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Pashhow Marshlands.

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Stone Monument Edit

Pashhow Stone Monument

The stone monument in Pashhow Marshlands.

Position: (F-6)

In a small alcove on the western side of Pashhow Marshlands, a Stone Monument sits, erected long ago by the famous explorer Gwynham Ironheart. It reads:

These marshlands belong to a savage race of beastmen called the Quadav. Many have ventured in these lands seeking fame and fortune, but were never seen again.
But I have vowed to make a complete map of Vana'diel - the guilt I would feel for leaving these marshlands blank far outweighed the danger of entering them.
During my survey, I made the mistake of building a fire and was promptly captured by the Quadav. In their village, I was dumbstruck to see that their buildings were made of wrought metal!
As much as we use the Tarutaru magic of fire to light our smoking-pipes, the Quadav - a barbarous tribe by any account - had secretly harnessed much of Bastok's metalworking technology.
When I told them of my quest, they were most eager to help, releasing me and even going so far as to give me a guided tour of their home!

Gwynham Ironheart, 763 Crystal Era

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