Overcharge is one of Barret's two unique abilities tied to Triangle in Final Fantasy VII Remake. When charged up, Barret fires several strong bullets towards an enemy, dealing tremendous damage, and greatly increasing their stagger gauge while increasing his own ATB. While not charged up, pressing Triangle charges it further.

When Barret has a melee weapon equipped, the ability is replaced with Overrun, which has the same charging mechanic.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Overcharge is available only once fully charged. Once used, it must be charged again by pressing Triangle repeatedly or by waiting.

Overcharge comprises five hits, where the first four are identical, and the fifth is most powerful. The first four hits have an attack power of 50 each, and the more powerful fifth hit has an attack power of 216, totaling 416. When Overcharge connects, it fills Barret's ATB gauge by 100 for the first four hits and 250 for the fifth hit. Against a staggered enemy, this increases to 200 for the first four hits and 420 for the final hit. However, each hit is equal in terms of stagger rate increase (1 each, or 2 each for pressure rate).

The damage of Overcharge is comparable to most ATB abilities of other characters, and higher than many of Barret's ranged abilities on a single ATB use. Overcharge deals less damage than Overrun, which has an attack power of 520 damage across its hits. However, its ATB gain on connecting is higher than Overrun.

Use[edit | edit source]

Overcharge deals physical damage on par with an ATB ability, and greatly increases Barret's own ATB gauge as well as builds the enemy's stagger gauge. It will fire first at whichever enemy Barret is targeting, but if he destroys the enemy while using it, he will switch targets. Overcharge deals excellent single target physical damage and can destroy an enemy, and when it is available, should be used instantly.

The main drawback with Overcharge is that, when using Triangle to charge up the ability, it takes up animation time and stops Barret from firing his gun. The best way to use Overcharge is to charge up the ability instantly after Barret's gun overheats. When his gun overheats after firing bullets, Barret can then charge Overcharge, thus making good use of otherwise wasting animation on cooling his gun and also allowing him to get in attacks in the meantime. This is the optimal way to make use of Overcharge, and allows Barret to have the ability up often.

Compared to Overrun, the damage from Overcharge is more focused towards single targets at long distance, while Overrun is more focused on area-of-effect damage at close range. This is in-line with the different playstyle involved in using Barret with a melee weapon. Overcharge also has a greater impact in filling Barret's ATB gauge but deals lower damage than Overrun, making it better for a supporting role.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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