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Orphan's second form is the final boss of Final Fantasy XIII. Orphan's true form is revealed after its shell is destroyed by the player party. Defeating Orphan unlocks the final Crystarium expansion and completes the game.

Stats[edit | edit source]

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Battle[edit | edit source]

The final battle against Orphan proceeds directly after the previous battle, and the player cannot initially change their paradigms or equipment. Once the battle starts, if the player pauses the game and selects Retry, the player can make changes without losing progress.


Orphan starts the battle by casting Doom on the party leader. While the Doom timer is more than twice as long as normal, the player must deplete the boss's 3,390,000 HP to win. Orphan is immune to all forms of damage unless staggered. As with its previous form, Orphan has a lower Libra value than other bosses, and won't reveal all of its information when defeated.

None of Orphan's attacks hit for any major damage, but he may inflict Slow to nearby targets, and Necrosis inflicts Pain and Fog to one party member.

Once Orphan is staggered, it is vulnerable to damage. Orphan can be launched, but it can still damage the party when airborne. Uniquely for a final boss, Orphan is vulnerable to Instant Death when staggered, although the chances of Vanille's full ATB skill Death connecting remain low.

The player can maximize their damage output by exploiting Orphan's vulnerability against Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil. While these statuses can be inflicted at any time, inflicting them on Orphan while he is staggered will prolong their effects.

Defeating Orphan will grant a final Crystarium expansion and the Instrument of Change trophy or achievement. Completing the battle with a five-star rating earns the Superstar Trophy or Achievement.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player must aim to stagger Orphan as soon as possible, as this is the only time he can take damage. Orphan uses Temporal Hollow every 70 seconds when not staggered, resetting its chain gauge. A Saboteur should inflict Imperil for easy staggering. Using the items Painkiller and Mallet is faster than relying on a Medic to heal the status ailments Orphan may inflict onto the party. If using Lightning as party leader, it is easier to make Orphan hit stagger with the Lionheart or Ultima Weapon line of gunblades.

If the player wants to acquire the Superstar Trophy/Achievement, a good tactic is to have either Fang or Snow as the party leader. Once Orphan has been staggered, the player can use their full ATB skills, Sovereign Fist and Highwind. It is recommended to use Relentless Assault first when Orphan staggers, before switching to Cerberus (COM/COM/COM) to deal maximum damage. It is also a good idea to inflict Deprotect.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Staggered Orphan's dummied out Enemy Intel entry.

A dummied bestiary entry with a staggered version of Orphan exists, but only the unstaggered version can be seen when checking its attributes during the fight.

This form of Orphan is the only enemy in Final Fantasy XIII that is still able to attack while launched.

Although the Final Fantasy XIII Battle Ultimania claims Orphan's level is doubled when calculating the battle results, it doesn't appear to affect the target time.

According to the Final Fantasy XIII Scenario Ultimania, Square Enix battle planner Nobuyuki Matsuoka paid homage to the final boss of The Final Fantasy Legend by deliberately giving Orphan an Instant Death vulnerability.

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