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Parasite is an enemy found in the Northern Cave in Final Fantasy VII.



# Formation
873 Parasite A, Parasite B
874 Row 1: Parasite A
Row 2: Parasite B, Parasite C
875 Parasite A, Parasite B (Back Attack)
878 Pollensalta, Parasite A, Parasite B
879 Parasite A, Parasite B, Parasite C


Northern Cave
Spiral Descent 873
Winding Descent 873, 875 (Back Attack)
Platform Descent 873, 874, 875 (Back Attack)
Red Passage 873, 874, 875 (Back Attack)
Horizontal Fork 873, 874, 875 (Back Attack)
Spiral Upper 878, 879
Spiral Lower 878, 879
Hatchery 878, 879
Spine 878, 879


It has several powerful attacks, including L5 Death which kills any character whose level is a multiple of five, and Magic Breath, however it is not programmed to use them in battle. It can also attack in groups and poses a moderate threat. It is weak to Holy and vulnerable to numerous status ailments. His Para Tail attack always inflicts Sadness on one character, his Magic Extinguish attack always inflicts Silence on a party member, and only it use as a 100% counter-attack against magical attacks.

Parasites will never use its L5 Death or Magic Breath, so for the player to learn these E.Skills, they must manipulate them and force them to use them. The player should ensure the characters' levels are not a multiple of five and that they have protection from either Fire, Ice, or Lightning.


The party can summon Alexander to defeat all of them at once exploiting their weakness to Holy. Alternatively, using Bad Breath can cripple them. Parasites are not immune to Magic Breath so manipulating them into casting it on themselves can make for a MP-free win.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

If (At Least One Opponent doesn't have Sadness Status) Then
Choose Random Opponent without Sadness Status
Use Para Tail on Target
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Head Attack> on Target

} AI: Counter - Magical {

Choose Parasite's Last Attacker (Magical)
If (Target doesn't have Silence Status) Then
Use Magic Extinguish on Target




Parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.

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