscene. Following the cutscene, run back, and cripshays will appear; defeat them with regular attacks or Ice Materia Ice Materia spells, then head back and attempt to leave the facility. After some dialogue, an abandoned carriage opens on the left; enter it, head through, and arrive on the lefthand side.

Take the staircase up to another area. The door on the left is locked and the elevator is inoperable. Head down the stairs and defeat the lesser drake protecting a treasure pot containing a gothic bangle and go back upstairs. Run around to the right and use the door on the other side to a room with several lockers. Ghosts are fought in here, and may make themselves temporarily immune to physical attacks; switch to Aerith Gainsborough when this happens and focus on casting fire spells to defeat them, then head left to leave the room back onto the upper level. Head left to the room on the other side and defeat the ghost inside, then head down and open the door left onto a balcony where two mega-potions can be found in a chest, and further down, a door can be unlocked, opening a shortcut back. To progress the quest, head north, up through the room, and use the stairs at the back-left down to the lower floor.

Vending machine that plays music.

On the lower floor again, use the treasure chest at the back to obtain three bottles of echo mist, then head up a ladder onto some containers, take a path across to the other side, then use the ladder down and fight several cripshays. After this, head up the stairs to the upper level, and once here, head back through a series of rooms leading to a treasure chest with a moogle medal, then return to the northeastern end of the area. At the northeastern area, use a series of stairs up to a vending machine, where the track Music discLet the Battles Begin! can be purchased, and a bench to restore HP/MP.

To progress, head north again to a door inside the control room on the left and interact with it, commencing a cutscene, and a boss is fought. Against this boss, Parry Materia Parry Materia is important, especially on Tifa, while Aerith should equip Complete Materia Complete Materia that improves her spellcasting ability.

Ghoul boss[]

Aerith bound by the Ghoul.

Following the cutscene, the Ghoul boss is fought. The boss switches between physical and ghostly forms; in its physical form, magic attacks have no effect on its stagger gauge, and in its ghostly form, physical attacks have no effect. Switch between Tifa or Cloud for its physical form, and Aerith for its ghostly form, using spells when it is in ghostly form to build its stagger gauge, and character abilities in physical form.

When Ghoul hovers objects over its head, it will throw them and use powerful ranged abilities, meaning it is best avoided by hiding behind debris. If Tifa or Cloud can avoid them and reach it in melee range, they can lay into it with character abilities and attacks. When Ghoul charges Piercing Scream or Balefire, all characters should remain at a distance; using Parry can make fleeing easier.

When Ghoul uses Incorporeality, it switches form. Aside from this, attacks from Aerith can be used to ascertain its form; if it takes damage from her, it is in ghostly form and vulnerable to magic spells. As soon as it enters its ghostly form, use spells to pressure and eventually stagger it, at which point it becomes vulnerable.


Operating the crane.

After the ghoul is defeated, use the northwest exit from the room and head south across the upper level to reach the crane. Activate it to lower a crane to the bottom floor; descend the stairs to this floor then follow the marker east to the abandoned carriage, north through the carriage, and west on the other side to an open area. Here, lesser drakes appear; Tifa or Cloud can use aerial attacks until the drakes are pressured and then use abilities to defeat them, or Aerith can use ranged attacks and spells. Around where they are fought is a treasure chest containing three bottles of echo mist, and up north is an abandoned carriage; head through and a cutscene commences. After this, use the bench to the right, and head through the exit to start the next quest, "Back Amongst Friends".

Hard mode tips[]

As before, in the first few encounters, conserve MP in preparation for the Ghoul boss fight. Aerith should use her normal attacks and Ray of Judgment for when ghosts become immune to physical damage; her Bladed Staff Bladed Staff boosts her normal attack damage most by improving her critical hit rate, with Arcane Scepter Arcane Scepter providing a similar increase. Elemental Materia Elemental Materia on Cloud or Tifa should be used with fire materia to exploit the ghosts' weakness to it (and later that of Ghoul). Against lesser drakes, using minimal spells with MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia is acceptable, though Aerith's normal attacks should be sufficient.

Against the Ghoul, it is advisable to have one character on physical damage, one on magic damage, and one as a mix of both, to optimize damage against both forms. Aerith is best on magic damage, while either Cloud or Tifa can be put towards physical damage or a mixed role. Between the two, Tifa is more suited to physical damage with her movement speed, combos, and weapons giving her higher Attack Power Attack Power attributes, while Cloud has more MP and a mix of magic and physical abilities. Equipped weapons should reflect the character's chosen role.

Against Ghoul, fire materia should be paired with elemental on a physical attacker. Spellcasters can pair it with MP Absorption of HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia, though because Ghoul is actually vulnerable to healing spells, this is not always necessary. Complete Materia Complete Materia should be equipped, including Magic Up Materia Magic Up Materia and MP Up Materia MP Up Materia for spellcasters, while physical attackers equip Luck Up Materia Luck Up Materia. Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia is especially useful on Tifa, Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia on Cloud, and Parry materia on both. Refocus Materia Refocus Materia can be given to Aerith to allow her to use abilities more often, and ATB Boost Materia ATB Boost Materia is also great for any character. Ghoul is not immune to Poison Poison or Regen Regen, which both deal damage over time in its ghost form.

As the battle begins, cast Regen Regen and Haste Haste on everyone if possible to prepare for the battle ahead. When Ghoul uses Incorporeality, switch to Aerith or a spellcaster to cast Curaga Curaga or Firaga Firaga offensively, instantly pressuring it. Immediately switch to Tifa or Cloud to rush in with follow-up damage, from Tifa's Starshower and Cloud's Triple Slash.

In the first phase of the fight, the only safe window of opportunity to attack Ghoul is while it is pressured from a spell. At any other point, stay behind debris and dodge attacks. Aerith's Lustrous Shield can also help somewhat. Otherwise, wait until it disappears and cast another spell.

Defeating Ghoul will grant Aerith the Telluric Scriptures Vol. X.