Oscar: The Endless Project is the ninth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 9

Oscha: The Endless Project.



Lisa recalls the pair of dragons. Yu mentions she has just been sitting there and staring for a while now, which Ai concludes to be symptom of unanswered love for Kaze. She drifts off into her thoughts again, with a new uncertainty regarding Kaze.

Construction of InfinityEdit

FFU Episode 9 - The Workers

The workers in the factory.

The group—Ai, Chobi, Kaze, Lisa, Lou and Yu—emerges from the station in a long metal hall. Lou is familiar with this place, and leads them to a production hall. All along the walls are a number of conveyor belts, passing copper cubes to the next worker in line, so that they are assembled and disassembled over and over again.

Our work's never ending, our work is never done, building up, tearing down, it goes on and on.

Workers' chant

The group is amazed with the countless happy workers, and their endless work. Unseen to anyone, Crux floats overhead.

End of InfinityEdit

FFU Episode 9 - The Angry Earl

The Earl orders the Lords of Gaudium to find Omega.

Within Guadium, The Earl is impatient, complaining that his lords have not recovered Omega. He orders everyone not to return until they find pieces of it. Oscha is surprised he is also being dispatched as Crux appears on his shoulder to relay him her report.

In the factory, the group ponders if there is an end to this cycle, and if not why the workers pursue it. Lou explains it will never end, as these people have found their way of life, and survive because of it. Kaze breaks into the others' thoughts when he suddenly draws his gun, and Chobi begins to squeak. Chobi and Lisa comment on how something has changed. The workers begin to work faster and faster.

They have stopped disassembling, and are making something permanent out of their construction project. The smaller cubes are combined into one giant cube in the middle of the hall. Horrified to find their work has ended, the purposeless workers collapse as the cube transforms into the giant robot Cube Ashura.

End of the EndlessEdit

FFU Episode 9 - Oscha's Machine

Cube Ashura.

The robot begins to chase the group, and Kaze turns around, aiming his gun at the robot. He turns and fires into the shadows beneath one of the platforms at the sides of the hall. Seeing that Kaze pinpointed his location, Oscha emerges as Kaze opens fire. Oscha flinches from a direct hit to his belly, but the bullet fails to pierce, and rolls to the floor, leaving Oscha unharmed. Oscha introduces himself as one of the Four Lords of Gaudium, and explains he is hunting those that would harm Wonderland, declaring chaos to be the prime nature of the worlds. Kaze demands to know where Makenshi is, saying he has something to settle with him. Oscha refuses to say, only claiming that Makenshi doesn't even think of Kaze.

Kaze primes the Magun, with Oscha having Cube Ashura counter with its missile attack. Lou, transformed, dissolves the rockets with one of her attacks, leaving Kaze to load the Magun. Oscha claims that Cube Ashura is impervious to attacks, taunting Kaze as to the color of soil he will use. Kaze is unfazed and loads the Magun and summons Odin who charges forward, destroying the next barrage of rockets launched by the robot. Odin's lance pierces through the robot, and dissipates, leaving the robot to collapse. As the dust clears, neither Oscha nor Kaze are present as smaller toy-sized version of Cube Ashura climbs from the rubble before being destroyed by Chobi's Chocobo Kick.

FFU Episode 9 - Chobi's Victory

Chobi defeats the machine.


With the destruction of Cube Ashura, the workers return to their endless work. Lou leaves the group to search for Kaze. Returning to Gaudium, though he is scolded, Oscha points out that he was not trying to find Omega or kill Kaze. Rather, Oscha's actions were to "feed Chaos", commenting on its health and growth as a result of the workers' despair.


In this episode, only one combination of Soil is seen:

Facing the road of extinction in a flash of an instant/The moment that dictates the time of extinction - Steel Gray

The light that shines in face of courage/The light that dictates the time of eternity - Bullet Silver /Luminous Silver

The darkness that devours in the face of destruction/The darkness that dictates the time of destruction - Destroy Black/Demolition Black

The combination summons Odin; a mounted lancer, the seems to be able to destroy absolutely anything, as seen with the supposedly indestructible robot features in this episode.



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