The Kingdom of Padarak.

Padarak is the main setting of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. It is the only location that is seen in the game, although some dungeons can been seen from the Kingdom border, such as the dungeon Infinity Spire. The locations of the buildings are determined by the player, except for the Castle and Crystal which are already set when King Leo arrives.


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Kingdom of the Dark Lord

Long ago a young Selkie boy, shunned from his old home, set out on a journey to find a new home. He came upon the Crystal of the frontier land, which granted him the power of Architek. At some point the young Selkie boy, due to the time being exposed by the Miasma, became the Dark Lord and began plans to turn the new land into a paradise for monsters. One of the structures he created that still stood after his rule ended was the castle. When the Miasma was cleared from the world, the Dark Lord was no longer able to hold his form together and his body was destroyed, turning into Elementite. The monsters left the Kingdom and all that remain was the heart of the Dark Lord, contain within the Crystal.

Kingdom of King Epitav

King Epitav, a Clavat man who had heard stories of the power of Architek, arrived to the frontier land and was granted the power of Architek by the Crystal. He began to rebuild his old Kingdom in the new land, the power of Architek allowing him to bring people in from his old homeland. The Frog Emblem and footprints found around the Kingdom were crafted by King Epitav himself. He used the Frog as a Emblem for the Kingdom instead of the Clavat tribe emblem to show all people, no matter what tribe, they were welcomed into the Kingdom. Eventually, the Dark Lord revealed himself to King Epitav and challenged him. Not wanting to put the Citizens in danger, he had them all evacuated from the Kingdom and took on the Dark Lord himself. He attempted to take on the Dark Lord himself with the power of Architek, but was overpowered and defeated. The Dark Lord imprisoned King Epitav in the Shrine of Awakening and the only person left within the Kingdom was Pavlov.

Kingdom of King Leo

King Leo, the young son of King Epitav, arrived to the frontier land along with Chancellor Chime and Hugh Yurg after having heard it was the last location his father was seen in. When standing before the Crystal, it speaks to him and grants him the power of Architek and uses it the first day to build the first home of the new Kingdom. On the first night, King Leo decides on a new for the new Kingdom and calls it Padarak.

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