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Hey, uhm... what's "sacrificed"? The Al Bhed said summoners were being "sacrificed"... that summoners shouldn't have to do a pilgrimage...

Pacce in the Summoner's Sanctum

Pacce is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He is the brother and former guardian of Isaaru, along with his older brother Maroda. His young age suggests he may only be tagging along on the pilgrimage, though Isaaru is nevertheless encouraging. The Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega reveals he is 10 years old during Final Fantasy X.


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Final Fantasy XEdit

Pacce was pretty tired. He should never have come on the pilgrimage, little kid like that. Still, he does pretty good for his size. He's gonna be something someday.


Pacce as Isaaru's guardian.

The player first meets Pacce and his brothers at Djose Temple when Isaaru warns Yuna of the recent disappearances of summoners and their guardians. The reason for these disappearances is later revealed to be the Al Bhed, trying to stop the summoners' pilgrimage and their imminent death.

The Al Bhed kidnap Pacce during Isaaru's pilgrimage forcing him and Maroda to surrender. After Yuna defeats Isaaru in a battle between aeons, Pacce remains in Bevelle to maintain order with his brothers, guarding the entrance to the town.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit


The Kinderguardians.

During the Eternal Calm Pacce has joined with his friends, Taro and Hana, to form the Kinderguardians, a junior sphere hunting group. The group grows considerably throughout the game into a "Kindercorps", according to Maroda.

In Chapter 5 the Kinderguardians discover the entrance to the Via Infinito, where Pacce quickly flees the dungeon when confronted by Trema. The group remains outside the entrance to Via Infinito, encouraging Yuna to hurry back and tell them about the dungeon.

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Pacce is voiced by Candi Milo in the English version and Motoko Kumai in the Japanese version.



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