The "Overkill" display in the HD Remaster.

An Overkill (PS2).

Overkill (OVER KILL, Ōbā Kiru?) is a term used in Final Fantasy X for defeating an enemy with excessive damage. All enemies have an Overkill damage requirement stat, and if a character lands a killing blow dealing damage equal to or greater than this number, the word "Overkill" appears before the fiend dissipates into pyreflies.

Overkilled enemies generally award twice the AP and items compared to usual, but this is not always the case. In the Monster Arena, Overkilled subjects yield extra items, but only the normal amount of AP. Overkill does not have any impact on equipment drops. It is a good strategy to always strive for Overkills, as the extra items and AP will make the party stronger and more likely to achieve further Overkills.

The Overkill value is 1.5 times the total HP (but no higher than 99,999 damage, aside from the Magic Urn), except in the cases of enemies with greater-than-average HP, such as Horned enemies, the humanoid ogres such as Wendigo, mechanical constructs such as Defender Z and rarities such as Adamantoise. All aeons summoned by Belgemine in Remiem Temple have their Overkill value equal to their total HP.

If an enemy is killed with an attack that hits multiple times, such as Blitz Ace, the Overkill is determined based on the total damage. The only exception to this is Doublecast; in this case, each spell's damage is individual, and only the damage of the spell that finishes the enemy off will be taken into account for Overkill.

If Tidus deals enough damage to Overkill with Blitz Ace, but fails to perform the final hit with the blitzball, the Overkill indicator will still appear shortly after as the enemy dies. In the International and HD Remaster versions, if the player Overkills Penance while it has any arms alive, an Overkill indicator will pop up on the arms as well as the body.

Sinspawn Ammes and Tanker cannot be Overkilled under normal circumstances, as it is only possible to inflict approximately 700 points of damage to them (with critical hits), but the required amount is 1000. Likewise, the Crane cannot be damaged without modifying the game, so it cannot be Overkilled. Yu Pagodas also lack an Overkill value entirely.

List of enemies with special Overkill damage[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Overkill is the use of excessive force or action that goes further than is necessary to achieve its goal.

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