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Rate hike! Rate hike! Tra, la, la! And please include our Space Program in the budget!


Palmer is the head of Shinra Electric Power Company's failed Space Program in Final Fantasy VII.




Palmer is a short, overweight man with thinning gray hair and gray-blue eyes. He wears a white shirt and a double-breasted, tan-colored suit with matching bow-tie.


Palmer is childish and cowardly, being enthusiastic about everything, but preferring to hide rather than take action himself. He loves his tea with liberal amounts of sugar, honey, and lard.


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Palmer in Rocket Town.

During the executive meeting on Floor 66 of the Shinra Headquarters Palmer asks that his Space Program benefit from the Mako rate hike President Shinra wants to enforce. Following Sephiroth's rampage at the headquarters, Palmer confirms Sephiroth's return from where he is found cowering behind a pillar.

Palmer accompanies the new president, Rufus, to Rocket Town to steal Cid's plane. AVALANCHE intercepts Palmer, forcing him to abandon the plan to battle them. His efforts are in vain, and he is defeated.

Although he is hit by a truck as he tries to escape Cloud and company, he, Palmer with Reeve and Rufus, is one of the few Shinra executives to survive the events of Final Fantasy VII. After Meteor is summoned, Palmer sets the rocket in Rocket Town to auto-pilot to collide with the Meteor, with Cid, Cloud, and the other party members trapped inside. The party uses an escape pod to return to the Planet, and Palmer is never seen again.

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Palmer is fought as a boss in Rocket Town and can use Mako Gun which casts either Fire2, Ice2, or Bolt2 on the target.

Hidden scene in Honey Bee InnEdit

FFVII - Unused 'Palmer scene', Honey Bee Inn

FFVII - Unused 'Palmer scene', Honey Bee Inn

Palmer's scene at the Honey Bee Inn.

Dummied content featuring Palmer in an unused version of the Honey Bee Inn lobby exists in the first Japanese release. By hacking the game, a scene that can never be viewed in the actual game can be played out. The scene's data was removed from all International releases, as well as the Japanese International Version release, which is based on the North American version.

The music unique to this scene is not used anywhere else in the game. The theme was previously unearthed from the game's PC version by hackers, but it was unknown for what scene it was intended. In the scene itself much of the dialogue reads as gibberish, as the game displays the wrong kanji. In the scene, Palmer encounters an undercover Shinra Manager who claims to be visiting the Inn for "marketing purposes". This backfires on him as the Honey Bee lady accompanying Palmer implies the Manager is a regular, something that infuriates Palmer and makes him chase the man out of the inn, followed by the lady.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Palmer is a name that can be either a surname or given name that means a pilgrim to the Holy Land, named from the palm worn to signify the journey. Whether there is any intended association with Shinra looking for the Promised Land is unknown.


  • Shortly after Palmer is defeated, he narrowly evades being chopped to bits by the Tiny Bronco. This is similar to a scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark in which a German mechanic is chopped to bits by a Luftwaffe Flying Wing's propeller during a fight with Indiana Jones.
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