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Paladia is a world in the Final Fantasy universe, serving as a secondary setting for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is the homeworld of the Sworn Six of Paladia, among other important characters, and where the events of Season Two take place. It is connected to the Farplane.

A world of advanced technology, magic, and crystals that house the visions, Paladia has long been immersed in political strife caused by two major factions: Aldore and Hess.


The world of Paladia is significantly different in its geography from the world of Lapis. When Rain's party explores the world (albeit in a memory world), none of the locations resemble those of Lapis in any way. In Season Two the political and geographical aspects are different from those of 700 years ago, but Aldore Tower remains a prominent structure and can be seen from outer space.

The world is sufficiently developed in magic and technology, easily surpassing those found in Lapis, having developed the means to create "gates" using dimensional rifts and to grant functional immortality through body modifications. Since some inhabitants from this world were transported into Lapis in the past, a handful of Lapis' cultural development is a result of these individuals.


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Much of Paladia's ancient history remains a mystery. The Weapons, said to have enough power to destroy all of Paladia in the blink of an eye, are mysterious remnants of these ancient times. The ancient Gallean era saw the first civilization to use metals as currency, Gallea. Ancient times also saw a powerful evil dragon terrorize the world; it was said to have fought Fenrir, who told the first dragoon how to take him down. Ryunan gave his life to seal the dragon in Dragon's Village, where his descendants nowadays keep watch on the seal.

The world used to be split up into two large countries, each ruled by a royal family capable of awakening power exclusive to their bloodlines. The Aldore who believed in machinery and science, and the Hess who believed in magic. These two countries ended up battling countless times over differences in their beliefs. That was when Aldore figured out how to make use of the crystals and invented magitek, far more powerful than mere magic. Thanks to magitek, the long war finally ended with Aldore achieving complete and total victory over Hess. With this victory, the two countries became one, which was how Paladia was born.

But with Hess' insertion into Aldore, a great deal of confusion came about as well. In order to avoid ill will from the Hess people, its royal family was given a tentative status by Aldore. Yet there were still many who couldn't accept being overtaken.

The latest heiress to the Hess royal bloodline, Yuraisha, came to be known as the "Mother of Hess" and longed for her people's freedom. Under her patronage, Hess began developing the visionary magicks (a power born from scientific progress, different to preexisting magic used by the rest of the world), also called illusion magic, at the Illusion Magic Research Facility in Crystallis.

Upon his predecessor succumbing to illness, Varenis ascended to the Aldore throne. Meanwhile Varenis' son, Rubens, served as his aide. Rubens, though a member of Aldore royalty, held no prejudice towards Hess and was friends with Yuraisha, to whom he presented his two-year-old son. The arrangement was beneficial to Hess, but King Varenis and Rubens were soon assassinated by another of Varenis' aides, Vlad. Fearing for the safety of Rubens' son, Yuraisha's husband took the baby from the castle at night and reported that the child had died from sickness. In reality, Yuraisha decided to adopt the boy and named him Raegen. Most (even Raegen himself) were led to believe that King Varenis and Rubens died in an accident, even as Vlad ascended to the throne as its first emperor.

In the following years Hess continued to develop the illusion magicks, and Yuraisha gathered a group of individuals to be known as Hess' Eight Sages, which included her biological son Rowen. Raegen, feeling responsible as heir to Aldore, joined the military and hoped to change the nation from the inside. But when the visionary magicks were sufficiently developed, Hess declared itself independent from the rest of Paladia. Aldore deemed this magicks dangerous, and declared war on Hess 700 years ago.

Aldore selected eight of its best warriors to undergo a new procedure to become immortal, and outfitted them with elemental suits of armors: they were the Sworn Eight of Paladia, meant to lead the army from the frontlines. For their actions during the civil war, they became heroes and were loved by the people. Meanwhile, Hess' faction was initially considered to be the weakest of the two, however its army—led by the eight sages—quickly grew in power when Hess managed to recruit the aid of a number of espers.

Raegen, as the leader of the Sworn Eight, had an audience with Yuraisha by order of the Emperor. He tried one peace proposal after another, but ultimately Yuraisha wouldn't accept any of them, always firm in her determination to win Hess' freedom. Unable to achieve a peaceful solution, the war dragged on and the casualties continued to mount.

In these circumstances the Aldore leadership decided to end the war once and for all. They ordered the Sworn Eight to seal the sages inside crystals, and promised to grant Hess its independence in the peace negotiations that would follow. Raegen saw to the task, but threatened to side with Hess should the leaders break their promises. However, Aldore betrayed them. The Sworn Eight were expected to play a major part in shaping Paladia's future after the war, and those already in charge feared their power and influence—especially Raegen's secretly royal blood. So, in the final battle, once the Sworn Eight sealed the sages, Aldore's leaders banished the entire battlefield (which included the Sworn Eight, the imprisoned sages, and the soldiers of both Aldore and Hess) to another world called Lapis. To keep the battlefield fixed to Lapis, they put a seal upon the land that consisted of eight great crystals.

The Sworn Eight and Hess' military powers now stranded on a foreign world, Aldore subjugated Hess per the emperor's 'reign of terror'. After losing the war for independence, Yuraisha (who by the time of the war had already gained immortality) was sentenced to eternal crucifixion in Runferia Castle. Hess was 'erased' from the world; its survivors were hunted and those that survived lost all means to fight back against Aldore. Many tried countless times to rescue Yuraisha, but all their attempts ended in failure.

In the seven centuries that followed Aldore remained powerful as ever, especially as the Emperor established the Orders as a replacement to the exiled Sworn Eight. From its members, the successor to the throne (invariably the strongest amongst them, the 'Alpha Star') would be chosen. Meanwhile, the Children of Hess appeared in order to rebuild their nation.

The beastmen of Gungan, who had remained neutral during the war, split up into their two current tribes: Natura and Shybira. They avoided mingling with Aldore in a policy of isolationism.

In Season Two, the Sworn Eight return to Paladia aboard the Invincible, passing through the dimensional gate that is now partially open, accompanying a party led by Lasswell. They are searching for Rain, Raegen's son, who has disappeared after clashing with the recently-freed sage, Sol. The Sworn Eight discover their homeworld suffering under the dictatorship of the current emperor and resolve to overthrow him. Their attack at Aldore Tower is thwarted by the Orders, but they persist on their endeavor and try to shut down the energy stations that power the tower's now activated force field. They, along with Lasswell's party, also manage to defuse a civil war on Gungan over their stolen reactor core.

In Crystallis, the Sword Eight are prompted by two members of the Children of Hess, Ishil and Franis, into rescuing Yuraisha from her prison. Though she wants to meet her grandson Lasswell, Yuraisha uses her last of her energies to send a message to all of Paladia, rekindling Hess' spirit to take up arms once again. The Sworn Eight then assist Mombert and Hess' Four Sages in an assassination attempt against the Emperor during the Aldore Order in Visectrum, which also sees Lasswell declaring publicly to being the heir of Hess. The Children of Hess bomb the Colosseum to save both Raegen's and Lasswell's parties from the Emperor and the two top Stars, in a declaration of war.

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Paladia is made up of several landmasses:

  • Aldore is an island to the north and it is where the base of Aldore Tower is.
  • The largest landmass to the east of the map is divided into two regions: Georl and Gungan. Georl has long suffered under Aldore's rule, its many locations in a state of disrepair and its rebellious inhabitants placed in labor camps. Seemingly only the secret Dragon's Village, aligned with the Resistance, thrives. Gungan, for its part, remains mostly a lush region inhabited by the beastmen tribes of Natura and Shybira.
  • Crystallis' overland is an island at the center of the map, characterized by an enormous hole and elevator that descends to its underground level. Once lush with plant life, Aldore's abuse of the crystals has had negative effect on the land and its inhabitants.
  • Visectrum is a land long favored by Aldore, especially its capital which is a collection of advanced Aldore technology. There the Order of Aldore takes place every 10 years or so.
  • Magistellus is an archipelago easily distinguishable by its magenta coloration. Aldore's five main military facilities were built in these small isles.
  • An unnamed continent, filled with crystals, to the northwest.

Musical themes[]

"To the Horizon" is the theme that plays on the world map. It is the second track on disc one of the soundtrack.



Palladia is the plural form of palladium. Palladium is Latin for "safeguard".