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Owzer is a morbidly obese non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is the richest man in Jidoor and an avid art collector, decorating his mansion with many paintings.


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Owzer asking the party to save his painting.

At some point Owzer bought a strange stone from the Auction House in Jidoor. He was looking at it one night when he had the sudden desire for a painting of Lakshmi. He auditioned several artists for the work, but none of them were talented enough to satisfy him. Owzer then heard of Relm and her great talent, and brought her to Jidoor and put her to work. While she was painting, the demon Chadarnook was enticed by it and took possession of it.

As Relm tried to deal with the demon, the party found her and destroyed it. Owzer explained the situation with the stone and the painting and the party inspected the stone on the bookshelf, and recognized it as magicite. Owzer, feeling the stone had only caused him trouble, asked them to take it with them, and bid farewell to Relm as she left to help them, promising she would return later to finish her painting.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Owzer TCG.png

Owzer appears with an ice-elemental card.

Other media[]

In the Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary and iOS remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Owzer is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Monk job.

Behind the scenes[]

There are many dummied out lines of dialogue that substantially change Relm and Owzer's relationship. In these dummied lines, Owzer has come to hold affection for Relm and is hesitant to let her go with the party, but is talked into it by the party who convince him Relm's powers can help save the world. Owzer also often coughs in these lines, implying he is ill.

The BradyGames guide for the Anthology release of Final Fantasy VI erroneously says Owzer lives in the mansion in South Figaro.