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===[[Azim Steppe]]===
===[[Azim Steppe]]===
A vast plain inhabited by the many nomadic Xaela tribes.<ref></ref> Permanent settlements are few and far between.
A vast plain inhabited by the many nomadic Xaela tribes.<ref></ref> Permanent settlements are few and far between.
===Ryakgyr Peninsula===
===The Nhaama Desert===
===The Nhaama Desert===

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Othard is one of the three great continents on Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV. It is featured in the Stormblood expansion as one of regions of the Far East.

When revealing the design concept behind the Au Ra race, it was also stated they hail from Othard. Many parts of Othard is under control of the Garlean Empire, having invaded it once they began expanding out of Ilsabard. It was home to the city-state of Doma before its people rebelled against the imperial control and were forced to flee before their home was razed to the ground. The Garlean occupation has resulted in increasing numbers of displaced Au Ra seeking refuge in Eorzea.


Upon the eastern banks of Othard lies Doma, the lands from which the ninja and samurai hail. Invaded twenty-five years ago by the Garlean Empire in their relentless effort to expand their borders, this once-peaceful nation now struggles under the imperial yoke. In the wake of a recent large-scale uprising that ended in failure, a majority of the civilians have been stripped of even their most fundamental freedoms.


Othard's climate in the areas seen thus far is fairly mild, comparable to La Noscea and Dravania. The land features expansive steppes, wet rice farmland, and a number of mountains ranges. To the east lies the Hingashi archipelego and the Glass Ocean. To its west lies the island of Thavnair.

The Ruby Sea

A sea area infested with pirate activity. Extensive volcanism has shaped many of the islands in this area, and a few settlements can even be found beneath the ocean waves along the seabed.

Azim Steppe

A vast plain inhabited by the many nomadic Xaela tribes.[1] Permanent settlements are few and far between.

Ryakgyr Peninsula

The Nhaama Desert

A great Desert Located west of the Azim Steppes, it is home to some of the Xaela Tribes.


Located along the delta of the One River, this area is home to the nation of Doma. The area consists of extensive wet rice cultivation, though under Garlean occupation much of it has seen better days.

The Fanged Crescent

A mountanous range located west of Yangxia and the one river.


Located south of the One River, the region of Nagxia is a large arid plain that spread as far as the eye can see. Devastated by the Garlean occupation, Doman were regularly sent to do grueling work there in retaliation of resistance actions.

The Dalmasca Desert

A sandy desert located beyond the region of Nagxia, it was once home to the Kingdom of Dalmasca before it was conquered by the Garlean Empire. Lying in its Estersands is the Royal City of Rabanastre, previously the capital of the kingdom, which was abandoned following the repression of a rebellion and is now overrun with mysterious beings, neither Voidsent nor Primals...

Greylic's Bend

The southernmost point of Othard, Greylic's Bend is the Cape that any traveller who desires to attain the Far East must cross.

Aetheryte Sanctuaries

  • Tamamizu (The Ruby Sea)
  • Onokoro (The Ruby Sea)
  • Namai (Yanxia)
  • The House of the Fierce (Yanxia)
  • Reunion (The Azim Steppe)
  • The Dawn Throne (The Azim Steppe)




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