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A world of 'hope unbound' where Wol finds himself, governed by unusual laws. Besieged by Chaos and his forces, Palamecia's denizens seek refuge in areas where the Crown has its strongest influence, as well as in an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of a mysterious savior, the Warrior of Light.

In-game Glossary entry

Palamecia is the world in which Mobius Final Fantasy takes place.

List of areas Edit

Most locations are grouped according to the connections between them (indicated by the color of route lines) as well as their place in the story (roughly represented as the distance between warp points):

  • Blue routes are integral to the main story.
  • Yellow routes are exploration regions.
  • Red routes mark challenges.
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Gallery Edit


Although this location shares its English name with Palamecia from Final Fantasy II, their Japanese names are different. They both derive from the word "paramecia", though the Final Fantasy II term derives from the Latin pronunciation, while the Mobius term derives from the English pronunciation.

Paramecium (plural paramecia) is a genus of single-celled oval-shaped protists that are naturally found in aquatic habitats. They are widely used as a model organism and for education.

The root Ancient Greek word paramḗkēs (παραμήκης) means "oval".


  • Many of Palamecia's continents are based on real world continents: two of them in particular strongly resemble North America and Europe.
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