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Palumpolum is a port city in Cocoon and Hope Estheim's hometown in Final Fantasy XIII. The city holds a lively marketplace, said to be uncommon in a world where most people use online shopping, and is thus called "the Capital of Commerce."

Palumpolum is an unrevisitable location that comprises the seventh chapter, and represents the halfway point.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, it acts as the new capital city of Cocoon but is unvisitable.



Hope's hometown, Palumpolum is one of the biggest cities on Cocoon. Retail stores line the streets—a rarity in a society where online purchases are the norm.

With the goal of promoting their 'hands-on' approach to commerce as a tourist attraction, the local government actively encourages businesses to set up shop in Palumpolum.


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

PSICOM Palumpolum

PSICOM occupies Palumpolum.

Lightning and Hope need to go through Palumpolum to reach the city of Eden, but they are being pursued by PSICOM troops that have taken the city over from the local Guardian Corps. Hope is familiar with the area as Palumpolum is his home town, and leads Lightning through an underground complex to sneak through the harbor and avoid the patrolling soldiers. They find the fal'Cie Carbuncle in the Nutriculture Complex, and after hearing Hope compare the Cocoon citizens to pets of the fal'Cie, Lightning has an epiphany and abandons her plan to destroy the fal'Cie Eden, and tells Hope to not follow through with his plans on vengeance either. Hope does not listen and chooses to continue focusing his energy into his objective ahead—to kill Snow and avenge the death of his mother Nora.

Snow&Fang rescue

Snow and Fang rescue Lightning and Hope.

They are beleaguered in the Agora by PSICOM and Yaag Rosch who prepares to publicly execute the two. Snow shows up along with Fang, who is now helping him. Snow summons the Shiva Sisters, who cover the area in crystal, allowing the l'Cie to escape. Lightning has Hope leave with Snow as she goes with Fang. The teams correspond by radio and agrees to meet at Hope's house in Felix Heights, where his father Bartholomew Estheim resides.

Fang reveals to Lightning that she and Vanille hail from Gran Pulse and awoke in Cocoon after being in crystal stasis for centuries. Fang cannot remember her previous Focus and their attempted forays on Cocoon resulted in Serah Farron and Dajh Katzroy becoming l'Cie, and Fang to separate from Vanille at Euride Gorge. She explains how a l'Cie's brand indicates his or her advancement towards becoming a Cie'th, and reassures Lightning of her motivation to survive and see Serah freed from stasis.

Hope's rage

Hope unleashes his rage upon Snow.

Meanwhile, after a close call with a crowd of angry civilians whom Snow tried to save from being Purged, Hope and Snow destroy a PSICOM enemy on the rooftops of Rivera Towers. Hope confronts Snow about Nora's death and blasts him off a rooftop, leaving him hanging from the edge. Hope prepares to kill Snow, but is attacked by a PSICOM airship and falls. Snow catches Hope in midair and shields him with his body as they fall to the streets below. Snow and Hope are weakened by their injuries, but Hope overcomes his anger. They regroup with Fang and Lightning at Felix Heights and the party makes their way to the Estheim Residence.

Hope tells his dad the news about Nora, and at first he is grief-stricken, but does not reject the l'Cie or take his remorse out on the injured Snow. Lightning apologizes for her previous behavior toward Snow, and the two resolve to see Serah again together. As the group tries to form a plan, Bartholomew points out that attacking the Sanctum would make the citizens hate the l'Cie even more. The apartment is bombarded by PSICOM troops led by Yaag Rosch. Snow confronts them and argues with Yaag about the Purge.

Snow Surrendered

Snow confronts Rosch and PSICOM.

Cavalry soldiers disguised as PSICOM troops open fire on Yaag and the squadron, giving Snow the chance to sneak back to the house while the others tie up Hope's father so PSICOM does not know he helped them. The team is saved by the arrival of a Cavalry airship, and they leave Palumpolum with Hope promising his father he will return when his Focus is over.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Although Serah and Noel never visit Palumpolum on their quest, according to fragment entries the city was nearly undamaged by Cocoon's fall, and many people stayed in the city. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before reveals Palumpolum became the new capital after Eden was destroyed in Cocoon's fall, and became the base of military operations with the historic concert hall acting as the new Edenhall.

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Palumpolum FFXIII

Snow in Palumpolum.


Item Location
Fiber-optic Cable x3 The Metrosite
Holy Water x3 The Metrosite
Librascope The Metrosite
Holy Water x4 Nutriculture Complex
Phoenix Down Nutriculture Complex
Mobius Coil x2 Nutriculture Complex
Aqua Ring Nutriculture Complex
Warding Talisman Nutriculture Complex
Fortisol Pedestrian Terraces
Paladin Pedestrian Terraces
Insulated Cabling x4 Pedestrian Terraces
Holy Water x4 Western Promenade
Incentive Chip x2 Western Promenade
Guardian Armlet Central Arcade
Shaman's Mark Rivera Towers
Thrust Bearing x3 Rivera Towers
Vidofnir Rivera Towers
Deceptisol Rivera Towers
2,000 gil Rivera Towers
Bestial Claw x15 Western Promenade
Gae Bolg Western Promenade
Axis Blade Central Arcade
Tungsten Bangle Felix Heights
Black Belt Felix Heights
Phoenix Down The Estheim Residence
Ethersol The Estheim Residence
Brawler's Wristband The Estheim Residence


Nutriculture Complex
Rivera Towers


Grinding spot[]

The Estheim Residence can be used as a grinding place for Crystarium Points, but mostly for gil after PSICOM raids it. The officers drop Incentive Chips, which can be sold for 2,500 gil at the save station, and the officers constantly respawn so as long as the player eliminates both enemy parties and moves to the back part of the residence.


Palumpolum map01
Palumpolum map02
First set of maps. Second set of maps.

Some of the areas only seen in cutscenes can be made playable via hacks. These include the alley where Snow and Hope talk to Lightning via a communicator, the area where Ushumgal Subjugator is battled, the street before getting to Felix Heights, and the area where the Ushumgal Subjugator is battled the second time.

Musical themes[]

Several background tracks play in Palumpolum, such as "The Warpath Home", "The Hanging Edge", "Snow's Theme", "Desperate Struggle", "Will to Fight", and "This Is Your Home", all apart from the several tracks present in cutscenes.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Palumpolum, Part 1[]

FFRK Palumpolum, Part 1 FFXIII

Learning that l'Cie are hiding in the city of Palumpolum, Sanctum forces have called martial law into effect. Lightning's party lay low, preparing to infiltrate the capitol, Eden.

Palumpolum, Part 2[]

FFRK Palumpolum, Part 2 FFXIII

Lightning is reassured after learning that Fang and Vanille awoke in Cocoon after being in crystal stasis for centuries. They move to regroup at the Estheim Residence.

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The city's name is a reference to the twin mages, Palom and Porom from Final Fantasy IV.