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Once a recorder for the Crimson Squad, and also an old friend of Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal. She joined the Gullwings hoping to find answers to why the Squad collapsed.

Dossier description

Paine is a playable party member in Final Fantasy X-2. As with the other playable characters, before and during battle, Paine can change her job class by changing dresspheres. She can use any of the common dresspheres and her Special Dressphere is the Full Throttle. Her Mascot dressphere is a Tonberry, and her Trainer's pet is a bird named Flurry. Paine's default dressphere is the Warrior.

Paine specializes in inflicting status aliments. She has a different victory pose depending on her equipped dressphere.


The girls all have different EXP totals and therefore progress at different rates. Paine's level growth starts the most moderate, but later becomes the fastest, requiring 1,169,767 EXP for level 99 compared with 1,249,480 for Rikku and 1,350,322 for Yuna.


The party's stats are determined solely by the dresspheres they equip, and most dresspheres have identical stats for all the girls; therefore it doesn't matter which of the party assumes which role as the differences between party members are mostly cosmetic and involve the costumes and battle quotes. The exceptions are the Trainer, where all girls have a different pet who know different abilities, and Mascot, where all girls have unique skillsets. Special Dresspheres are unique to each girl as well.


Paine in battle as Trainer.

A possessed Paine is fought in Den of Woe by Yuna.

Battle quotes[]


Full Throttle[]

Paine in Full Throttle.

The Full Throttle is Paine's Special Dressphere obtained by talking to Tromell four times in the Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 or 2. Since talking to Tromell is optional, this is the only one of the Special Dresspheres that doesn't need to be obtained to finish the game. Corpus Invictus, the item needed for Break HP Limit, is found in the secret dungeon in Thunder Plains during Chapter 5. Victor Primoris is on a ledge in the Mi'ihen Highroad that can only be reached while riding a chocobo.

Crimson Spheres[]

Nooj gives Paine a Crimson Sphere.

Paine's backstory with Nooj, Gippal and Baralai can be uncovered by collecting Crimson Spheres. Collecting all the spheres is needed to open Den of Woe.

  • Crimson Sphere 1 - Bevelle Underground, following the meeting between Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal. (Chapter 3)
  • Crimson Sphere 2 - Farplane Abyss, from Nooj and Gippal following battle with Ixion. (Chapter 3)
  • Crimson Sphere 3 - Farplane Abyss, from Nooj and Gippal following battle with Ixion. (Chapter 3)
  • Crimson Sphere 4 - Guadosalam, in the hidden area of Chateau Leblanc. (Chapter 3 and 5)
  • Crimson Sphere 5 - Celsius, from Leblanc in the Engine Room, following Yuna's concert. (Chapter 4)
  • Crimson Sphere 6 - Via Infinito - Cloister 0. (Chapter 5)
  • Crimson Sphere 7 - Den of Woe, from Nooj. (Chapter 2)
  • Crimson Sphere 8 - Via Infinito - Cloister 20. (Chapter 5)
  • Crimson Sphere 9 - Den of Woe, the sphere that Ormi and Logos drop. (Chapter 1)
  • Crimson Sphere 10 - Guadosalam, hidden in Logos's room in Chateau Leblanc. (Chapter 2)

Blitzball stats[]

Due to their babysitting Wakka and Lulu's baby, Vidina, the Besaid Aurochs allow the Gullwings to take their place in the tournament. Blitzball is available to play in Luca during Chapter 5. The player can select to play the game upon landing, or drop in at the booth at Luca Stadium Entrance any time.

Gullwings logo.jpg
Super Shots
LV Start Max
SP 30 30
EN 3 48
AT 2 20
PA 2 30
BL 2 20
SH 5 92
CA 1 10
RNG 70 130
REC 50 135
RCH 50 50

Paine in the Bevelle Underground.

Sphere Break[]

Paine Coin
Silver Paine Coin
Gold Paine Coin
Coin No. 59 Coin Value 9
Trait Multiplier Echo
Location Win from the Bevelle Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.