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Papaopamus is a blue, ox-like, creature from the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is the animal that pulls the wagon for caravans.

The only time the animal's name is mentioned is in an entry of the Crystal Chronicles, after meeting the Striped Brigands:

I was amazed to meet a traveler who did not belong to any caravan. He was stranded since his papaopamus was injured. I lent him some ointment from back home. In return, he showed me his compact crystal, something I had only heard of. Imagine, a portable crystal! But carrying something like that around is just asking for a visit from a band of... No, could he have been...?

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers[]

Though no live papaopamuses are seen in the game, one of the optional emblems for Layle's jacket is called "Papao Run", and the "Papaopamas [sic] Ears" are the best base earring accessory in the game.