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Their sturdy defense enables paladins to endure punishing attacks. They also possess a variety of abilities to aid their allies.


The Paladin is a job class in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift exclusive to humes.


Paladins are tanks, with high HP and Defense stats, but they have low Speed, Evade and Strength. They are well-balanced attacking and supporting units, with their Nurse ability as an effective debuff remover, and their Cover ability invaluable in missions involving protecting a specific unit. They have an advantage against undead units, with their Saint Cross and Holy Blade attacks, and Sanctify, which can bury undead units in a small area, dealing heavy damage to ghosts and the like. Combining the class with White Magick boosts the Paladin's healing and smiting capabilities.

A truly fearsome set would be having the unit learn Dual Wield and equipping the The Fallen Angel and Sequencer, with the Seer's High Magick as their secondary A-Ability set; this would allow a debilitating Magic Frenzy combo attack on enemies in a small area (one magickal and two physical hits). Another good secondary A-Ability is the Parivir's Flair, coupled with Geomancy; this is preferable because the Paladin lacks in magick but makes up for it in equipment, and Geomancy lowers the foe's elemental resistance. Another fearsome set is to combine the Parivir's Flair and Attack↑ from the Hunter class.

A recommended tank set includes equipping Mirror Mail (to reflect magicks) or a high level robe, a Ribbon (with the Ribbon Bearer passive) to avoid all debuffs, the secondary A-Ability slot set to Blue Magick for buffs, (specifically Mighty Guard and White Wind), and the Strike Back reaction ability. A balance of both Resistance and Defense can be achieved by combining levels of the Paladin and Seer for strong defensive stats, accompanied by a high-level robe, the Strike Back R-Ability and the Ribbon-bearer S-Ability (provided the player equips a Ribbon to make up for the low natural resilience) to avoid the majority of physical damage and protect against magick damage.

Another formidable build is a powerful sword such as the Master Sword or the aforementioned Sequencer, an Orb of Minwu (risky, since this item won't protect against all debuffs), and high level robe, all accompanied by Chivalry, White Magick (or High Magick, for the sake of Cura and Recharge), Reflex or Strike-Back and Turbo MP. This results in massive damage output at the cost of one or two turns of acquiring, which the player can spend defending, then use their potent Healing/Holy damage.

Paladins' Resilience is below average, so inflicting debuffs on them usually has a 70% chance of succeeding, but by using their Warcry ability, which raises Resilience in a small area, or Nurse ability, which cures status effects and heals themselves and surrounding units, they can cover this shortcoming.

Notable Paladins are Frimelda Lotice and her partner Luc Sardarc.

The Paladin is depicted as wielding two swords in its artwork, despite not actually being able to learn the Dual Wield skill. Dual Wield is learned as a Ninja and afterward the player can change to a Paladin. The optional character Frimelda Lotice starts off as a Paladin but can already Dual Wield.



The PALADIN commands these abilities to defend allies with a practiced blade.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Nurse Defender All sides and self 100
Attempt to make the user's wounds more bearable by restoring HP and removing debuffs.
Defend Lionheart Self 200
Concentrate solely on protecting one's self. Raises DEFENSE and RESISTANCE until the user's next action.
Cover Save the Queen 4 300
Take all damage directed at the target until the user's next action.
Parley Barong 1 150
Compel foe to flee the battlefield.
Saint Cross Arch Sword All sides 400 10
Project a righteous aura, dealing holy damage to surrounding units.
Holy Blade Excalibur Weapon range 400 22
Normal damage; Holy element.
Sanctify Ogrenix 3 250
Unleash a flash of holy light, banishing the undead.
War Cry Oblige All sides and self 300
Let out a heartening battle cry, raising RESILIENCE of surrounding units to debuffs.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Reflex Genji Armor Avoid all basic attacks. 350


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Defense↑ Diamond Armor Raises DEFENSE. Decreases physical damage received. 150

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The paladins, sometimes known as the Twelve Peers, were the foremost warriors of Charlemagne's court, according to the literary cycle known as the Matter of France.