The dark god of destruction walks among mortals in human form and can imitate the abilities of the foes he faces.


Ouroboros is the final boss of Bravely Default.

Stats[edit | edit source]

First Form

Second Form

Third Form

Fourth Form

Final Form

Battle[edit | edit source]

On the brink of invading the Celestial Realm, the dark god of destruction has finally appeared in his true form. He uses Divergence to separate his foe from this world, but it is possible to weather the threat with aid from other worlds.


This battle consists of five phases.

First phase[edit | edit source]

Ouroboros uses various attacks from job classes, such as the Ninja's Shippûjinrai, the Ranger's Multiburst, and the Arcanist's Corpse. The phase ends once Ouroboros reaches 1/6 of his health.

Second phase[edit | edit source]

Ouroboros can use Zero Dimension to instantly KO a party member. A Safety Ring can protect from this attack. At the end of each turn Ouroboros uses Total Regeneration to replenish all of his HP. To move on to the next phase, Ouroboros must take 50,000 total damage. The party must ignore his healing and the battle progress to the next phase once 50,000 damage has been registered.

Third phase[edit | edit source]

Ouroboros still uses Zero Dimension and adds a new attack to his moveset: Demonic Touch, which lowers all party members' BP by 1. This attack is physical so the party can use Utsusumi to evade it. The next phase begins once Ouroboros loses half of his health.

Fourth phase[edit | edit source]

This phase introduces Celestial Touch, an attack that increases Ouroboros's Physical and Magic Attack by 50%. Using a Dispel or a debuffing attack neutralizes these. When Ouroboros loses half of his HP he uses Armageddon to deal heavy non-elemental damage and replenish his HP. Surviving Armageddon three times moves to the final phase.

Final phase[edit | edit source]

His first attack, Disaster, is the same as Armageddon—only that it doesn't replenish Ouroboros's HP. The second move, Divergence, disables all commands except Default and Summon Friend for a party member. There can be a maximum of two party members under the effects of Divergence at a time. The phase ends once Ouroboros's health bar is fully depleted.

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