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The parivir are swift and skillful combatants who finish their foes with flair.


Parivir is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift available to humes.


Parivirs wield katanas and can inflict elemental damage and/or status effects with their sword techniques at virtually no MP cost. Their defenses leave much to be desired, but they are considered top-notch front-line fighters.

Exploiting the right weakness (or using Geomancy), Parivir's elemental attacks can become devastatingly powerful. Parivir are set apart from other melee units; with frail defense, they are best described as "glass cannons", focusing on Speed and Attack and able to deal massive damage quickly but "breaking" upon impact, with a lackluster endurance for heavy attacks.

Many players give them the reaction ability Strike Back with Dual Wield as support to both defend them and thoroughly discipline offenders. Although Flair abilities will not work with two blades, they already do twice the damage with one. An alternative is the Geomancy support ability, making enemies weak to an element to which they would normally be neutral, offering increased damage from elemental attacks. Being an antithesis to the traditional tank (slow, yet impenetrable), it is best to combine levels of the Paladin and Parivir, making a unit that is one part defensive, one part fast and two parts deadly.

Notable Parivirs are the tutors of the job, Zengen and Ghi Yelgi.



The arsenal of the Parivir beats down foes with blindingly fast swordstrikes of deadly precision.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Wind Slash Murasame 4 200
Engulf the target in a whirlwind. Deals wind damage.
Iai Blow Osafune 1 300
An attack with a swift and deadly swing. Has a small chance of striking a vital organ, killing the target. Requires: Bladed weapon
Blade Bash Ashura 1 200
Strike the target with the face of the blade, attempting to IMMOBILIZE them. Requires: Bladed weapon
Shimmering Blade Nosada 1 400
Strike repeatedly at the target with a flaming blade to CONFUSE them. Requires: Bladed weapon
Hoarfrost Blade Ama-no-murakumo 1 400
Strike repeatedly at the target with a frozen blade of ice. SLOWS the target. Requires: Bladed weapon
Skyfury Blade Kotetsu 1 400
Strike repeatedly at the target with a lightning-imbued blade. Drives the target into a Berserk. Requires: Bladed weapon
Lifethread Blade Adazakura 1 400
Strike repeatedly at the target with a dark-forged blade. Marks the target with DOOM. Requires: Bladed weapon
Unburden Soul Sumihomura All allies 400
Sacrifice the user, completely restoring all allies' HP and curing them of debuffs.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Strike Back Bone Plate Avoid all basic attacks and launch counter attack in return. 250


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Death Strike Bracers Makes the user lucky. Increases chance to score a critical hit. 150

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Parivir appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Fire-elemental Backup cards.

Behind the scenes[]

In Final Fantasy XII, the seeq Aekom who works in Bhujerba's Lhusu Mines mentioned a guild of bodyguards called the Parivir. Several of them can be met around this city, and their job is to guard the miners at Lhusu from the monsters who also inhabit it.

The Flair command originally belonged to Llednar Twem in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but the moves are completely different. The same is true for Amarant Coral in Final Fantasy IX.

Despite being the only "samurai" class, the Parivir cannot equip the samurai-styled Genji gear. Zengen, a Parivir member of The Eastwatch, who appears in various missions such as "A Lanista's Pride" and Ghi Yelgi both wear such armor, thanks to illegal possession of the passive ability "Tank".



Parivir is Sanskrit for "bodyguard". The job is called "Yojimbo" in the Japanese and Spanish versions. Yōjinbō (用心棒?) means "bodyguard" in Japanese.