FFVI wiki iconFFIV wiki iconFFVI wiki icon Palette bugs are instances where the incorrect palette is used on a sprite.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy IVEdit

FFIV SNES Red Death Bug

Red Death.

In the SNES versions, a palette bug makes certain spells look different when reflected, such as the Death spell will turn red.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Blushing bug Edit

FFVI Blushing Bug

Blushing bug.

The blushing bug occurs at Setzer's coin toss scene onboard the Blackjack, if Edgar and/or Sabin is present at the scene. When Setzer agrees to help them if Celes marries him as the condition for helping the party, Celes will blush, but so will Edgar and Sabin since all three share the same color palette. Gau and Cyan do not blush during this scene if they are present, suggesting that Celes was the only one intended to blush in the first place. This bug was fixed for the mobile/PC versions of the game.

Pink Gogo bug Edit

FFVI Pink Gogo Bug

Pink Gogo bug.

Gogo must be one of the two captured party members, held captive by one of the Dream Stooges in the Dreamscape. Before going to sleep in Doma Castle, Gogo has to be in either the first slot or the second slot since the first two characters will be captured. If Gogo is one of the party members who is held captive, he/she will appear with a pink palette until the player rescues him/her.

There are two possible hostage points for Gogo or any other party member where they can be held captive, and for an unknown reason, the programmers gave both possible Gogos the wrong palette. They have mistakenly given him/her Mog/Umaro's palette for this particular scenario.

Red Reflect bug Edit

FFVI Red Reflect Bug

Red Reflect bug.

This bug involves the Crusader summon and the Reflect spell. If the player summons Crusader during the battle and proceeds to bounce a spell off from a character with the Reflect status, Reflect will show up colored in red tones. This is because Crusader's palettes has overwritten the Reflect palette stored in the RAM. It only lasts for the rest of the battle, the original Reflect palette is rewritten to RAM at the start of each fight.

Gold Wrexsoul bug Edit

FFVI Gold Wrexsoul Bug

Gold Wrexsoul bug.

Wrexsoul doesn't get his palette assigned until the event that starts the battle. If the player goes up on him they'll see him with a golden palette just the like the background. On the Game Boy Advance version, the player will only get to see his lower body, but his entire sprite will be seen on the Super Nintendo version due to having a bigger screen.

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