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You're not sick, are you? If you catch it...I'm sorry.

Pamela to Rufus Shinra

Pamela is a woman suffering from geostigma. She appears in Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile.


Rufus Shinra encountered Pamela after being drugged by Kilmister. He awoke in a cargo truck surrounded by people suffering from geostigma. Next to him was Pamela, who apologized for exposing him to the disease. Pamela and the others knew Kilmister, a local doctor in Kalm, since they were young. They joined Kilmister willingly, as he was studying the disease, and relocated to a cave. The cave's dead ends were turned into makeshift rooms.

Pamela was in severe pain and confined to her bed. Another patient named Judd stayed beside her and gave Pamela his own medicine. While Kilmister was gone, the cave flooded. Judd bundled wooden boards together so that Pamela could lie down. She remained near death and when Kilmister returned, he shot her, claiming it a mercy killing. Pamela's body sunk into the flooded cave. Judd attempted to dive after her, but Rufus pulled him away.