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Absorbs MP from an enemy.


Osmose is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It deals small non-elemental damage to a target's MP, and restores the MP of the caster for that same amount. This can steal MP from most enemies, but will have the opposite effect on undead enemies, instead healing them and draining the user's MP. The spell is learned through magicite.

Osmose is also an enemy ability used by Level 30 Magic, Level 60 Magic, Wizard, and Zurvan.


Osmose is learned from Shiva at a rate of x4, and Zona Seeker at a rate of x15.


As a spell with a power of 26, it deals damage with the following formula:

where "Level" refers to the user's level, and Magic refers to the user's Magic stat. The target's Magic Defense and shell play a role in mitigating damage, and the spell can potentially be blocked by Magic Evasion. The spell is unaffected by reflect, but is affected by Runic.

Several relics augment Osmose and other spells. If the caster is equipped with an Earring or a Hero Ring, the damage is multiplied by 5/4 (or a 25% increase). If the caster is equipped with two Earrings, two Hero Rings, or one of each, the damage is multiplied by 3/2 (a 50% increase).


Osmose is a tremendously beneficial spell. It represents the easiest way to restore MP aside from using items, and is a very effective way to sustain spellcasters. Because it only has a cost of 1 MP, there is little harm in using it.

As well as being used for sustenance, Osmose can also be used offensively to damage enemy's MP. Many enemies are set to be killed when their MP falls to 0, and Osmose is the fastest way to achieve this, outclassing Rasp. In the Finest Fantasy for Advance and versions based on it, Skull Dragon must be defeated using this method in the boss fight with it in the Dragons' Den.

The spell will be more beneficial to party members with a higher Magic stat than not. This is firstly because their higher Magic stat will translate to greater MP damage dealt/MP restored by using Osmose, and secondly because they will be casting spells more often and needing the spell for sustenance. This means the spell should be taught as a priority to Terra, Celes, Relm, and Strago. Though Mog and Shadow have high Magic stats, they will be spellcasting less frequently, making it less of a priority, whereas Gogo has only a moderate Magic stat but will benefit greatly from Osmose. Sabin is often built toward Magic damage, but will benefit less from Osmose as he will be spellcasting less often.