Overcoming Sadness is a time-limited event where Rydia from Final Fantasy IV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 10.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Help Appears:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 10: Abandoned Petalum before playing.

  • Raijin: Take this, ya know!

(Raijin defeats a Bomb)

  • Vivi: You're amazing, Mr. Raijin!
  • Raijin: Hehe, you're makin' me blush, ya know?
  • Fujin: EGO.
  • Raijin: I can't remember the last time anybody complimented me, ya know!
  • Vivi: It's really too bad if no one ever compliments you...
  • Raijin: Anytime you need me, just let me know, ya know!
  • Raijin: I got a Mr. Raijin Special to help you clobber any problem, ya know!
  • Fujin: ...OVERCONFIDENT.

(Two more Bombs appear behind the party)

  • Fujin: DANGER!

(Raijin turns around and a Bomb explodes on him)

  • Raijin: Yeeeowch!?
  • Raijin: That's a dirty trick, sneakin' up on a guy like that, ya know!
  • Fujin: STAND! FIGHT!
  • Vivi: We can do this, Mr. Raijin!
  • Raijin: Y-yeah, just gimme a sec, ya know?
  • ???: Yaaaaaah!!

(The Bombs are vanquished by Rydia)

  • ???: You're safe now.
  • Raijin: Y-you! It can't be!
  • Raijin: ...Do I know ya, ya know?

(Fujin runs ahead to face another Bomb)

The Summoner Rydia:
  • ???: Yang! And Edge, too! I'm so relieved to see you again!
  • Yang: I...um... Have we met...?
  • Edge: You know me, miss?
  • Rydia: Hold on, what do you mean? It's me, Rydia.
  • Yang: Rydia...
  • Yang: C-could it be? The summoner Rydia!?
  • Rydia: Yes! Now you remember?
  • Yang: Goodness gracious... The Rydia I remember was but a child...
  • Yang: The resemblance is more than passing, though... Hmmm...
  • Edge: ...Even if you say that... Argh, I can't believe I'd forget such a pretty face...

(The Onion Knight and Serah arrive)

  • Onion Knight: It could be the Torsions at play. Let's get her caught up on what's going on first.

  • Serah: ...In short, even friends from the same world could have memories well out of sync.
  • Rydia: I had no idea... So that's why you don't remember me...
  • Edge: Don't make such a sad face! Aw, heck...how could I have forgotten...?
  • Yang: Whilst we were traveling at sea, we met with an accident and you were lost to us.
  • Yang: That is the last thing I can remember...
  • Serah: But if you've grown up, does that mean you're from the future?
  • Rydia: No, I don't think the time I'm from is so different from everyone else.
  • Rydia: After that accident, I ended up in a place called the Feymarch and lived there for a while.
  • Rydia: Time passes more quickly in the Feymarch, so...
  • Onion Knight: You grew up in the blink of an eye?
  • Rydia: Yup, that's about it!
  • Rydia: The queen of the Eidolons told me wheels of a fate greater than us all are turning now.
  • Rydia: If so many other worlds are in danger, could this be what she meant?
  • Serah: You'll help us out, won't you?
  • Rydia: Of course! Let's face this fate together.
  • Edge: Yeah! More than just a beauty, you got pep to boot! I like your style, Rydia!
  • Rydia: Edge hasn't changed at all... What a relief.
Respective Feelings:

(Balthier, Cecil, and Tidus observe Rydia and Yuna)

  • Balthier: Those two seem to have hit it off. Summoners must have a lot in common.
  • Tidus: I get the feeling Yuna and Rydia aren't all that alike. Fun to have another smiling face, though.

(Seymour arrives from a Torsion)

  • Yuna: That's...!?
  • Tidus: Seymour!!
  • Balthier: Another sudden entrance. ...Can we help you?
  • Seymour: You needn't look so frightening...
  • Seymour: I simply came to speak with this young woman.
  • Rydia: Huh? Me?
  • Seymour: Yes. There is something I must know.
  • Seymour: Why you travel with the one who killed your mother.
  • Yuna: ...Killed Rydia's mother!?
  • Tidus: Who do you think here is gonna buy your lies, Seymour!
  • Balthier: Is that your idea of a joke?
  • Cecil: ...Alas, it is not.
  • Cecil: Although I was unaware at the time, I am the one responsible for Rydia's mother's...
  • Yuna: It can't be true...
  • Seymour: Hatred and grief are never ending. I know too well how you feel.
  • Seymour: For that reason alone, I find your actions difficult to comprehend.
  • Seymour: Will you not seek revenge while it is in your power to claim it?
  • Rydia: ...I can't say I understand it well, but one thing I do know...
  • Rydia: Revenge can't change the past.
  • Rydia: I can't wallow in my pity forever! I decided for myself that I would fill the role I was meant to.
  • Seymour: How truly wretched... You would try to whitewash a bloodstained past with pretty words?
  • Tidus: Would you shut up, already! What's so wrong with choosing to move forward!
  • Balthier: It strikes me as far more constructive than going in circles as you're bound by the past.
  • Seymour: It does not seem as though we will be able to understand each other. I wasted my time...

(Seymour exits into the Torsion)

  • Tidus: Ahhh! I can't stand that creep! Rydia, forget everything he said!
  • Rydia: Don't worry; I'm fine. Though...
  • Cecil: Rydia... I am so terribly sorry for the pain I have caused you...
  • Rydia: You don't need to apologize to me anymore, Cecil. Come on, look at me.
  • Rydia: You risked your life to protect me that time, right?
  • Rydia: Your feelings came through to me, loud and clear.
  • Balthier: As a fellow man of the sky, let me give you some advice.
  • Balthier: ...Don't dwell too much on the past...
  • Rydia: Don't worry. Cecil has it in him to carry on. I know him!
  • Cecil: ...My thanks.
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