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We normally only get to see you from the cheap seats at the Celestium, so this is a real treat!

P'yandih to the Warrior of Light

P'yandih is a non-player character in the Blue Mage questline in Final Fantasy XIV. She is part of the Blue Mage's Guild along with Nutiba Buntiba and learns blue magic under Martyn's tutelage.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

P'yandih and Nutiba after Martyn tells them to go train more.

P'yandih and her friend Nutiba Buntiba, witnessed a few Masked Carnivle shows and decided to become one of the first students of the Blue Mage's Guild. The two meet the Warrior of Light and are excited to meet him and ask to become his apprentices. Martyn reminds them that he is the guildmaster and tells them to go out and learn more spells.

Martyn has the Warrior of Light train both of them in Hammerlea by defeating an arena viking, and P'yandih is amazed to see expert blue magic up close rather than the cheap seats in the Celestium. After the training Martyn has them run a few errands for the guild and has them pay for the training. They were surprised that the cost went up but Martyn brushes them off saying the viking wasn't cheap to rent, as well as keeping the guild afloat.

After their last lesson P'yandih has become more skilled in blue magic finally being able to keep her enemies on the back foot. Martyn plans on sending the group into copperbell mines for more training and on the way to the entrance they come across a voidsent and defeat it, surprising them. And are fascinated to learn that the Warrior of Light took care of one all by himself. After the fight with Siegfrid, P'yandih and Nutiba leave to learn blue magic on their own.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

P'yandih upon completion of her final test.

Some time has passed and P'yandih is taking her final test as a blue mage, the Warrior of Light oversees her fight with Ultros and she passes, becoming one of the Great Azuro's apprentices. Although she feels like she doesn't earn it as much as Nutiba does, as he was more skilled, she then wonders what could've possessed him to up and leave without a word. After Martyn confirms her success on the test he allows her to go into the Celestium and make her debut as "Azuro the Fourth" and holds his spot while Martyn goes to Kugane to learn about the "blue wizards" from the east. Martyn sends a letter requesting assistance and P'yandih asks the Warrior of Light to go in her stead worrying about the guildmaster.

After Gogo's defeat, P'yandih is impressed with the Warrior of Light's advances and hands the celestium back over to the Martyn so she can catch up on some more training.



P'yandih's 4th attire.

P'yandih is a miqo'te with pink hair and green eyes who initially wears the true blue attire in her first appearance, and then wears a blue dyed dalmatica, and later on a blue felt robe. She then wears a Storm blue bolero, with a blue feathered circlet in her hair, after passing a final test she wears the Magus attire with the Whalaqee cane.


P'yandih is excited to learn blue magic and is fascinated with the Warrior of Light's skill in blue magic compared to Martyn. She also cares a lot about Nutiba and although Martyn can be a cheapskate and underwhelming guild leader, she still worries about his safety.