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This legendary beast has one head with the power of <Hellfire> and another with the power of <Deep Freeze>, but its biggest threat is Blazzard from both heads.


Orthros is a boss in Bravely Default. It must be defeated in order to reawaken the Wind Crystal. It has two heads, each with their own separate HP.

Stats Edit

Left Head

Right Head

Battle Edit

Orthros attacks with powerful elemental attacks, often using ones that target the entire party. When one head is defeated, the other head will Brave twice and unleash its most powerful attack, a Fangs ability, and a normal attack.

Strategy Edit

Orthros has two heads, each considered its own enemy. The red head is weak to water attacks, and the blue one is weak to fire. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a Black Mage level 5 or up, as well as a White Mage. Orthros unleashes water-based Deep Freeze from its blue head and Hellfire from its red one. Once the heads use these attacks, they will glow. Don't let the heads glow to the next turn, as it will use Blazzard, a combination fire and water attack that is very powerful. To halt the glow, simply attack the head in question with its weak point. Orthros also uses Bite, which poses little to no threat as long as one has a healer.

Etymology Edit

In Greek mythology, Orthrus or Orthus was, according to the mythographer Apollodorus, a two-headed dog who guarded Geryon's cattle and was killed by Heracles. He was the offspring of the monsters Echidna and Typhon, and the brother of Cerberus, who was also a multi-headed guard dog.

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