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The Palamecia [ˌpæləˈmiːsiːə] is a location in Final Fantasy XIII. It is a PSICOM airship that serves as the base of the Sanctum Skyfleet. It is first seen moving the Pulse Vestige through the Hanging Edge, and later is where Sazh Katzroy and Oerba Dia Vanille are held after being captured by Jihl Nabaat in Nautilus.

In Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega, it is revealed that the Palamecia is a fal'Cie modified by the Sanctum military to use as an airship. On the underside of the ship, one can see the shape of a face, which is the mark of Cocoon fal'Cie. The reveal that the Palamecia is a fal'Cie seems to contradict its Datalog entry that mentions the craft is "an anti-Pulse juggernaut built using the latest in military technology".

The Palamecia is an unrevisitable location and comprises the ninth chapter.


The flagship of the Sanctum Skyfleet, this imposing craft is an anti-Pulse juggernaut built using the latest in military technology. The Palamecia bristles with powerful weaponry, and its multiple decks hold several dozen warships, as well as hundreds of crew members.

During the Purge, the Palamecia transported the entire Pulse Vestige to the Hanging Edge.


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In the Hanging Edge during the Purge, the Palamecia transports the Pulse Vestige into the warzone amid the Purgees fighting PSICOM. Later, the Palamecia lands on the surface of the crystallized Lake Bresha, and deploys PSICOM troops to hunt down Purge survivors.

Vanille reveals her backstory to Sazh.

When Vanille and Sazh are captured in Nautilus, Jihl Nabaat imprisons them upon the Palamecia to take them to Eden for a public execution. Lightning, Snow, Fang and Hope mount a rescue mission with the aid of Cid Raines and the Cavalry.

During their imprisonment, Vanille tells Sazh how she became a l'Cie on Gran Pulse centuries before and came out of crystal stasis in Cocoon. Hearing of the others onboard trying to rescue them, Sazh and Vanille escape their confinement. After the alarm system passes through red, green and purple, Galenth Dysley, who is also on board, changes it to code white, shutting down the engine and allowing the Kalavinka raiders to approach ship's exterior and attack Lightning's party. They destroy one and Sazh and Vanille blast their way out, meeting up with the others.

The group flies on a Garuda.

On the ship's external shell, they defeat another of the raiders, which gives Fang an idea about how to infiltrate the main cabin on the Palamecia where Dysley and Nabaat are. Vanille uses her weapon to entangle a Garuda Interceptor, and Fang subdues it. The six of them ride on the Garuda's back, evading gunfire from the Palamecia, and jump into the airship's central part.

The l'Cie reach the bridge where Nabaat confronts them. Dysley strikes Nabaat and the PSICOM soldiers with his magic, killing them and dissolving the roof of the Palamecia. After revealing his ideology on humanity, Dysley assumes his true form as the fal'Cie Barthandelus and attacks the party. He resumes his human form after the battle and tells the group their Focus is to destroy the fal'Cie Orphan that sustains Cocoon and wreak destruction upon the planetoid by one of them becoming Ragnarok.

The fal'Cie Menrva assumes an airship form and the party uses it to escape the Palamecia as it falls from the sky. Dysley ensures their escape from the sinking air fortress with an arranged destination to Eden. The party is attacked by Yaag Rosch in the Proudclad before Menrva takes Lightning's group to Fifth Ark below the city of Eden.

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Item Location
Digital Circuit x4 Short-field Landing Deck
Millerite External Berths
Incentive Chip x3 External Berths
Silicone Oil x4 External Berths
Lifesaber Crew Corridors
Ember Ring Crew Corridors
Pandoran Spear Crew Corridors
Royal Armlet Cargo Access
Murky Ooze x12 Cargo Access
Pain Dampener Rotary Shaft
Perfect Conductor Rotary Shaft
Rhodochrosite Rotary Shaft
White Cape Rotary Shaft
Segmented Carapace x8 Primary Engine Bay
Phoenix Down Primary Engine Bay
Whistlewind Scarf Starboard Weather Deck
Perfect Conductor Starboard Weather Deck
Barbed Tail x13 Starboard Weather Deck
300 gil Starboard Weather Deck
Spark Ring Starboard Weather Deck
Librascope Bridge Access
Pain Dampener Bridge Access
Rune Bracelet x2 Bridge Access
Umbra Bridge Access
3,600 gil Bridge Access
Perfect Conductor Bridge Access
Gold Bangle Bridge Access
Ethersol Bridge Access


Rotary Shaft
Primary Engine Bay
Starboard Weather Deck

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Palamecia, Part 1[]

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The Palamecia, Part 2[]

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Musical themes[]

"Fang's Theme"

"Fang's Theme" is the main theme for Lightning's party while aboard the Palamecia. "Defiers of Fate (Palamecia Assault Version" is the background theme for the Engine Room, Starboard Weather Deck and the Bridge Access Zones, while "Saber's Edge" plays in the Rotary Shaft Zone. "Memories of Happier Days" when Fang and Vanille meet aboard the Palamecia. "Primarch Dysley" plays when Dysley tells the party to destroy Orphan.

Behind the scenes[]

The area where Sazh and Vanille were contained, and the area where the party fights Kalavinka, only appear in cutscenes but can be made accessible via hacking.




The airship's name derives from the Empire of Palamecia in Final Fantasy II.