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Paragon is a superboss in Final Fantasy X-2 located in the bottom of the Via Infinito dungeon underneath Bevelle. Paragon is the unsent spirit of Lord Zaon.

Paragon can be fought again if the player exits Via Infinito and returns to the final floor. An Oversoul Paragon is needed to complete Shinra's Bestiary.

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Paragon is swift and powerful. His physical attacks are devastating to one character, but the real threat lays in his magic-based Genesis attack that hits every party member. It fires multiple hits at random targets and removes all buffs, including Auto-Life.

His Big Bang attack triggers when attacked with an ability that bypasses effects like Shell or Protect (such as Dark Knight's Darkness). Big Bang also removes positive status effects, so Auto-Life is useless. Paragon also uses the Big Bang attack if the party doesn't attack him for too long. Big Bang can deal up to 99,999 damage, so it is imperative to never have Paragon use it.

Paragon is slightly easier in his Oversoul form. He has slightly more HP, but he does not use Genesis as often, and uses more high level black magic, and it becomes possible to dodge his physical attacks. When Paragon is Oversouled, he will not attack for about 2.5 minutes unless provoked, and he will counter all attacks. He counters Attacks with a physical attack of his own. Paragon's attacks cause Itchy. If the party uses magic, Paragon counters with the same spell, unless the party uses curative magic on him, which he will counter with Demi. If the party uses any Arcana abilities on him (except Black Sky), he will counter with the same ability. If the party uses MP Absorb, he will counter with MP Absorb. If the party uses Supernova, he will counter with Supernova.

After he loses ~45% of his HP, he starts using magic and can use spells even with no MP. If the party uses Reflect, he will cast Dispel. Once he loses ~80% of his HP, he will start using Ultima. He also has an attack called Final Impact he uses in low health that does fractional damage that cannot be reduced for 10 hits, and each hit tears off 12.5% of max HP and MP. If the party waits too long without Paragon counterattacking, he will use Judgment.

To Oversoul him, the player must fight Ultima or Omega Weapons. When one of them Oversouls, the party can escape and when fighting Paragon, he will be Oversouled.

The party can bribe Paragon for 800,000 gil, or by getting the CONGRATS! reels in Lady Luck.

After this battle the Trema battle will begin without the party being healed in-between, so one should watch the party's health when killing Paragon.

Strategy Edit

The player can either bribe Paragon or fight him normally. The party's equipment is important, because it will not be possible to change equipment before the battle with Trema, which begins immediately after Paragon's defeat. To survive Paragon's attacks, the party will want to have high Defense and Magic Defense. The Valiant Lustre Garment Grid suits well. One will also need high HP, and the Dark Knight dressphere is good for that, because it also has high Defense. Equipping two girls with Dark Knight and having them wear Crystal Bangles should give them 9,999 HP. One may also want to equip a girl with a Ribbon, so she is unaffected by the Itchy status Paragon can cause with his attacks.

The other Dark Knight can use a Defense Bracer, which will come in handy for the Trema battle. In the regular version the third girl should be a Gunner with a Cat Nip accessory, and something that raises Luck, such as a Rabite's Foot or Key to Success. The Highroad Winds Garment Grid is good for the Gunner, because of the First Strike status. The Gunner should enter the battle in HP Critical so she can do 9,999 damage with each hit. In the International and HD Remaster versions this does not work, as Cat Nip puts the character in permanent Berserk.

In the regular version of the game the Gunner can use Trigger Happy to clear most of Paragon's HP. There is a chance Paragon will attack first, and if this happens, the others should revive the Gunner and try to get Trigger Happy off quickly, for Paragon's Genesis attack will surely kill her. The player should heal the Dark Knights to full, but not attack. The second full Trigger Happy should put an end to Paragon.

One may also want to go around the edge of the Valiant Lustre Grid to get an extra 80 added to the character's Defense and Magic Defense, but this could be a waste, as the Gunner can kill the Paragon fairly quickly.

Strategy without Cat Nip Edit

Oversoul Edit

The Higher Power Garment Grid is useful in that it offers Break HP Limit and also Break Damage Limit if the player spherechanges through the gates. If the party doesn't have Higher Power, they can use Valiant Lustre grid for Defense, or Ray of Hope for Luck. The party should have near 9500 HP. Highroad Winds or Mounted Assault can be used to get First Strike.

A mastered Dark Knight for all the girls is good for its high HP and Defense. The Lady Luck dressphere is useful for bribing from fiends, as the player should have a healthy stock of Soul Springs, Megalixirs, X-Potions, Stamina Tonics, Twin Stars or Three Stars, and Chocobo Wings.

Good accessories to use are Defense Bracers or Shining Bracers, and Crystal Bangles. Crystal Gloves and Oath Veil can also be used. When setting up the dresspheres, the party should start with Warrior or Dark Knight; Warrior is faster. The player can also use Lady Luck who should have the Felicity ability learned. When setting up the dresspheres, the Dark Knight, Warrior and Lady Luck should be next to each other on the Garment Grid.

Paragon should be Oversouled to make him easier, as when he is Oversouled he will only counterattack. To Oversoul him the party can fight Weapon-type fiends in the Ruin Depths or the Farplane and escape when one Oversouls to ensure Paragon will be Oversouled in the next battle.

The Oversouled Paragon misses often with his regular attacks and Warrior's Sentinel will reduce it to 1 HP. Since he cannot attack unless provoked this time can be used to set the party up by using a Stamina Tonic to double the party's HP, and bypass the HP Limit. Lady Luck can use Felicity to boost the party's Luck. Chocobo Wings increase the party's speed.

After all preparations are complete the girls should use Soul Springs to absorb Paragon's MP and then have two girls attack and one girl to stay ready to either heal or use more Soul Springs for draining. With this, Paragon will use Osmose every turn. Paragon can use magic even without MP, but keeping him busy with using Osmose protects the party from harm.

Normal Edit

Defeating the regular Paragon without the Cat Nip strategy is difficult. The Cat Nip strategy no longer works in the HD Remaster version, where Cat Nip inflicts Berserk. The party must have high Magic Defense (over 175) to survive the Genesis attack. With at least 165 Defense the party should survive Paragon's physical attacks, although some of his attacks ignore Defense. Crystal Bangles should be equipped. The Higher Power Garment Grid is very useful.

When the battle starts, the party should use a Stamina Tonic and Megalixir. At level 99 the party's HP should exceed 21,000 as Dark Knights, or at least 9,999 if they don't have Break HP Limit. Remedies can be used to heal Itchy. It is not worth buffing the party because Paragon's Genesis attack removes positive status effects.

The player should blast away with regular attacks and not use Dark Knight's Darkness, because using an attack that bypasses Protect and Shell will trigger Paragon to use Big Bang, which can inflict 99,999 damage to the party and removes positive status effects. He also uses Big Bang if the party doesn't attack him for too long. The player could opt to using the Dark Knight's Black Sky, but it has a long charge time.

The battle is tougher if the party doesn't have Break HP Limit, but if the party doesn't have the Higher Power Garment Grid, they should use Valiant Lustre instead and equip accessories providing high Defense and Magic Defense, such as Crystal Glove and Oath Veil. Dark Knight and Mascot have the best stat boosts. The party should have many Megalixirs for healing and the party must heal constantly until Paragon uses the Genesis attack since healing and attacking whenever the party's HP is at a max before his Genesis hits results in a long stall time where the party only has to heal and barely get any hits.

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Etymology Edit

A paragon is a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. The title is often used figuratively to denote a model of excellence or perfection.

Subete o Suteshimono, his name in the Japanese version, literally means "One who discards all". It is similar to the Japanese name of Nemesis. This is touched upon in his French version name Ultima Anachoreta, also playing on Ultima Weapon, as being a reclusive anchorite who lives outside civilization.

Paragon is called Derelictor in the Spanish version, Desolatio in the Italian version, and Exodus in the German version.

His "Big Bang" attack could be seen as a contrast to Nemesis's "Armageddon". These two attacks share the same animation; additionally, the enemies using them share the same appearance. The Big Bang was the event that led to the formation of the universe, according to the prevailing cosmological theory of the universe's early development

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