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Orobon is a species of gigantic fish that inhabits the seas of the Near East in Final Fantasy XI. It attracts prey with fluorescent, rainbow-colored appendages that dangle before its mouth. Rigid scales protect it from its thrashing victims, while jaws filled with dozens of tightly packed teeth prevent escape.

As the orobon usually roams the ocean floor, its existence was known only to a handful of Near Eastern fishermen and gourmets. However, since the delicate flavor of this fish was documented in the travel log of an important official, the orobon has become a common topic of conversation. It is said that the Culinarians' and Fishermen's Guilds have begun offering a reward to anyone who can help them acquire a specimen.

Orobons can lose their eye stalks when hit with weapon skills or job abilities. Hypnic Lamp cannot be used in this state, but they also become immune or very resistant to Gaze Attacks.

Special attacks[]

  • Abominable Belch: AoE Paralyze, Plague, and Silence.
  • Deathgnash: Single target attacks. Reduces the target to 1 health and resets Enmity.
  • Gnash: Single target attack. Cuts the targets current health down by 50%.
  • Hypnic Lamp: AoE Sleep.
  • Leeching Current: AoE Water damage and Drain.
  • Seaspray: Cone attack Water damage and Slow.
  • Seismic Tail: High AoE damage.
  • Vile Belch: AoE Plague and Silence.