A close-combat ability Barret can trigger when equipped with a melee weapon. Press Triangle to make Barret guard and then hit his opponent hard. While the skill cannot be used continuously, pressing Triangle will shorten the wait time between uses.

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Overrun is one of Barret's two unique abilities tied to Triangle in Final Fantasy VII Remake. When charged up, Barret charges towards an enemy with his melee weapon arm in front of him, damaging and pushing in all enemies caught along the way, before slamming his weapon to the ground, dealing tremendous area-of-effect damage and greatly increasing his own ATB. While not charged up, pressing Triangle charges it further.

Overrun is the alternative to Overcharge, which Barret uses while he has a gun-arm equipped.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Overrun is available only once fully charged. Once used, it must be charged again by pressing Triangle repeatedly or by waiting.

Overrun comprises six hits, where the first five are identical, and the sixth is most powerful. The first five hits have an attack power of only 20 each, and the more powerful fifth hit has an attack power of 420, totaling 520. Overrun, if connecting against an enemy successfully, fills Barret's ATB gauge by 20 for the first five hits and 245 for the sixth hit. Against a staggered enemy, this increases to 50 for the first five hits and 400 for the final hit. Each hit is identical in stagger gauge and pressure rate increase (1 each, or 2 for pressure).

Overrun deals damage higher that most ATB abilities of other characters, and considerably than many of Barret's ranged abilities on a single ATB use. Overrun deals more damage than Overcharge, which has an attack power of 416 total. However, its ATB gain on connecting is considerably lower than Overcharge.

Use[edit | edit source]

Overrun deals great area-of-effect physical damage to nearby enemies, and can be used to quickly close the gap with distant enemies and bring Barret in closer. Overrun is best either for catching up with enemies at a range to then damage them, or at catching a group of enemies clustered together, making them open to be hit with his other melee abilities, such as Smackdown or Charging Uppercut. Barret also cannot be interrupted during Overrun.

Overrun, much like Overcharge, needs to be charged up to use and cannot be used frequently. Using Triangle to charge up the ability will take up animation time in which Barret cannot damage enemies. The best way to use a normal charge is in-between hitting enemies. After Barret deals with a group of nearby enemies, he can charge the ability before then using it to hit the next group. Another effective way is using Charging Uppercut, which increases charge for Overrun when used and allows him to use it more frequently.

Compared to Overcharge, Overrun is focused more on area-of-effect damage to clusters of enemies, while Overcharge is better for single target damage at a long distance. This is in-line with the different playstyle involved in using Barret with a gun-arm compared to a melee weapon. Overrun also deals greater damage than Overcharge but has a lesser impact on refilling Barret's ATB gauge, making it better for dealing damage.

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