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Other is a category of abilities in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Other is a catch-all category for ability schools that are not strictly physical or magical. These ability schools are more designed to synergize with each other with a common theme between them, including elemental affinities.

List of schools[]


The Dragoon school focuses on a variety of Jump-type abilities, specializing in the Wind and Lightning elements.


The Monk school focuses on physical attacks that increase the user's damage output, specializing in the Fire and Earth elements.


The Thief school focuses on "stealing" enemy stats and statuses and granting them to the user in the form of stat increases and beneficial statuses.


The Knight school focuses on defense, with abilities to draw attack towards the user and increasing their Defense and Resistance. Offensive Knight abilities tend to deal Holy and Earth damage.


The Samurai school focuses on counterattacks and ailment-imbued physical abilities. Modern Samurai abilities grant Retaliate to the user and deal additional damage if the user has Retaliate. It focuses on Fire and Ice damage.


The Ninja school focuses on a mix of magical and physical damage in a variety of elements.


The Bard school focuses on buffing the party.


The Dancer school focuses on debuffing enemies.


The Machinist school focuses on inflicting status ailments and striking enemies with Lightning, Ice, and Fire attacks.


The Darkness school focuses on dealing dark-elemental damage to enemies. Many abilities in the school focus on manipulating Doom status.


The Sharpshooter school focuses on ranged attacks, with abilities that increase in power if the user is wielding a ranged weapon. It specializes in Water, Ice, and Fire attacks,


The Witch school focuses on offensive spells that deal multiple hits, focusing on Ice and Lightning damage.

Heavy Physical[]

The Heavy Physical school focuses on highly powerful attacks, specializing in the Earth and Dark elements.