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Ouvielle is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She appeared during the weaver questline.


After the adventurer joins Sunsilk Tapestries, he finds Chuchumu crying in the Golden Bazaar for fear of facing the wrath of her stepmother Ouvielle. She had been attacked by a wild beast, and her little red riding hood, a family heirloom borrowed from her stepmother, was shattered and lost. The adventurer sews a viable copy of little red riding hood and hands it to Chuchumu, but not before witnessing Chuchumu being mistreated by her stepmother.[1]

Ouvielle's contacts in high society yielded an open invitation to his entire family at a ball promoted by the royal family and the union.[2] It is said that Prince Teledji fell in love with Chuchumu at the ball and the furious Ouvielle did not offer the necessary dowry for the wedding, Chuchumu then kills his Ouvielle with poisoned apples from the palace gardens to inherit all of Ouvielle's assets. However Deaustie reveals that it was all a theater called "The Girl Who Would Be Princess" that had the whole city-state as a stage, and that Ouvielle was constantly playing the role of an evil stepmother.[3]




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