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Over the FANTASY is the single of the theme song of the 2001 anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It is sung by Japanese voice actress Kana Ueda. The single features three variations of the theme song, including the original full version, as well as their instrumental versions. The variations are performed by Hiroshi Imaizumi, Junko Hirotani, Taeko Saitoh, and Maki Kimura.

Track listEdit

  1. "Over the FANTASY [ORIGINAL MIX] - 4:21
  2. "Over the FANTASY [Luckspin Remix] - 8:04
  3. "Over the FANTASY [EXOTIC Remix] - 4:16
  4. "Over the FANTASY [ORIGINAL MIX / Instrumental] - 4:20
  5. "Over the FANTASY [Luckspin Remix / Instrumental] - 8:04
  6. "Over the FANTASY [EXOTIC Remix / Instrumental] - 4:14

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