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A strange liquid that gushes forth air.


Oxyale (空気の水, Kūki no Mizu?, lit. Water of air) is an item in Final Fantasy that is used by the player in Gaia to breathe underwater and explore the Sunken Shrine.

To obtain the item, the player must first buy the Bottled Faerie for 50,000 gil at the Caravan, which is located in a desert west of Onrac. They must then return to Gaia and go through its maze-like wooded back area, where the player should eventually find a pond. If one stands by the pond and uses the bottle, a faerie will appear and give the player Oxyale to put in the bottle. Should they return to Onrac and speak to the woman in the southeast corner of the town, near the sea, she will reveal herself as a mermaid's spirit, then vanish and allow the player access to a crude barrel that serves as the submarine transport to the Sunken Shrine.

In the Dawn of Souls version, the Bottled Faerie costs 40,000 gil to buy from the Caravan. Upon reaching Gaia, the faerie leaves the bottle and flies to the pond. When the player catches up to her, she apologizes for leaving and gives the player the Oxyale in exchange for freeing her.