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This Lalafellin youth wields the powers of a thaumaturge, and is highly knowledgeable in the field of aether. Papalymo's childlike features, typical of his race, bely a biting cynicism that often puts him at odds with the perpetually cheerful Yda, the companion with whom he roves the Black Shroud.

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Papalymo Totolymo is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV, being one of the main characters of the Gridania storyline. A member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, he is a Plainsfolk Lalafell Thaumaturge who travels with his fellow Scion Yda. Unlike his companion, Papalymo has impeccable manners, always reminding his friend to behave.


Early life[]

A Lalafell from the archipelago of Sharlayan, Papalymo graduated second in his class at the Studium academy and came to study under Archon Louisoix Leveilleur, becoming his finest pupil. His father, a fellow thaumaturge, bequeathed to Papalymo a treasure held by generations of Totolymo's house: the Aurifex staff.

The Archons aided a group of Ala Mhigan refugees to stablish in Sharlayan, with Papalymo meeting a young girl called Yda who wanted to liberate Ala Mhigo. Papalymo introduced her to Louisoix, which led to her induction into the Circle of Knowing. Six years prior to the Seventh Astral Era, Yda died and her younger sister Lyse talked with Papalymo to take her place. Papalymo reluctantly agreed while using his magic to imprint the real Yda's tattoo on Lyse, but secretly asked everyone to pretend that she was the real Yda at her behest.

Final Fantasy XIV legacy[]

Papalymo and Yda reach the Black Shroud.

Papalymo and Yda are found in the Twelveswood after ejecting from their airship while traveling to Gridania. Joined by the Adventurer, Papalymo and Yda are ambushed by wolves before forced to flee from a hidden Treant. The group is saved by E-Sumi-Yan who guides them to the city.

The conjurers are led to believe the duo was beckoned by the elementals, and therefore are expected to do something great for them. Khrimm, a young boy enraged with the elementals, makes them suspects for a moment. Papalymo and Yda find a man called Dunstan and take him back to Gridania just in time for the purification ritual to save Khrimm. The Echo reverberates and the skies turn black, Papalymo commenting that they "should have stopped it". Yda convinces Papalymo that they still can find a way to stop it.

Papalymo and Yda pray to The Twelve for salvation.

Papalymo joins forces with Yda, Y'shtola, and Thancred as the Circle of Knowing in the fight against the Gaius van Baelsar, absorbing the Legatus's bullets on his Aurifex. If the Adventurer's home nation is Gridania, Papalymo and Yda tell him about the greater power needed to defeat the Garleans.

During the Calamity which leads to the Seventh Umbral Era, Papalymo and Yda are in the Black Shroud praying to The Twelve to seal the primal Bahamut.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Papalymo and Yda meeting the Adventurer.

Papalymo, Yda, and Kuplo Kopp inspect the Central Shroud for a disturbance in the aetheric flow. They are attacked by a group of Treants and the two help the Adventurer repel them. Papalymo and Yda watch over the Adventurer when he/she faints from a surfeit of aether.

After the Adventurer wakes up, Papalymo and Yda discover the corpse of a Chieftain Ixal and suspect it was responsible for the monster attack and orders Kuplo Kopp to report to E-Sumi-Yan. Papalymo and Yda bid the Adventurer farewell and return to report the situation to their leader.

Papalymo and Yda meet the Adventurer again at the Guardian Tree and help him/her defeat the Masked Mage whom they discover is one of the Ascians who have been manipulating the Beastmen. Papalymo begins to suspect something, but refuses to speak about it to Yda. Papalymo and Yda return to Gridania, where they congratulate the Adventurer at the Greenbliss festival.

Later in Western Thanalan, Papalymo and Yda reveal to the Adventurer that they are part of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, an organization formed of the Archons and the Path of the Twelve.

During the imperial attack led by Livia sas Junius to the Scions' headquarters at the Waking Sands, Papalymo is captured along with other members and is taken to Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona. He is rescued by the Adventurer, Biggs, and Wedge, and resumes his duties with the Scions.

When the Scions are betrayed by the Crystal Braves and framed for the assassination of the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo, Papalymo seemingly sacrifices his life alongside Yda to buy the rest of the Scions time to escape.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Yda and Papalymo infiltrating the Ala Mhigan Resistance.

Following the Scions being accused of the apparent regicide of Nanamo Ul Namo, Yda and Papalymo escape and remain in hiding to investigate matters concerning a faction within the Ala Mhigan Resistance known as "the Masks" and the mysterious masked man known as the Griffin who leads them. Papalymo reminds Yda that they can't stay there forever as they have other responsibilities.

Much later, while attending one of the rallies held by one of the Griffin's promixies, Yda and Papalymo encounter Alphinaud and the Adventurer and reunite with the Scions just in time to deal with the Warriors of Darkness. Soon after returning to the headquarters at Mor Dhona, Papalymo requests that he hold on to the Tupsimati for safekeeping since he feels a bad omen.

After learning of the Griffin's plot to attack Baelsar's Wall, Papalymo travels with Yda and Yugiri to the Garlean fortress's secret tunnels to try to reason with the Griffin. Once the Griffin reveals his true intentions and his true identity as Ilberd, the Scions are unable to stop him from sacrificing himself and his subordinates to summon an all-powerful primal with the Eyes of Nidhogg

I bid thee farewell again, my dear Yda... Now, let us see how good a student I truly was...

Papalymo's final words

Papalymo sacrifices his life to prevent Shinryu's rampage.

Seeing no other way to keep the primal from going on a rampage unleashing another Calamity, Papalymo orders everyone else to flee as he intends to sacrifice himself by using the Tupsimati to cast the same spell Louisoix previously used to try to contain Bahamut at Carteneau. Seeing Yda refuses to leave him, Papalymo asks her as his final will to find and follow her own path, then demanding Thancred to take her away. Papalymo casts the spell and seals the nascent primal in a cocoon of light, which drains him of his life.

By the time Omega is found and activated, Papalymo's life ended with all his spells fading with his death. Yda confirms Papalymo's demise when the tattoo on her neck conjured by him disappears, revealing her true identity as Lyse to honor her friend's final request to find her own path as her true self.




Papalymo is a Plainsfolk Lalafell of short and stout stature with fair skin, short blond hair, blue eyes and pointed ears. He usually wears a dark robe with white trimmings and bright yellow gauntlets (a combination normally unfeasible for the player besides the purchasable Scion Thaumaturge gear), black and yellow gaskins, and black boots with coeurl-skin trimmings. He wears a black belt with pockets and a canteen, an aetheric contraption on his chest, and a monocle on his right eye. As a member of the Circle of Knowing, he bears a dark tattoo on his neck.

During his days incognito as a member of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, Papalymo wore a concealing dark cowl and brown boots, retaining his yellow gauntlets but lacking the monocle.


It is precisely when things appear to be proceeding according to plan that we must needs steel ourselves for impending danger.


Papalymo is in many ways the foil to Yda, his cynical and snarky attitude often at odds with his more animated and perky companion. He is described as "short-tempered" before being properly introduced. Papalymo is critical of the situation and privy to details.

Despite their bickering, Papalymo means well and cares for his companion, as he was the one who helped conceal Lyse's identity as Yda, and branded her with the Circle of Knowing's tattoo, in the hopes that one day she could walk her own path.



Papalymo fights alongside the Adventurer as a guest in some instanced story-duties of the A Realm Reborn main scenario quests. He is a Thaumaturge and uses his Aurifex scepter as a weapon. He can use many Thaumaturge abilities, though he can use Cure for healing as well.

Triple Triad[]

Papalymo & Yda Card
FFXIV TT Papalymo & Yda.png
Card No. 48
Total stats 20
Type Scion
Description "The great beyond! I do believe we're dead, Papalymo!" "Oh, Rhalgr take you and your great beyond!"
Obtain Win: Vorsaile Heuloix, New Gridania (9,11) or Buscarron, South Shroud (17,20)


In A Realm Reborn, Papalymo is voiced by Eri Kitamura in the Japanese version.

He is voiced by Steve Staley, credited as Steve Cannon, in the English version of A Realm Reborn. He shares his voice actor with Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In Heavensward, Papalymo is voiced by Nigel Pilkington.

Other appearances[]

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