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Pallanza, a bangaa, is one of six special recruits in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Pallanza has a 1-in-5 chance of joining the clan after completion of a mission where the Wyrmstone is equipped. The Wyrmstone is a reward for "#031 Ruby Red", which itself is unlocked after "#017 Desert Patrol" and "#102 Wyrms Awaken".


Like all secret characters, Pallanza joins four levels above the average of the entire clan. Pallanza is recruited as a Gladiator, and as a bonus he has two abilities already mastered: Blitz and Ultima Sword.

Spellblade TechEdit

Gladiator command. Combine magic with swordplay.
Skill Effect MP
Blitz Half damage, double Accuracy.
Ultima Sword Triple damage attack. 60
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