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PSICOM, short for Public Security and Intelligence Command or Public Safety and Intelligence Command, is a military force in Final Fantasy XIII. Commanded by Colonel Jihl Nabaat and directed by Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch, they are heavily armed soldiers clad in full-armor that employ machine guns in battle. Although their appearance can vary, they are best recognized by the glowing yellow eye sockets on their helmets.

In Final Fantasy XIII, PSICOM is referred to as "Public Security and Intelligence Command", but in Final Fantasy XIII-2, it is called "Public Safety and Intelligence Command".


The Sanctum military is composed of two main branches: the Guardian Corps, responsible for maintaining security in various jurisdictions throughout Cocoon, and PSICOM -- Public Security and Intelligence Command.

PSICOM is a military force charged with protecting Cocoon from Pulsian incursion. In contrast to the lightly armed Guardian Corps, PSICOM employs an array of advanced heavy weaponry and cruiser-class airships.

As PSICOM bears responsibility for any and all threats of Pulse origin, it was PSICOM who conducted the Purge.


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Despite being tasked with defending Cocoon from Gran Pulse invasions, the likes of which has not occurred since the War of Transgression centuries past, PSICOM is considered the superior military branch of the Sanctum. PSICOM have the most technologically advanced equipment and artillery in Cocoon at their disposal, including giant robots, airships, and transgates for summoning special genetically-modified monsters. Even with these advantages, however, the lack of actual deployment for any PSICOM divisions but the elite Eden force has left them inexperienced.

After the Euride Gorge incident, a boy called Dajh Katzroy was found branded a Sanctum l'Cie and taken into PSICOM custody under Jihl Nabaat. PSICOM was unable to determine the boy's Focus, but when he displayed interest in the Pulse Vestige in Bodhum, Nabaat sent a PSICOM unit to investigate. PSICOM found the Pulse fal'Cie Anima within the Vestige, and the investigation team was branded l'Cie and they went on to transform into Cie'th, crystalline monsters l'Cie who fail their Focus become.

PSICOM carrying out the Purge.

PSICOM quarantines Bodhum and the Sanctum orders the Purge of everyone in the town, making no distinction between citizens and tourists, although military personnel are exempt. While PSICOM carries out the Purge in the Hanging Edge, they move the Vestige to the restricted area where they destroy it and cast it down to Lake Bresha, which crystallizes on impact. PSICOM scours the crystallized lake searching for Purge survivors and the rogue Pulse l'Cie who had infiltrated the Vestige while it was taken by PSICOM, but another military unit, the Cavalry, finds them first.

In Palumpolum, PSICOM tracks down two of the Pulse l'Cie, Lightning and Hope Estheim, and sets an ambush for them in the Agora, the operation being led by Yaag Rosch. The l'Cie escape, but PSICOM corners them at the Estheim Residence, where Snow Villiers—another Pulse l'Cie—pleads for them to see that they are neither monsters nor enemies of Cocoon. Members of the Cavalry disguised as PSICOM soldiers save the l'Cie and take them away, foiling PSICOM's mission yet again.

Another PSICOM unit in Nautilus, led by Nabaat, corners Sazh Katzroy and Oerba Dia Vanille, and captures them, taking them aboard the Palamecia to be taken to Eden for execution. The two l'Cie escape their holding cell and reunite with the others to confront Primarch Galenth Dysley and Nabaat on the airship's bridge, where Dysley kills her to safely reveal his true nature as the fal'Cie Barthandelus to the l'Cie.

PSICOM and the Guardian Corps evacuate citizens from the fallen Cocoon.

During the Siege of Eden, PSICOM fights both the l'Cie and the Pulse-based monsters set loose in the city. Yaag Rosch, now the leader of PSICOM when Nabaat has been removed, leads the operation, and hunts down the l'Cie at Edenhall himself. He comes to realize that Cocoon has been betrayed by its fal'Cie rulers, who in fact wish for Cocoon's obliteration. After deducing the Pulse l'Cie are not enemies of Cocoon, Rosch orders PSICOM to cease all l'Cie operations and instead focus on protecting Cocoon's people. Rosch sacrifices himself to help the l'Cie reach their destination in the heart of Eden, leaving PSICOM leaderless.

After Cocoon's fall, the surviving PSICOM soldiers collaborate with the remaining Guardian Corps troops to help the populace evacuate to Gran Pulse.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before[]

After Cocoon's fall, PSICOM was terminated along with the Sanctum. When the new provisional government revealed the truth behind the events leading to Cocoon's fall, the remaining soldiers were chased out of Cocoon for their role in the Purge. They leave their families, flee to the frontier lands of Gran Pulse, and form settlements distanced far from those who would retaliate. Meanwhile, their families would suffer discrimination out of association with PSICOM.

PSICOM soldiers were trained only knowing to do whatever it took to protect Cocoon, even sacrifice themselves. In Palumpolum, when Snow said he and the other Pulse l'Cie also wished to protect Cocoon, the surrounding PSICOM troops became flustered, because "protecting Cocoon" was all they knew and it was the very foundation of their lives as soldiers. After learning there was no Pulsian threat, the soldiers lost their sense of purpose. After being chased out of Cocoon, PSICOM remnants went to Gran Pulse's frontier lands because they're filled with dangerous monsters, poisonous plants, and insects; the more danger they face, the more they feel at peace. Behind the false impression of being cruel and ruthless, PSICOM soldiers were people who had lost the meaning of their existence.

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PSICOM soldiers are faced as enemies in Final Fantasy XIII.

Musical theme[]

The eponymous "PSICOM" often plays when the party face off against the military force. It is a relatively short piece largely built upon a militaristic drum march, culminating in a brass fanfare, before fading out to a short, calmer strings section to end. "PSICOM" is most notably heard during the opening FMV of Palumpolum.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Some PSICOM troops appear as enemies in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF PSICOM Officer.png

PSICOM Officer appears as a job card.



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