The Outer Continent is located in the northeastern corner of the World Map of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX, north of the Mist Continent. It is first reached through the underground tunnel of Fossil Roo which is an ancient tunnel which runs to the south coast of the continent from an excavation site north of Lindblum on the Mist Continent.

The Outer Continent is a largely barren and arid land, with rough rugged terrain and dying forests. Only very small areas of living vegetation exist. The absence of mist however, makes it appear very colorful and bright in contrast to the Mist Continent.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Outer Continent is divided into four sections by the rugged terrain. The player first accesses the middle part of the Continent after exiting Fossil Roo. The Black Mage Village, the dwarven village of Conde Petie which is built over a valley, and a Qu's Marsh are prominent locations in this area. The landmass is referred to as the Donna Plains, and the woods surrounding the Black Mage Village are called the Magdalene Forest.

The Conde Petie Mountain Path is a trail that leads to the western area of the continent. The Iifa Tree is the dominant feature here, being the source of Mist. The Pualei Plains surround the Iifa Tree, with an occasional sparse forest. Later, Memoria appears above the Iifa Tree and may be entered with an airship.

The Mountain Trail also branches off towards the northern part of the Outer Continent, an small area where the Summoner Village of Madain Sari lies. The grasslands and desert surrounding this village are called Lucid Plains.

The eastern part of the continent is only able to be traversed after the player acquires the Blue Narciss boat in Lindblum. The first time the party comes to this area, they must moor on one of the beaches. The eastern landmass is mostly covered by the Kiera Desert, which includes many sandpits inhabited by Antlions. The Desert Palace is hidden underneath one such sandpit, and the Earth Shrine lies in the southeastern part of the continent.

There is also an island to the north of the Outer Continent. Mognet Central is the only notable landmark here, and is completely optional. Three friendly enemies can also be found on this continent, which are vital to complete a certain sidequest.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

The Outer Continent is northeastern on the World Map.

Donna Plains (Central landmass)[edit | edit source]

Lucid Plains (Around Madain Sari)[edit | edit source]

Pualei Plains (Around Iifa Tree)[edit | edit source]

Kiera Desert and Beach[edit | edit source]

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