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Example snapshot made using the Outerworld service

Outerworld Services was a way of communication in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII players could use to showcase their customized Lightning, location and character snapshots, bosses' Battle Scores, send items for sale (except for DLC items and weaponry/shields upgrade components), or buy items sent by other players. The service was added by Motomu Toriyama, the director of the game.[1]. The service closed 26th April 2016.[2]

Sending items for sale did not remove it from inventory, nor did one receive gil from sales. As it had no downside, one could always attach an item to their messages.

By submitting a boss score from the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo, the player could unlock the Siegfried garb for use in the main game.


The countless non-playable characters the player cannot interact with are placeholders for the Outerworld NPCs. These Outerworld NPCs' names are written in blue compared to the in-game NPCs' white written names that Lightning can interact with. They appear in random places across Nova Chrysalia. After talking to the NPC, the player could cheer them by pressing Playstation Button S.png/X, report post with Playstation Button Select.png/Back, view their profile with Playstation-Button-L1.png/Left bumper, or message them with Playstation-Button-R1.png/Right bumper.

Connecting to social networks[]

To enable the social networks services, the player needed to "enable network connection" for the option "Outerworld Services" in the game's Settings. Next step was accepting Terms of Use. After linking with Facebook and/or Twitter an authentication code in square brackets ("[", "]") appeared and was to be activated at this site. After the player entered the code, he was be asked to authorize the app. After authorizing it, the player was free to use the Outerworld Services.


The player couldn't summon an Outerworld NPC if they were only linked to Twitter. Facebook was needed.

  • The player should have linked their PSN account to their Facebook account.
  • One could join the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for Timeline application on Facebook; [1].
  • The player could submit a Lightning message or take an Outerworld snapshot in-game, so they were added to the Outerworld application.
  • The player could look around on the application for someone with the item they wanted. This could have taken a while.
  • The player could press the "summon" button and take note of the name of who's selling the desired item, their message, etc.
  • The player could enter the pause menu; save, then choose "Exit game". When the player reloaded their file, checked around for an Outerworld NPC with the same name as the person they just saw., they could buy the item they wanted from them.


Snapshot options.

After the player pressed the Playstation Button Start.png/Start button, they needed to press the Playstation Button S.png/X button to submit a snapshot.

When in the snapshot menu, the player could compose a message, select an item to be attached on the snapshot, select one of five category (People, Humor, Happenings, Battle, and Favorite Snapshots), and finally take the snapshot. Also on this screen, the player could submit the snapshot by pressing Playstation Button S.png/X button, view their profile with Playstation-Button-L1.png/Left bumper, or message them with Playstation-Button-R1.png/Right bumper.

The "Take snapshot" option, the player was given several options: Move camera with PlayStation L3 Button.png/Xbox Button L.png, Zoom out with Playstation-Button-L2.png/Left trigger, Zoom in with Playstation-Button-L1.png/Left bumper, Show/hide Lightning with Playstation Button S.png/X, Take snapshot with Playstation-Button-X.png/Xbox Button A.png, Cancel with Playstation-Button-C.png/Xbox Button B.png, Rotate camera with Playstation Rstick Neutral.png/Xbox Rstick Neutral.png, and Reset camera by pressing down the Playstation Button R3.png/Xbox Button R.png.

All created snapshots are low-quality JPGs below 50 KB in size and 640×360 pixels in resolution.

Outerworld challenges[]

On February 14th, 2014, Square Enix initiated a series of four "Outerworld Challenges": for every specific number of sent Outerworld snapshots within two weeks after Challenge's initiation a "new" garb was unlocked and a new Challenge appeared. When a Challenge's requirement were met, the garb was available at the Rewards Barter Shop provided that the player talked with an Outerworld Services non-playable character from Square Enix called "@LRFF13". All unlocked garbs came from the game's Hard Mode, and after being unlocked were available through the Outerworld Services until May 7th, 2014.[3]

On the announcement day of Outerworld Challenges, Square Enix announced Challenge which said that posting 100,000 or more snapshots would unlock the Helter Skelter garb. By February 21st players were able to fulfill the requirement and the garb appeared within Square Enix's Outerworld characters. On the same day, it was announced that if Lightning Returns community reached 250,000 posts by March 7th, another Hard Mode garb, Duelist, would be made available through the services.[4] On March 7th, Square Enix announced that the players completed the second Challenge, and announced the third on the same day without specifying the time limit, but mentioning a total of 300,000 posts should be made by the community to achieve the La Fouldre garb.[3]

Outerworld adornments[]

On March 17th, 2014, Square Enix announced that four new adornments would be available exclusively through the Outerworld Services. To obtain an adornment, the player needed to talk with an Outerworld NPC called "@LRFF13" with "correct" message subjects:

  • Gold Chocobo Chick in Nest was available between March 18th and March 25th. The subject's title was "Discover Enemy Weaknesses".
  • Dark Knight Glasses was available between March 21st and March 28th. The subject's title was "Use your EP Abilities".
  • King's Crown was available between March 25th and April 1st. The subject's title was "Quests, Quests, Quests!".
  • Gold Chocobo Chick was available between March 28th and April 4th. The subject's title was "Try using Guard!".[5]

On the same day, it was announced that Square Enix would put back Cactuar and Tonberry figurines for players who didn't manage to get them the first time around.[5]

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