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Owzer's Mansion, also known as Owzer's House, is a location in Final Fantasy VI. Overlooking Jidoor from the northern end of the city, it is the largest home in town and houses Owzer's art collection.


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The party finds Setzer's letter to Impresario.

The mansion is first visited when the party returns from Zozo, seeking a way to travel to Vector on the southern continent. Meeting the Impresario here, the group learns of Setzer Gabbiani, owner of the Blackjack, the world's only airship.

At an unspecified point, Owzer purchased a beautiful stone at the auction house, and was overcome with the need to have a painting of Lakshmi done. After seeing several artists who did not have enough talent to fulfill his desire, Relm came by and Owzer put her to work. A demon possessed the painting while Relm was working, and spread its influence over the rest of the gallery.

Relm says goodbye after Owzer's painting is saved.

When the party returns to Owzer's Mansion in the World of Ruin, the destruction of a painting on the main floor reveals a staircase to the basement. In a rear room Relm is seeing to the painting of Lakshmi with Owzer looking on, and the party defeats the demon. Its hold on the gallery is broken and Relm departs with the party, promising Owzer to return and finish the painting later. Owzer, disturbed by the hold the stone held over him, asks the party to take it, and they receive Lakshmi's magicite shard.

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The various rooms of the manor's basement.

The first floor of the art gallery houses a collection of paintings on an elevated area. The paintings consist of a treasure chest, an urn, a suit of armor, a bouquet of flowers, a lamp, and a painting of a woman. There is also a painting that changes between the World of Balance and the World of Ruin: in the World of Balance it is a painting of Ultros, and in the World of Ruin it is a painting of Gestahl, painted by an artist in Albrook and sold to Owzer. Another elevated area hosts a bed and bookshelves.

The basement of the mansion is seemingly half-constructed, or else has been twisted by the magic of the demon Chadarnook, as it consists of many passages not directly connected. The basement has doors that seemingly open to nowhere, a doorway hidden behind another painting, and doorways that open inside paintings of doorways, causing the party to immediately drop the floor. In many cases entering a doorway leads the party to another part of the basement that the door could not logically connect to. The area is perpetually in darkness save for the rear room where the painting of Lakshmi is; this room brightens after Chadarnook is defeated, but the rest of the basement remains darkened.

The paintings in the basement include a suit of armor, a chair, and paintings of doorways. There is also a painting of the opera star Maria where the figure in the painting is constantly moving to face a different direction each time the party moves between areas - this seemingly has no significance or relation to anything happening in the basement but to heighten its mysterious and magical nature. In the back of the basement is a large private room where Owzer and Relm are seeing to the painting of Lakshmi. The area has tables and chairs with a fireplace and bookshelf, with the painting of Lakshmi overseeing the room from the rear wall.

In the Pixel Remaster port, the windows of the mansion are illuminated from within. In the World of Ruin under the influence of Chadarnook, the windows glow an eerie purple and a shadowed silhouette drifts across the windows.




On the first floor, the pot by the bed contains an Ether. In the basement, a chest in a doorway off the entrance room contains a Moogle Suit, and a chest in a passage behind the three doorways contains a Lich Ring.

In a large room in the basement, four chests hover in the air. Walking under them causes them to descend and initiates a battle, after which the chest will be opened. The chests contain, in order from left to right, 293 gil, a Potion, an Ether, and a Gold Needle.

When the player defeats Chadarnook, they can take the Lakshmi Magicite from the bookcase.

In the World of Ruin, if the player inspects Emperor Gestahl's portrait twice, they receive the key item Emperor's Letter, which hints to the location of the Phoenix Cave.


Recruit Relm[]

The party fighting the two forms of Chadarnook.

In the World of Ruin, if the player did not wait for Shadow before escaping the Floating Continent, they must first rescue Relm from the Cave on the Veldt, and then make her leave her bed in Thamasa, after which they can re-recruit her in Owzer's Mansion. To trigger Relm leaving bed, the following sequence of events must be accomplished: the player needs to step on one of three specific tiles located very close to Thamasa's south exit and then leave the village; they must then re-enter it and walk once more on one of those tiles, and leave the village again. Upon exiting Thamasa for the second time, Relm and Interceptor will have vanished from their room, and the events at Owzer's Mansion will be able to start. Because of the placement of the three trigger tiles, it is advised to leave Thamasa using the south exit each time, as using the west exit may make the process more tedious.

Enter the gallery, turn on the lights at the bottom of the stairs, and upstairs inspect the painting of the lovely lady to initiate a battle with two Misties - when it ends, a door and a staircase to the basement is revealed. Downstairs, avoid stepping in front of the painting of a chair as it will initiate a battle. The left door leads to a chest with a Moogle Suit, the right door leads to an area with three doors. A hallway behind them contains a Lich Ring. The three doors cycle open and closed, the left door leads on and the middle and right door lead to the previous area.

Through the left door, follow the passage to another door and end up in a room with a painting of armor on the wall and four chests floating in the air. Passing under the chests caused them to descend and they can be opened, and inspecting the suit of armor initiates a battle with Still Life and a door to appear when it is defeated. Through this door is a small room with a save point. The left door leads back into the basement, the right door leads to the rear room where Chadarnook is fought.

When Chadarnook is defeated, inspect the bookcase to receive the Lakshmi magicite, and Relm then joins the party.

Nutkin Suits[]

The Rafflesia portrait springs to life.

Inspecting the painting of flowers in the World of Ruin initiates a battle with three Rafflesia. These are an important enemy to fight so they will appear on the Veldt, as the player can steal Nutkin Suits from them - Nutkin Suits can be bet at the Coliseum to win Genji Armor, which is otherwise very rare. The Rafflesia are the only enemy in the game Nutkin Suits can be stolen from, and they must be encountered before defeating Chadarnook as they are not encountered anywhere else in the game (except Soul Shrine). While other costume-type armors can be bet to win up to the Nutkin Suit, they too must be farmed from enemies, so farming the Nutkin Suit directly is the easiest way to acquire them.


Owzer's Mansion Map.png

Musical themes[]

"The Magic House" is the theme of Owzer's Mansion when it is visited in the World of Ruin. It also replaces "Kids Run Through the City" as the theme for Jidoor.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

In the Super NES version, the contents of the four floating chests are erroneously given. Going by the Super NES names, the actual contents of the chests are 293 GP, a Tonic, a Tincture, and a Soft, but they are given as 2000 GP, a Potion, an Ether, and a Remedy. This can partially be chalked up to poor translation - in the Super NES version, the lowest-tier HP and MP healing items are called Tonic and Tincture while Potion and Ether are the next tier up, and in the original Japanese the lowest-tier items are called Potion and Ether and the next up are Hi-Potion and Hi-Ether; presumably the translator got confused and translated the item names directly from Japanese without being aware the same item names were attributed to different items elsewhere.

The reason for the exact amount of gil found in one of the floating chests, 293, is unknown, but it may be intended as a pun in hexidecimal coding. The hexadeximal coding for 293 is "125", which when multiplied by 16 (16-bit computing was the basis for the Super NES) equals 2000, the amount of gil stated to be given to the party. Further, the hexadecimal coding for "125" is 7D, while the hexadecimal coding for "2000" is 7D0. This same occurrence occurs in the Cave to the Sealed Gate as well.

Numerous dummied dialogue exists for when the party meets Owzer, alluding to an entirely different story scenario where Owzer seemed to have affection for Relm and the party had to talk him into allowing Relm to come with them, as well as Owzer being ill and initially resisting the idea of them taking the Lakshmi magicite instead of him giving it up willingly.

Condition/Moment/Etc. SNES/PSX GBA
Appears after Owzer tells the party where the stone is and before the party realizes its magicite. OWZER: Hey, not that. That's priceless!! But seeing as you saved my hide, I'll give it to you as well. Owzer: Hey, not that! That's almost as precious to me as life itself! But you did help me... I guess I'll give you that as well.
Appears sometime before the party takes the stone. OWZER: The stone in question is in the middle of the shelf. Owzer: The stone's in that bookcase over there.
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #1. OWZER: What a tremendous gift! This young lady's pictures just might help salvage this rotting world of ours!
"We need to take RELM with us! She might just be our only chance to restore the sunny days of our not-too-distant past!"
Owzer: She has a tremendous gift. Her pictures may be this dying world's last hope for salvation.
"We need Relm's help bring light back to the world."
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #2. OWZER: Cough...hack...
RELM: Old man! Are you all right?!
OWZER: You think things will ever be as they were?
"...We don't know..." but if we don't try...
OWZER: We'll lose everything...
"We haven't much time. We need RELM's help now..."
Owzer: ...*cough*...*hack*...
Relm: Hey! Are you all right, old man?!
Owzer: You really think things will return to the way they were?
"...No one knows. But...if we don't do anything, the world's fate is sealed..."
Owzer: It'll be the end of everything...
"We don't have much time. We need Relm's help..."
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #3. OWZER: Let me at least hug her one last time... Owzer: Then, let me hug her...just one last time...
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #4. OWZER: RELM... Cough...Hackack... Will you come back some day? And paint me another of your masterpieces? Owzer: Relm... *cough*...*hack... Will you come back someday? And...paint for me again?
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #5. RELM: I'll come back.
OWZER: Thank you... Such a nice girl!
Relm: You bet!
Owzer: All right, then... Such a nice girl...
Relm and Owzer related dialogue #6. RELM: I have to go! But fear not, I'll be back to finish this painting!
OWZER: I'll be waiting for you!
Relm: I have to go now. But don't you worry! I'll be back to finish this painting!
Owzer: I'll be waiting for you...